A/N: Yeah, if you can't tell from the title – I HATE TATE. I'm sorry but that pairing just infuriates me and especially every time I look up NCIS fanfics I get TATE. Blearg. So here you go!


TATE makes no sense
It's just plain wrong
The absurdity of it
Makes me want to burst into angry song

Tony and Kate
Just don't belong together
That's just the way it is
The way it'll be forever

They're like brother and sister!
It's sibling rivalry!
You can't read into it any further
There's nothing else to see!

TATE is just silly
It makes no sense!
The evidence against it
Is just far too immense

So I hope that I've convinced you
That TATE is plain bad
So stop all TATE fanfics
The huge number of them is just sad

However if you must write a pairing
Write Mcabbey instead!
This pairing makes sense
It has reasonable cred

So scrap all your TATE fics
Let them burn in hell!
Just write about McGee and Abbey
Because they work so well


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