Magical Back Hair faeries

There was a man named Yugi, he had a back that was so massively hairy, it was home to a race of faeries in a village named Dual-my-shiny-metal-ass town, where they river danced with shaven cats, and pin the tail on the leprechaun transvestites, and worshipped there hairy masters by burning effigy's of Seto Kaiba.

Tea was a silly little back hair faerie, she and her friend Serenity were playing what's that smell, when the high elder Pegasus came to visit bringing gifts of belly button lint for them to feast on to celebrate the day of harvest

They feasted that night till they were all full and went out and watched the fire works display coming from down below because their hairy master Yugi had ate beans again which let Tea, and Serenity, know what that smell was after all.

Now came the dance to the sound of the flushing noise danced by the village bard Mai, which they sacrificed by throwing her to the origin of the noise.

Then came the throwing mature at the Mimes Rex and Weevil, who were then set on fire with flaming arrows, and stamped on by the Smelly Tristan the Jester and his side kick Joey.

Everyone cheer as the high Elder Pegasus did his annual speech congratulating everyone on a great job of the lint harvests as they hand out the sweet nectar of body sweat, as the night goes they all get drunk, and puke all over the place and pass out, and fornicated with inanimate objects, some getting impaled to death by them. The village idiot Dartz ignited his own flatulence and exploded.

At the end of the celebration Tea and Serenity sing the village anthem as they burn the effigies and they then all stumble drunkenly home where they happily sleep.

The End?