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WARNING: Robin/Raven pairing will be eventually...

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Altered Universe

Chapter 1: The difference

Have you ever wondered whether there was a different universe which had people that looked exactly the same as the do in your own world, only, it was a different timeline? Different routes had been taken. Different outcomes had happened. Some things hadn't ever happened or never existed.

In one of the two universes in this story, there was an evil team, which terrorised Jump City. Their leader was Robin. He was an 18year old martial arts boy. His skills were advanced like none ever known. He had black, spiked hair and wore a mask, hiding his eyes that lay underneath it. He had always hated humanity. Ever since his parents had died when he was younger, he had never trusted anyone. Not wanting to trust the human race. His mind had changed from the sweet, caring young boy to a sick, twisted and fearful young man. He wore an armoured suit with Red and Black material in random parts. He had a black cape with yellow rimming it. He had a bow staff that he always kept by his side. He ran from his old home, Gothem City and ended up in Jump City where he came across a half-breed girl that went by the name Raven.

She was also 18 and had also lost her parents when she was young. She however did not care for hers as much as Robin had cared for his. She had never known her mother as her father had murdered her when she was young. Her father was a demon. The evil demon Trigon. Her mother had belonged to a cult where they tried to summon Satan but instead Trigon had appeared. He kidnapped Arella, Raven's mother, and married her then raped her, thus causing Raven to be born. He killed her and then tried taking control of Raven. Raven however overcame him when she was 15 with the help from the high priests on Asarath, her home planet. She had got bored of fighting the evil inside her and soon began to defy laws of Asarath. She left when it was her 18th birthday and came to Earth. Her hair was short and a dark violet colour. Her eyes were still violet but they had darkened and had flecks of red in them since her change and evil turn. She wore a red hooded cape and had a black bra type top that had vines of fake red roses as straps. She had on black bikini type bottoms and she wore black ankle boots. She had black clasps around her wrists that connected to her middle finger on each hand. In the middle of the clasp was a blood red stone. She could manipulate objects with her mind and could easily intimidate people when she got angry. When she met Robin, she had tried to resist him at first, as she hated all type of creatures. He had seen something in her though that resembled something very similar that lay inside him; hate for everything. He eventually persuaded her to join him in his quest to cause as much destruction as possible to Earth. They soon bonded quickly and eventually, developed a loving relationship where they enjoyed to be hurt by each other in their own twisted ways.

After a few weeks, they came across a half human, half robot. He went by the name Cyborg. Cyborg was 19 years old. He had been experimented on my mechanics and mad doctors who had created the half robot side to him. At first he seemed to be perfect but then he went rogue and killed them all, hating them for what they had done to him. He had made adjustments such as knives as weapons that came out from his arms as well as his sonic cannon. His hard drive colour, which had originally been blue, changed to red as soon as he changed. Robin and Raven came across him when searching for a few parts in a junkyard where they spotted him rummaging through the piles looking for scrap parts that he could add to his weaponry. He had agreed to join them in their bid of destruction when they offered it when he attempted to kill them. They had also come across Beast Boy in that same junkyard.

They spotted him on top of one of the junk hills where he attempted to rip the flesh from their bones. He transformed into his human form when he recognised Robin and Raven. He had seen them on the news with images of them blowing up buildings. He walked over to the group of three. "So you're the two who have been causing destruction all over Jump City?" Were his first words to them. He smiled grimly at them. They asked him if he had a problem with it as if they were going to beat him to a pulp if he did. He shook his head and told them that he admired them. The furthest he had gotten to cause mayhem was nowhere near as they were. They asked if he'd like to join them on their conquest. He agreed. He was green and rather small, about the same height as Raven. He was 17 years old. He had short dark green hair which was spiked all over the place and he wore a suit which had random pieces of metal burnt onto the black and purple fabric. He had been tested on by scientists, much like Cyborg had been, except they had been testing morphing abilities on Beast Boy. He could change into any fierce animal. He had always hated mankind after that day. Everyone looked at him strangely because he was green. No one accepted him so he did the only thing that he could, hate them and make them suffer just like he had.

