This is my third story! I have recently gotten my obsession for Darkwing Duck back by downloading some from Morpheus. While I was watching them, I couldn't help but notice that Darkwing is similar to my fifth favorite anime Martial artist Ranma from Ranma 1/2: They are both martial artists, both arrogant, never give up and they always want to be the best, (though Darkwing is outclassed in fighting.) I even read a cute story called Mallard 1/2 in the Disney Afternoon mailing thing. So I thought of doing a slight idea from Ranma and combining it with Darkwing. While I like the gender-switch curse, I felt that it was kind of overdone and believed that Ranma 1/2 was more to that then the curse forms. Then I remembered another thing that made Ranma unique, and the more I thought of it, the more the story progressed, so ladies and gentlemen, my third story. (See if you could figure out what idea that I have in mind. Though for all you Ranma fans, you probably figured it out through the title.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Darkwing Duck or any idea from Ranma 1/2.


Chapter one: His greatest fear

Running. That was all his body kept doing. He had to escape them or they will tear him apart. The thought of even one of these creatures attacking him was enough to fill his entire being with terror.

He sprinted through the darkness, trying to avoid the loud cries the beasts were making. If he could just find Master Goose Lee, everything would be okay. All he had to do was outrun those things.

The young mallard stopped and took a breath, positive that he lost them. His white gi was ruined: Shredded to rags, you couldn't tell it had ever been white because it had been completely drenched in blood………. most of it his.

His breath was suddenly caught when something darted behind him.

What was that!

His eyes moved back and forth to see if it was those unholy things again.


Eyes………. Glowing green eyes! Hundreds of them, surrounding him! He caught a glimpse of steel from each of then. Claws! They were going to finish the job. Rip him to shreds!



Drake Mallard suddenly jolted awake, sweating profusingly.

It had been a dream. It had been just a stupid dream. But he hadn't had this nightmare since he was a child, why did it come back to haunt him all of a sudden? He hugged his legs and took deep calming breaths. It had been so long since he had that dream, the one dream that could truly bring terror in his heart, and he had long since put it behind him. So why now, after all those years, did it return?

He suddenly heard rushing footsteps outside his room. In burst Gosalyn in her pajamas with a bow and packet of arrows; followed by Launchpad, looking ready to rumble.

"D.W.? Are you okay? Where is he? We'll get him for you." Launchpad shouted.

"Dad! Are you O.K.? What's wrong?" Gosalyn asked, her green eyes filled with worry and fear for him.

"What do you mean?" Drake asked, wondering why they were up so late.

"We heard you yelling." Launchpad said as he looked around for any attacks.

Drake remembered screaming 'no' in his dream, he didn't think he had screamed out loud.

"Y-Yo-You heard me?"

"Dad! The whole district heard you! The Muddlefoots are outside telling everyone to go home." Gosalyn said with a tremble in her voice. She had never heard her dad scream like that, ever. Not even when he was in a life and death situation as Darkwing Duck. The fact that he was still trembling and sweating was not reassuring her that he was okay.

"I'm okay. It was just a nightmare." Drake said in a dismissive tone and confident smile. Of course, that was all a mask.

Launchpad and Gosalyn exchanged looks before looking back at Drake.

"Must have been some nightmare! I swear my spine is still tingling from that scream." Launchpad said as he shuddered.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Gosalyn asked.

"I'm fine. In fact, what am I doing in bed? It's midnight, the hour where dastardly doers of devious deeds dart in the shadows. I should be patrolling the streets!" He said as he thrusted his index finger up in a dramatic pose. He zoomed off to the living room with Launchpad and Gosalyn behind him. He sat on his blue armrest and pressed the top of his Basil statue. He was immediately sent his secret hideout in Audobon bay bridge. While dressing in his outfit, he turned on the supercomputer to see if there were any crimes. Sure enough, a red light blinked on the screen of his supercomputer.

"Aha! A burglary in St. Canard's first National Bank. C'mon L.P.; let's get dangerous." He said with a smirk, completely forgetting his nightmare.

Later, he was going to find out that it wasn't a nightmare he had.

It was an omen.


Outside St. Canard's 1st National Bank

Four masked men ran towards their blue Volkswagen, carrying their bags. They knew they had triggered the silent alarm so they had to scramble. The cops would show up soon or worse……


This guy might show up; a cloud of smoke appeared on top of their car.


Darkwing Duck smirked at the sight of the burglars, quivering in fear. His only regret was that the usual supervillians didn't show him this kind of respect.

"Okay boys, you know the drill." He smirked and pointed at the bank with his gas gun, though it amazed him how ill prepared they were. They didn't even bring guns!

While they were grudgingly putting the bags back, Launchpad and Quiverwing Quack appeared.

"Hey D.W., the cops are in the front of the building, they're waiting for you to bring them out for them."

"What am I, their delivery boy?" Darkwing scorned. The police always told him to stay out of police work but they seem to not mind letting him do all the work. He then did a double take!

"Gos…….. Quiverwing! What are you doing here?"

She looked at him with stubborn green eyes. "There's no way I'm letting you fight the bad guys alone until I'm sure you're okay."

