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Chapter 7: Allies and Enemies

Raven hovered above a stone cold floor, re-charging herself. Her body had been weakened from Raven2's evil lurking in her personality, Raven's emotions battling constantly to hold the evil down.

Using Raven2's dark power, Raven managed to return them to their proper bodies. Raven2 had since been locked in a room where her magic was useless.

Knock knock Raven was jerked from her peace and opened her eyes. "Come in" She said.

It was Robin, she should have known. She floated back down so she was standing. "I was just seeing if you were alright and all." Robin said, fidgeting slightly.

"I'm fine." Raven replied in her monotone voice.

"Um, do you wanna go for a walk, there's some things I need to talk to you about." Robin said, speaking quite fast, and still fidgeting.

"Sure Boy Blunder." Raven said.

Robin looked up surprised and said, "Well let's go." Raven followed him out the door.

"So you're telling us that the Raven that's been living here, in THIS tower for the past week or so was THEIR Raven!"



"Calm down, she doesn't know any of that stuff. She's been kept in my room since she's been here!"

Cyborg2 put his sonic cannon down, Beast Boy2 changed back into himself and Starfire2's eyes changed back to normal and her hands stopped glowing green. "We must find OUR Raven, it is our only hope of defeating them." Starfire2 said, even in a universe where things were so twisted and wrong, she was still the one to stop the madness.

They all nodded in agreement, the only question was how were they going to do so.

"So what did you want to talk to me about Robin?" Raven said as she walked next to her leader.

"Well, um…. how are you since you've um been back?" Robin said, hesitating trying to think of a way to tell Raven what he really wanted to tell her.

"Fine." Raven said in her signature monotonous voice. "I know that's not what you wanted to ask me Robin, so stop being an idiot and just say what ever it is you want to say, I don't have time to waste, I need to fix things."

"Okay, bit harsh but um." Robin fidgeted with his cloak corner and stopped walking. He looked down at the concrete path and took a deep breath. "I think I like you." He said in a barely audible voice. Raven heard it though. She stopped dead in her tracks and closed her eyes taking deep breaths. She had hoped this day would come about one day, but why was she feeling so unsure about this. "You can't. You don't know what you're saying Robin." She said, not a trace of emotion shining through her voice.

"Do you not know how hard it was for me to tell you this?" Robin said, not believing what she was saying. But what had he been expecting her to do, run openly into his arms and everything would be perfect. No, that would not happen, this was Raven, and life wasn't so perfect. "I know perfectly well what I'm saying! I'm saying that I have feelings stronger than friendship for you Raven!" he said, anger slightly seeping into his tone.

"But you don't! You can't!" Raven said anger now making its appearance.

"Yes I can and I do! You may not feel the same about me but don't tell me that I don't feel that way about you." Robin said angrily.

Raven clasped her hands over her ears so she didn't have to hear this. It was like death to her ears. This would be the death of Robin…her. She didn't sense Robin walk up behind her, she was too focused on blocking out his words. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her round to face him. He reached up and forced her arms by her sides. She tried to pull away but he was too strong. He pulled her into a tight hug, holding her close to him. She tried to break free but eventually just gave in. "It will kill you Robin. I'll end up killing you. Don't you see that?" Raven said to him.

"No I don't. And I don't believe it either. So what, your powers may go haywire, I don't care Raven; nothing will make these feelings go away. So deal with it." He said the last part jokingly.

Raven smiled slightly and looked up at his masked face. He looked down at her and slowly lowered his face towards her. Their lips met and electricity flowed through their veins from each other's touch. Robin loosened his grip of Raven and moved his hand down to hold her waist while his other hand tangled itself in her hair.

Raven's legs went limp and luckily Robin's hand had been holding her or she would have fallen down. He wasn't fierce like when in battle, but the same amount of passion was radiating from him. He wasn't shy either but oh so gentle. The moonlight kissing their skin as they made their feelings known to one and other.

"INTRUDER!" Robin2's voice rang through the Titan's rooms. They all rushed from their rooms to see someone sitting on the couch in the main room. Robin2 went forward to knock the intruder out with his bo-staff, but the intruder stopped it simply by grasping it and flipping Robin2 over the couch so that he landed on the floor. "Who are you!" Robin2 demanded, that same tone Robin used when interrogating a villain.

"Some things never do change." The sly voice said. "The name's Slade and I think I can help you."

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