Yin and Yang

By: Late-Sleeper

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It's half pass seven in the evening; nearly all the streets of Kanagawa are almost deserted. Everyone is in the comfort of his or her own home. Only some bystander and lost souls are roaming around the streets. Rounding at an alley a tall figure could be spotted kicking an innocent trashcan giving it a loud thud that echoed through the night. After a few minutes of beating, the trashcan seems to have enough and appear like a flattened can of soda.

"Baka Gori! He didn't have to hit me so hard and beside it's not my fault…Grr baka Gori." Hanamichi grumble under his breath, kicking the wretched trashcan one last time. A can came flying from the trashcan hitting an unaware cat, making it shriek as though it could wake up the dead.

But all of this was oblivious to the redhead for he was so absorbed in his self-pitying, and thus making him take the wrong path home.

"…and those bakas, they don't know when to stop teasing." A sniff escaped from Hanamichi as he remembered the taunting his gundan did when the captain gorilla was mauling him. Images played back on his head and this made tears well on his eyes.

A sight of a teary-eyed redhead thug would be a hilarious scene to a spectator…but if you would look closely at the gloomy chocolate-colored orbs, your heart could be crushed with such grief it emit. Hanamichi was a good depiction of a lost child.

He tried hard to wipe away the tears but failed miserably as tears continued flowing endlessly. This is one of those days that he felt so alone and unwanted. Alone…the word stabbed him on the heart, but he just shrugged it with a faint smile. Alone…he might not admit it verbally but he always knew that most people don't like him…Alone…che! He'd rather take gori's punch than to admit that he's sad…the tensai would never be sad.

Pity…it doesn't have any space in his world…he doesn't want others to pity him…so he never show…show the real him…the lonely him. What people see is just the exterior, the loud, obnoxious, and self proclaim tensai is just an illusion…a mask that hide a vulnerable child that he is.

But being alone in a dark alley resurfaces his true feelings…the emotion came rushing back to him and the main object of this misery is a certain brown haired girl in the name of Haruko. Yes, the girl that had given the hope back to him, but it seems that she doesn't know how precious she is to Hanamichi and it is because of that Rukawa.

"Rukawa…" the name felt sour on Hanamichi's mouth. "that damn fox" For the pass few days Haruko's swooning over the kitsune is getting to Hanamichi's brain. And to add insult to injury some classmates of his just compared him to the lowly fox, saying Rukawa was so good and all while he, Sakuragi Hanamichi was just a pain in the neck for the team. Haruko, Rukawa, the team, his classmate and so is the gundan, all adds up to his depression.

He's alone now and he thought to himself that it is ok to reveal what he is feeling… he was summing up all his emotion, ready to cry his worry away when…

"ITAI!" Hanamichi shrieked as his hips suddenly bumped on to something hard. Just his luck, why must it happen when he's just about to have the peak of his emotion. A vein suddenly popped out from Hanamichi's, he was so furious to the object that ruin his self pitying, damn…just about when he was about to reach the climax of his award winning drama.

He peer down at the offending object…

"Nani! A table! Who the hell put this on the tensai's way?" he examine the table more closely for a few minutes but when he finally cease his inspection a voice called out to him.

"Boy, are you going to have your fortune read?" Hanamichi suddenly leap away from the table the second he heard a hoarse voice that seems like it had came from the grave. He clutched his chest tightly for it seems like his heart is going to burst from fright.

"Kuso! You scared me to death." Still clutching his chest as his heart slows down a bit. He glared at the spooky veiled woman in front of him.

The woman before him was wearing a black dress and a black veil that reveal nothing except her paled bony hands. Even the light of the full moon didn't help Hanamichi to take even a single glimpse at the woman's face.

"Are you going to have your fortune read?" the throaty voice called out again bleakly. Hanamichi felt all his body's hair stood up on the sound of the woman's voice. He was so freak out that he forgot to ask the lady where she came out from…he was really sure that no one was behind the table when he came.

The woman leaned closer and the light of the moonlight reveal a pair of green eyes…funny how it seems that only the eyes could be perceived, but all thought flew away from Hanamichi's mind as he suddenly felt being hypnotized by those pair of eyes.

"Are you using drugs or something?" Hanamichi asked innocently with face pure of seriousness. This remark receives a large sweat drop from the woman.

"You are sad." The weird woman stated forthright ignoring his last comment. With this question-or-more-of-a-statement, the hurt that he was feeling a while ago before-he-was-interrupted-by-the-table came rushing back to him.

"Aa" Hanamichi nod weakly with tears started welling up again.

"love" the woman continued as though just stating a fact and not imposing a question and the poor redhead could only nod in recognition.

"I could give you something to help you." The woman looked down on her handbag which-came-out from-nowhere and she put her hand inside to fished for something. She was getting a hard time looking for the object that she wanted that it took her some seconds. Then it lengthened to a minute. Then two. Three. Four and then a whole five minutes passed.

The redhead could no longer stand it and was about to grab the bag and search the thing for himself when the woman suddenly roar with her gravelly voice….

"Eureka! I found it" for the second time in this night Hanamichi felt he's going to have a heart attack; he clutched his chest again while looking at the woman with horror. He mentally noted: must go to a doctor soon!

"Here." The woman handed him a round flat object with a white and black part. He stared with curiously at the object the woman was holding, he already saw one before but he never bother to know what is it. But the woman seems to have read his mind.

"It's yin yang. Just kiss it and make a wish."

"uh…" His eyes enlarge as he reached for the object being handed to him. He was about to ask something when the woman disappeared. Hanamichi look from side to side hoping to find out where the woman went. But the woman seems to banish into a thin air. He was beginning to panic, thinking that it was some kind of the twilight zone when he heard a clatter below.

Hanamichi looked down he saw the weird woman crawling under the table. The woman then carried the table with her back and walked in tip-toed to make a silent exit. Sweat drop started forming on Hanamichi's head and he mental noted again: stay away from a veiled-psycho-pretending-to-be-a-fortune-teller-woman.

After the woman left Hanamichi was left standing looking puzzled while gazing time and time on the yin yang the woman gave.

"What do I do with this?" he raked up his brain for an answered.



After fifteen minutes of thinking without success and feeling exhausted he just followed the weird woman just said, so he kissed the object.

Out of the blue two colored smoke started to form around the object he was holding, he suddenly throw it on the ground. The pink-and-blue-smokes intensify in front of him, and just as the luck was really not on his side his body was paralyzed. Making the poor boy unable to move or even scream.

The two colored smokes unexpectedly took shape in front of his eyes. And unfortunate Hanamichi could only widen his mouth in amazement as the smoke formed a two human body.

As the two bodies reach its final form the smoke vanquish living two petite looking girls in front of him. Bit by bit the two girls opened their eyes…and the sight that befall their vision is the standing, still puzzled-slash-horrified, Sakuragi Hanamichi.

"oh look Yin! A cute redhead."


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