Am I meant to be loved?
Chapter 6

"Harry? Are you awake?" Severus asked. Harry opened his eyes. "Harry, I've found something out when you were asleep. You have to promise that you won't over react or hurt yourself." Harry nodded. "Harry, I found out that I am your father." Harry's eyes widened.

"I have a dad? I have a dad?" His whole face seemed to glow with happiness. "I have a dad!" He started to giggle, but stopped quickly to clutch his sore stomach. Severus rushed over and helped him settle down. Before he knew what was going on, he found that two small arms were wrapped around his neck. He picked the boy up and sat down with the child in his lap.

"When's your birthday?" Severus asked.

"Birthday? I don't have a birthday. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia say that stupid little boys like me don't get birthdays." He said. Severus shook his head.

"You have a birthday. How about we go find out when it is." He asked. He stood up and walked to the office door, holding tightly to his son. "Poppy? I've got a question for you." Severus shouted. The medi witch came out and smiled when she saw Severus holding tightly to the small form of Harry.

"You two look so cute. I should have a picture taken." She cooed. Severus glared at her.

"When's his birthday?" He asked. She went into her office only to reappear moments later.

"July 31st."

"Well, I'm going to show him around. I'll bring him back at lunch." Severus said as he left the room. Harry was giggling like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh! Wow! The stairs move! Cool! Wicked! Hey daddy! Look over there! The pictures are moving!" He exclaimed, excited to be in this magical place. Severus smiled when the boy called him daddy.

"Harry, we need to get lunch now, you will meet the other teachers. School starts tomorrow." He said, smiling softly as Harry's black hair nodded eagerly. When they entered the giant room, ther were six teachers all ready there. "That's Victor, Flitwick, Sprout, McGonagall, and Smith. You all ready know Dumbledore. This is my son Harry." He said to his colleagues. "His mother gave him the name." He added just to make sure that they didn't make any comment on it. Almost everyone eyed him wearily.

"Why are you carrying him? He looks old enough to walk." Smith asked.

"Where did he get that cut?" Sprout questioned. Harry's grip on Severus increased.

"I can walk. Or I could" Harry added quietly.

"Harry has been living with his aunt and uncle. They are muggles and they don't like magic." Severus said curtly before sitting down. Harry was placed in a chair between his father and McGonagall. His eyes were wide at the amount of food that his father put on his plate.

"I get two meals? Wow." He said, awed at the generosity. McGonagall looked curiously at him before speaking to Severus.

"Severus, he looks like Harry Potter. A little." She said.

"He is Harry Potter. I dated Lily before she married James." He said so that only she could hear. "You shouldn't tell anyone. Leave that to me."

"Why do you carry him all over?"

"His uncle beat him a lot. He's lucky to be alive. If I would have known he was my son, he wouldn't have as many marks. Don't talk to him about it. I've almost no doubt that he will be in Gryffindor, that is the only reason that I see fit to tell you anything." He added as an afterthought. All of a sudden, a goblet clunked on the floor. His eyes darted to the now terrified child next to him.

"I sorry. It won' happen again. I promise, I don' need a lesson." He stiffened and readied his hands to protect himself for the beating that he was expecting.

"Harry, don't worry, no one is mad at you. You aren't in trouble." He said to the crying child. McGonagall quickly cleaned up the mess.

"Look, no more mess." She said as a new, full goblet stood in front of him. He looked at them in bewilderment.

"You mean you aren't going to hit me and lock me in my cupboard?"


"Er, room. Where I sleep." He stammered.

"No, just keep eating. We can all just forget this ever happened." Severus said as he lifted the boy up so that he was eating on his lap.

"Are you going to give me chores?" The small child asked.

"No, Harry, what type of chores did those muggles give you?"

"Not much. Just to clean the house, weed the garden, make meals and do the laundry."

"But! But you're only four! How were you able to do all that?" He knew he wouldn't get an answer even as the next question got out, "When did you play?"

"I don' like to play. I always get hurt." Harry mumbled to himself. He then picked up a piece of bread, closing his eyes at the wonderful taste.

"Harry, it's time to go back to Poppy for your check-up. Then you will get to see your own room." Harry looked up in shock.

"Room? I get a room? A real room?" Harry had awe laced through his words.

"Yes, Harry, now wait just a second while I talk to Flitwick for a second." Severus turned to Flitwick. "Can you get a chair to move around, for someone that can't walk?" The charms professor nodded. "I would like you to charm that chair to move around." Flitwick nodded and pointed to the chair in question with his wand and after a few choice words, the chair walked forward.

"Is the chair for your son, Severus?" He asked. Severus nodded once and the chair went to Harry. "Harry, the chair will take you where you want to go. The arms act as arms, they hold onto you." He said. Severus picked the young boy up and put him on the chair. Almost immediately, the arms stretched around him. He smiled.

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