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Chapter 1: A New Beginning

I live in a constant fear of being found. I am always looking over my shoulder, afraid that one day I will be spotted and hunted for what I am. I do not tell anyone what I am for fear of being studied like some two headed rat. I wish my powers could be rejoiced, but they wouldn't be. I researched it. All the other witches in history who possessed these powers were killed or feared. I don't want to be feared. Not now. Not right after we killed Voldemort. I don't want to be considered the new threat.

But what can I do about it? There is nothing. I can not hind who I am forever. Why should I. I did not ask to become the next One. The next goddess.

But I did. One the eve of my eighteenth birthday and the demise of Voldemort I became the fifth Goddess of Darkness.

I became evil.

Now one person knows of this change. He says that it does not make me evil, it just gives me more power then anyone could know what to do with. He says that I will be able to do wand less magic and live a normal life.

He also says that if I ever meet the God of Darkness we would be unstoppable. We would be a match for no one.

And if we ever met the God and Goddess of Light, we could protect the world forever.

And who says light and dark do not go together?

He says that there is a prophecy saying that a dragon, a snake, a lion and a phoenix shall meet and rid the world of the threat that will eventually take over.

Am I that evil?

No, he says. He says that I am the phoenix. I am a savior. I do not feel like a savior, for I can not help the world as a whole with out the other three parts of the power.

He says they all reside at Hogwarts with me.

He also says that I will find who they are soon, as will they.

I want to find who they are. I want to find out who it is that I will one day join. Who I will be able to talk to, for he says that I am not alone in how I am feeling. The other three are also worried and feeling this way.

Why me? I am from a simple muggle family.

You are not simple, he says. You are far from it.

Why can't I be simple? Why can't I just have been normal.

I was never normal, I soon realize. I was always different. Always a loner. Not really into the games and pastimes of my friends and peers. I always had a dark side, attacked to the guys who my friends would disapprove of. Always.

Speaking of, I wonder what my guy is doing at this moment. If he is thinking of me?

No, if he were thinking of me it would be thoughts filled with words like mudblood and bitch. When I think of him I think of love and beautiful.

He is beautiful. He is smart and I do love him. If only I could tell him, but he would never accept me.

Why do I put myself through such torture? I do not understand it myself, I just know that one day he will know and I will be rejected.

But at least he will know.

One day Draco Malfoy will know that Hermione Granger, Goddess of Darkness is in love with him.

Man, what would he say?

Harry always told me I was special. Even after we broke up, he would tell me, but I never knew just how special I was, until that night. The night that Voldemort fell.

A surge of energy went through me and I felt more powerful then I had ever felt in my life.

That night Dumbledore came to me and told me what had happened. I had been chosen to be the next Goddess of Light.

I do not know why I was chosen, for I am just a simple girl. Copper hair, freckles. Harry Potter's sloppy seconds.

Everyone talked about me after our break up. He had told me he needed space.

Needed space, ha. The next day he was in the arms of Pansy Parkinson. As far as I know they are still together today. It is ok, though, for I have a certain Slytherin that I have had my eye on.

His dark hair and piercing blue eyes are beautiful.

I wonder what Blaise is doing right now?

Probably with Partavi or one of those real desirable girls. I wonder what he would say if he knew how powerful I had become.

I wonder what Hermione would say.

I had not heard for her all summer, which is weird. We used to owl each other every day during the summer holidays. I hope she is okay.

I wonder what Blaise is doing right now?

I hate this. My father would be so disappointed in me. Becoming the God of Light. How could this have happened. I mean Malfoy's do not become the God of Bloody Light.

We are dark, hell our last name means of bad faith. People of bad faith are not the god's of bloody light.

To make things worse, Dumbledore came and talked to me about it. How he knew I will never know, nor fathom.

Although, at least this prophecy is about me and not the boy-who-lived-to-piss-me-off. Unless, of course, he is the God of Darkness. How typical would that be?

Talk about karma.

But why think that way? What is the point? I am just going to try and think positively about this entire thing.

It would piss Lucius off so much if he were still alive.

That's better.

If it pisses off Lucius it is worth it.

Mom would be proud, if Lucius hadn't killed her, the bastard.

Draco Malfoy, God of Light.

That has a nice ring. I guess I can live with it, not that I really have a choice.

I wonder who the other three people are that I am supposed to save the world with. I hope the goddesses are hot.

I wonder right now, what she is doing. The one that haunts my thoughts and my dreams every night. Ever since that day in Diagon Alley when I saw her with her idiot friends. Those morons don't deserve her.

What is she doing? Is she thinking of me?

Yea….probably thinking…'bloody ferret…..pureblood prat', but I guess I brought that upon myself.

I wonder what she is doing……

I shake in pain as the curse courses through my veins.

If only he knew what I was. Not only would he be proud, he would be scared. He would worship me, instead of the dead Lord.

Lord, how did such a rat become a dark lord. Hell if all it took was a snake like face, I would have put an illusion on my face and took over.

He ceases.

I fall to the ground, shaking from the pain, panting. I spit up blood and wonder why I am not allowed to show him my powers.

But Dumbledore says that he must not know yet, that he must not be told.

I close my eyes, waiting for the next blow, and picture her face. The face that has gotten me through more of these beatings then any other image.

Her red hair…….brown eyes……cute, adorable freckles spread across her nose…the smirk that any Slytherin would be proud to hold.

That image keeps me alive, breathing.

I try not to smile, knowing it will only bring me more pain, as I picture her laughing. She has the most brilliant smile.

I sigh through the pain that is once again shooting through me.

I hear him get tired of the torture and turn in for the night. My house elf, Meggy runs up to me to tend to my wounds.

I can't die, but I can't tell her that.

I wonder what she is doing right now. Is she laughing? Is she crying? Is she hanging all over her precious Potter the fucker?

I wonder…

Whew! That is the first chapter. Those are the four chosen ones. That was just a little insight to what they are thinking about all of this. The rest of the story will be in third person, not first. There might be the occasional chapter like this one.

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