"I told you, I'm fine! It won't happen again, now please go…. OOOPPHHH!"

The gang leader shoved him and ran, interrupted him. The others were going to follow but Darkwing recovered his wits and aimed his gas gun at them while Quiverwing aimed her arrows at them as well.

"Launchpad, cuff 'em! I'll go after the leader." He growled as he sprinted to the direction the criminal ran.


Darkwing scowled as he ran, annoyed not because the villain got away. Oh no, no criminal escaped him for long. But he was mad at what Quiverwing said. Did she think so little of him that she thought he couldn't handle a simple nightmare? He was Darkwing Duck, the champion of righteousness! There was nothing that he could scare him! That dream only caught him off guard, that's all. No fear controlled him for long.


A sly grin appeared on his face as he saw his fleeing adversary. He ducked behind the shadows and followed him from there. The masked man ran to a blind alley only to find it blocked by a brick wall and a lot of garbage cans. He was going to try to climb over it when a voice boomed:

"SURRENDER OR SUCK GAS!" The masked mallard aimed his gas gun at him. The burglar, having nothing to loose, picked up a lead pipe and charged at him.

A cocky half-smirk appeared on Darkwing's face. "Okay then! Suck gas, evildoer." He smugly replied to the action and pulled the trigger. The alley was soon covered in blue smoke as said evildoer was coughing up a storm. Three things happened:

The lead pipe was karate chopped out of his hand.

He was introduced to Darkwing's 'patented' web-kick and was sent crashing to the brick wall.

Then finally, he barely registered being handcuffed.

"Yup, yup, yup! The daring duck of dynamo defies all odds and has once again defeated a denizen of darkness." He said as he dusted his hands together. This was the kind of thing that made him relax and unwind, (even if it was a slow night, in his opinion). He'll probably sleep like a baby in the morning.

"Okay buddy, it's the big house for you." He said as he grabbed the guy, roughly. A noise behind him stopped him, cold. He turned around to see something moving behind the trashcans. Holding his gun in one hand and the burglar by the scruff of his neck with the other, he turned towards the garbage cans and looked over it to see what was behind it.

What he saw made his eyes widened in horror.


Quiverwing and Launchpad waited for the masked mallard to return. The police had long since come to handcuff the others.

"So where is the 'vigilante'?" A veteran officer asked harshly as stared at the direction Darkwing and the burglar had run off.

"He probably lost him and decided to not lose face in front of the cameras, coming back." A rookie scoffed.

Launchpad quickly covered Quiverwing's beak before she could say anything that may make Darkwing look bad. He spoke up, though.

"Aww c'mon guys, D.W. isn't like that. He'd go to the ends of the earth to get him and he'd never not show up to not lose face. He's the bravest guy I know. There is nothing that could scare him, no siree! He's………."

A blood-curdling scream interrupted his speech. The scream, which had a pitch that shattered windows and ruptured eardrums, sounded very familiar.

"D.W.!" Launchpad gasped as he, without hesitation, ran to the location of the scream.

"Darkwing!" Quiverwing screamed as she had already ran ahead of Launchpad. "Ooooohhh, I knew I should have followed him! I knew he'd get into trouble!" She muttered angriely as she had her arrows ready, the police were not too far from them. Following the echo of the scream, they turned straight to the alley way, expecting to see Darkwing curled in a corner while some large monster with claws and fangs was standing over him.

Instead, they saw Darkwing backed into a corner, holding the burglar like a life preserver. Said life preserver was losing air, fast. Darkwing's eyes were wide with terror, he was sweating profusingly and his teeth were chattering. He looked petrified.

"Darkwing! What's wrong? Are you all right? What happened? Who or what did this to you? I won't go easy on him!" Quiverwing ranted. She thought it was a living flesh-eating zombie from the planet Mars. What else could scare someone this badly?

Launchpad was, to be frank, terrified. Here was his hero and best friend looking like he'd seen a ghost. (Which he himself found scary!) Whatever it was that was scaring Darkwing, he did not want to face it.

"Freeze! What's going on here?" the cops shouted.

The burglar, who couldn't talk due to the headlock, casted Darkwing a disgusted look and pointed behind the garbage cans.

Quiverwing and Launchpad, with great reluctance, walked to the garbage cans while the cops pulled their guns out and aimed at it. Launchpad was shaking violently as he moved the garbage cans aside while Quiverwing was trying to keep her hands steady while holding her bow and arrow. Everyone held their breaths (except for Darkwing, who was whimpering piteously) as the trashcans revealed………..

…….. A gray alley cat.

They all sighed in relief. It was just a stupid cat. But their vast relief disappeared when Darkwing started to have screaming fits and was on the verge of snapping the criminal's neck.

"C-C-C-CAAAAAATT!" he shrieked and before anyone could stop him, he plowed through the officers like a bowling ball against pins and ran for his life. Leaving two sidekicks staring after him in worry and confusion.

End of chapter one

For those of you who have read and figured it out, yes, Darkwing knows the dreaded Neko-ken. I love that move, it's so powerful and yet, amusing. Not to mention the angst you can make with it because of how it's taught. There will be more to come soon. Hope you enjoyed and remember: review, review, and review!