Orwin's Journal- Last Entry

It is as I've feared. The Great Magus Kyros has come, and he has defeated Agram. I knew the rest of the Prophecy, what is to happen next here in the Moonlands, long ago, but it had been entrusted to my family line to ensure it was never revealed until The Great Magus Kyros appeared. But now, it is too late for me to tell anybody. I have lost my voice, and even now I can barely muster the energy to write this. It is only in the hope that someone reads this, so that they will know what is to come.

The rest of the Prophecy states that the boy who is thought to be Kyros will only be a vessel for the real Magus. However, once the Core Master is destroyed by the vessel child, the Great Magus will be set free, but not as he once was. With the power from the destroyed Core Master, the Magus will be corrupted in an unimaginable way. It will free itself from the vessel, Tony, at the next full moon. That is one week from the writing of this entry.

If someone does find this, you must send him back to his home. For if Tony stays and Kyros is freed, it will set of a chain reaction unlike any other. First, a new regime of darkness, known as the New Core, will be unleashed, lead by the Hyren Master. And since the Core will be easily freed by Kyros, the evil is said to destroy the planet, spreading each of the regions into space, creating new planets, ruled by the New Core.

And the third thing to happen will be this. The Moonlands' center, home of the Core, will become a new, dark planet, which will have the ability to form a hole between the Dream Realm and ours, releasing an unimaginable amount of corrupted Dream Creatures.

In the end, I know that the Prophecy is probably going to happen no matter what, so I must tell the last bit, in hopes that if all of the above does happen, then it can be stopped. Many years ago, when my grandfather's grandfather's grandfather's father was but a child, a mysterious ship appeared near a growing sapling in Vash Naroom. It was unknown what the ship was, so it was thought to be sacred, and was buried near the sapling. Today, said sapling is the mighty oak in which Vash Naroom is held, and the ship is underneath it. There are a gathering of tunnels which begin under my bed, which lead to the chamber in which the ship is located. It is stated in the Prophecy that that ship will be able to take the Chosen Magi, who is none other than Kyros' vessel, Tony Jones, and the Chosen of Naroom, the one who can fly the ship, through the stars. Along the way, it will be there duty to find the Chosen of each region, eradicate the New Core, and head closer to the New Core planet.

Though I hope it is never needed, please follow these instructions, Tony, or the Moonlands, and eventually your home planet of Earth, will be destroyed by the New Core.

Oh no, I can feel it now. I'm going now. This is it. Please, save the M-

End of Entry

Chapter 1: Kyros Released

Vash Naroom (Six and a half days after journal entry)

Tony sighed, looking out at the vast expansion of trees that the forests of Naroom held. It had been three days since Orwin's funeral, and things were still getting back to normal. Even though they had never really been on friendly terms, Tony had seriously wanted to help him. He just couldn't believe that the Cloud Frond was in the prison he had been taken to. Had he gone the other way to find an exit, he would have gotten it. He turned his gaze down to the ground, which was several hundred feet below. He was currently sitting on the railing along the side of the city.

"Hey, Tee, what're you up to?" Tony looked over his shoulder to see Yaki, the overly energetic Magi training Magi, approaching with a smile on his face. When he was close enough, he flipped into the air, grabbing the rail next to Tony and balanced upside down, still smiling. "How's the great hero feeling today?"

The blonde couldn't help smiling, something he always did when the goofy Yaki was around. "Please, Yak, I'm trying to mope, and I know that you won't let me do that."

"That's right, Kyros, because you should be happy. I mean, you eradicated Agram and destroyed the Core. I mean, nobody blames you for Orwin's death. If anything, you made his last moments happy, knowing that the Shadow Geysers were kaput." The Naroomian dropped to his feet. "You're a hero, dude, so start acting like one."

"I know I should, but I just can't. I had a chance to help Orwin, and I didn't."

"Oh, come on, Tony, you didn't know. You're forgiven."

"I guess, but still…" the two were quiet for a while, Tony staring downward. As the moon began to peek out from between the clouds, Yaki whistled.

"Wow the moon sure looks big tonight, isn't it?" Tony turned his gaze upward, and froze. His breathing stopped, his eyes widening. "Tony, you okay?"

Suddenly, he fell from the railing, barreling down towards the jungle floor. "TONY!" Yaki shouted, drawing the attention of the nearby people. Not knowing what else to do, he stuck out his fist and shouted, "Leaf Hyren!" the ring on his middle finger shone fiercely, the Dream Creature bursting forth. Flapping its mighty wings, it saw his master's direction of pointing and shot down after Tony. However, when it got too close, the hyren's body was vaporized, its energy shooting back to Yaki's ring. "What the heck?"

As Tony fell, he could feel something within him. Suddenly, he let out a piercing scream, which followed by a dark mist streaming from his mouth. As he collided with the ground, his body was left unscathed, a large crater surrounding him. As the mist continued to stream out, he grasped his head and thrashed violently.

And then it finished. The pain gone, Tony gasped for air, while getting to his feet. "What was that?" he coughed. Then he saw him. As the dark mist, which had formed into a humanoid shape, disappeared, a boy almost exactly like Tony appeared, a dark smile on his face. His hair and eyes were a dark purple. His pants were the same as Tony's, but his upper half was bare, showing of his well toned chest. He stared at Tony. "Who are you?"

"I'm the Great Magus Kyros, Tony." His smile widened. "And you've outstayed your welcome."

To be continued…