The final member of this vicious team was an alien girl who went by the name of Starfire. She came from a planet called Tameran and had been used for her unique abilities and had been kept slave by the Prince of Tameran for his own sick enjoyment. She eventually lashed out at her 'master' and ended up slaying him. Shunned from her planet, she escaped and left for Earth. She had lost trust in everyone and anyone all because her family had given her away so easily. She was around 17years old and had orangey tanned skin. Her hair was a reddish purple and reached down to the middle of her back. She wore a suit that was dark purple at the top then went into armour towards the bottom. She had thigh-high boots made from a strange Tameranian metal that moulded to your skin and let you move about easily. Her eyes were a bright emerald and would be looked upon as the most beautiful things to be seen by human eyes but darkness lay beneath them giving them the darkest aura possible. The others came across her when she was found in a jail cell of which she had been put there for stealing numerous things. They broke in when they scanned the police records looking at her profile and decided that she was the finishing touch to their team. She agreed thinking that these people looked powerful and looked able to help her in her bid to rid the universe of humanity or at least rule over it.

They decided to call themselves The Teen Titans. It was a name that suited them as they ruled and conquered over the city.

In another universe, things were a lot more different.

There were still the same characters. They were all still on the same team. But things were a lot calmer and they were completely different to their others.

There was the leader of the team…Robin, Boy Wonder. He was 18 and his parents had died when he was younger. He was taken under the wing of a superhero in Gothem City who went by the name Batman but his real name was Bruce Wayne. The Robin in this universe still had the jet black spiked hair and mysterious mask covering his eyes but this Robin had the look of a much more friendly person. He didn't hate the world he in fact loved it. He had a green and red top with a yellow 'R' encased in a black circle on the corner of this top. He had green spandexes for trousers and had big black shoes with metal on the bottom and around the toe. He had a black cape lined in yellow and yellow also on the other side. He had a yellow utility belt around his waist that held gadgets such as his bird-a-rangs.

There was still the goth girl from Asarath who went by the name Raven. She was 18 and had fled to Earth to escape her father. Her mother had died when Raven was young so she had never known her. She had shoulder length violet hair and bright violet eyes. She had a greyish toned skin. Her body was petite but curved in all the right places. She wore a black leotard that hinted blue in certain lights and a dark blue cape with matching ankle boots. She had a crimson and gold stone placed on her forehead. Clasping her cape and leotard together were gold and crimson/black clasps that flashed when a titan gave off a warning signal. There were also two identical clasps that were near her hand. She had the ability to move things with her mind, fly and to go through objects.

Cyborg was a much friendlier character. He loved to play video games and his technology shined blue instead of red. He was a fun loving member of the team with whom everyone got on well with. He loved to eat meat and had developed an interest towards titan East's leader Bumblebee. He loved to use mechanical skills in his work as well as his technology and he was always energetic.

Beast Boy was also a much friendly character. He was always trying to crack jokes but failed in making them good. He wore a purple and black suit with grey/silver boots. His power, much like the other beast Boy was to morph into animals. He still had green skin but he had proved himself to be as normal as possible and as caring as possible as any other person, so the public greeted him and loved him like the other Titans.

The final member of this team was Starfire. She was bubbly and always happy. She had come from a planet called Tameran and had ventured here to explore the universe and learn of Earth's custom ways. She had long reddish orange hair and emerald eyes. She wore a purple and silver top and a matching skirt and boots. Her boots went up mid thigh. She was tall and a much desired beauty. Starfire could shoot green star bolts out of her hands and recently, her eyes. She had always had a strong interest in the team leader Robin and Robin appeared to show a mild, occasionally strong, interest in her. Neither of them had acted upon it though. The whole team knew about her infatuation with Robin so Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven, after the other two forced her into doing it, set them up by organising a 'group hang' but then the other three suddenly remembered they had other things to do, leaving Starfire and Robin by themselves. So they had been dating ever since which was about 2 months now.

On with the story of how these two worlds collided…

Robin and Starfire were at the end of their date and decided to take a moonlight walk on the beach. "Robin, I am very pleased and offer many thanks for our date tonight." Starfire said smiling and blushing deeply.

"As am I." Robin said handing Starfire a pink rose and placing her hand in his. They walked along with each other for about half an hour before they started to kiss. Their time together was interrupted though when Robin's communicator went off. Cyborg's face appeared on the screen. "What is it?" Robin said.

"H.I.V.E. They've broken into some special lab downtown." Cyborg informed him.

"Me and Starfire will meet you there." Robin shut his communicator. Starfire was already in the air. She grabbed hold of Robin and they flew off downtown.

Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy were already there in fierce battle with Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth. Starfire dropped Robin and they engaged straight into battle. Raven and Starfire had Mammoth in control with their powers while Robin and Beast Boy were taking on Jinx who was throwing her magic and curses at them like fire.

Cyborg had gone after Gizmo. He chased him and began to fire at him using his sonic cannon but they ended up in the same scene as the others. Gizmo threw something behind the Titans. They all stopped what they were doing to see what it was he had thrown. "So long suckers. Have a nice life in your new world." Gizmo cackled before he, Jinx and Mammoth disappeared. The Titans looked at each other then the thing that Gizmo had thrown let out a blue light that scanned them all. They all put up something to protect themselves expecting an explosion. Robin and Cyborg looked at each other confused when they noticed that nothing had exploded. But before either of them could say anything all the titans were pulled into an energy field that transported them to another universe.

They all fell onto a red-carpeted floor. Beast boy stood up rubbing his head. "Dude, they've just put us back at Titans Tower."

"It's not our tower." Raven said holding a framed picture. She turned it round and everyone gasped at the sight. It was themselves only they were different.

"This doesn't look or feel like our tower come to think about it." Robin said looking around the room.

"And who do you think you might be?" A girl identical to Raven only wearing different clothes and her eyes were tinted with red said from the doorway. She had a smirk on her face, an evil smirk. Standing behind her was a boy identical to Robin only with different clothing who had his arm around the identical Raven's waist, a girl identical to Starfire only with different clothing, a boy identical to Cyborg only with different coloured tech., and a boy identical to Beast Boy only with a different outfit on.

"Oh no." Raven said clasping her hand over her mouth. "We have to get out of here…NOW!" She said to the rest of her team.

"Leaving so soon." The evil Robin said jumping in front of Raven.

"Yes actually. We were." She said then she put the other titans in balls of her black energy and transported them to safety.

"Who were they?" Evil Beast Boy said.

"They were us." Evil Raven said.

"How can they be us when we're us?" Evil Cyborg said.

"Simple, they are us only from a different universe" She said.

This conversation also took place with the other set of Titans.

"But how do you know all this Raven?" Starfire asked Raven who was standing against the wall of a dark, slimy alleyway.

"I've read it in one of my books. They're us only evil and they will act completely the opposite to us."

"So you mean that that Starfire for example will be evil, never smile and hate everything then if she's the opposite?" Beast Boy asked.

"Probably." Raven replied.

"That must be terrible." Starfire said.

"Well we're going to have to get rid of them then!" Evil Robin said.

"Can't we just mess with them for a bit before getting rid of them." Evil Raven said, twisting a bit of Evil Robin's hair around her finger and giving him a smirk.

"We can mess with them for a bit but we have to either get them onto our side, return them to their own crappy universe or kill them. We can't have them making this town good now can we." He said smirking down at his girlfriend.

The others nodded in agreement. "Then it's settled then. We'll lure them here then take the one opposite to Raven. She can reveal stuff about them and what they're like. She will probably be the one who has the most weaknesses as well." Evil Robin said.

"Why do you think that she'll have the most weaknesses?" Evil Cyborg asked.

"Simple. If she's the opposite of me, then she most likely hasn't destroyed Trigon yet and will have had to keep certain emotions, feelings and secrets locked inside her. Which then means we can use them to weaken their team." Evil Raven said.

"Then it's settled then. We get Raven's books and we can escape back to our time." Robin said to his team. Starfire was leaning on his shoulder, scared of what the other team may be like. "We'll rest here tonight but tomorrow, we set forth to the Tower and put our plan into action." Robin said. The titans settled down in the alleyway. They fell asleep quite quickly apart from Robin who was lying thinking, and Raven who was worried that they may use her secret against her.

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