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Chapter Nine: The Hunter or the Hunted

Darkness and silence was all that greeted one deep in the mind of Darkwing Duck. There, he floated in the deep abyss as his more dangerous persona had taken over. Right now, he was in a deep trancelike sleep; unaware of the outside world or of what was happening. Every now and then though, his Neko would fall into a relaxed state and his eyes would flicker open as he would gradually wake up. But those only lasted for a few seconds before he would fall asleep again and the beast within would awaken. So right now, Darkwing Duck would fall back to his trance while he was safe from the horrid felines from the real world.

If someone could please wake him up.


In the quiet dark streets of St. Canard, Gizmoduck screeched down the road as he started to think of ways to calm Darkwing down that didn't involve using Quiverwing. The thought of using a child made him sick to his stomach. He wouldn't ask that of Huey, Dewey and Louie or Webbigail, he most certainly wouldn't ask their youngest superhero, no matter how capable she was, to partake in such a dangerous task. In fact, he was rather annoyed that Darkwing and Launchpad even brought her to fight crime.

"I must make haste; there is not a moment to lose. If I don't get to Darkwing first, someone may get hurt. Heck, several villains are already hurt!" He narrated as he zoomed across the street, ignoring the red light or the fact that several cars nearly collided to him. Normally, he would never consider breaking traffic laws, even when chasing a bad guy. But this was not a bad guy (Despite his lingering doubts…), this was one of the good guys and his friend. Activating his scanners, he started to track Darkwing; which was pretty easy as he had slipped a small homing device on him before they had left to guard the celebration of St. Canard. It had been a last minute thing and he had done so out of worry for his comrade, not out of distrust. His scanners showed he was still on St. Canard and not too far from him.

He pulled out his portable phone while speeding down the streets of St. Canard.

"Hello…" A tired voice answered. Gyro Gearloose, the inventor, must have been sleeping.

"Gyro!" He shouted when the inventor of the Gizmo suit picked up.

"Oh, hello Mr. Crack…" But GizmoDuck hastily interrupted him with several loud shushes.

"Ix-nay on the dentity-Iay!"

You could almost hear Gyro roll his eyes. "Fenton really, this is a private and tap-free line, no one is listening."

"I never take the chance. Never know when evil may pop his head and rudely eavesdrop on you." He looked around in an empty street as if a Beagle Boy was hiding in every shadow.

*Sigh* "What is it, Giz?"

He paused as he tried to consider the next words. "I was wondering if you happen to have supplied me with tranquilizers."

Of course. Inventing a destructive weapon is easy, but we have to catch crooks alive you know so I had to add a bit more subtle. There's a little safety feature in one of your automatic rifles. Your HUB should show you and activate it. There's enough transq to stop a rampaging elephant.

'Or a rampaging Darkwing.' He thought as he did just that. He wondered if he should lower the dosage. It wouldn't do to accidentally put Darkwing to sleep for good.

On the other hand, if what people said about Darkwing was true, what are the odds of the needle actually piercing his skin?

"Well, I must be off then, saaaay, Why are you not here? Professor Ludwig Von Drake is a genius and prodigy. Surely you are curious as to what he made.

"I know who he is; I once took a course in his class. We keep each other in contact, especially for our annual super-smart convention. Anyway, I saw the invention."

"You did!" He was now intrigued.

"Oh yes. It's impressive but not exactly my thing." He said nonchalantly.


"Well, believe it or not, not every invention we make has to change the world or the way we see things forever. Sometimes, we just like to make something to simplify our lives. Or in Ludwigs case, something for someone we love." He yawned.

Gizmoduck blinked behind his lenses and wondered what exactly the scientist is bringing.


In his flight on the Helicopter, J. Gander Hooter was taking a few pills for the migraines and other stressful ailments that his old body was going through.

"You never cease to amaze me Darkwing." For once, he said it like it was a bad thing.

He had known that there was more to Darkwing's fear then normal circumstances, after all, with Darkwing, nothing is ever normal. But this thoroughly takes the cake. In addition to having a severer handicap against cat, Hooter just discovered from both Gryizzlikof and Launchpad that Darkwing suffered a personality disorder that made him truly believe he was a cat. And that alone wasn't bad enough.

"According to our research, which is very little and nearly obscure, it is a berserker mode that is capable of destroying half- the city kept off check. Darkwing Duck has become an enemy far worse than even FOWL. We must stop him, at all costs." His advisors had suggested to him.

Hooter hung his head in sorrow. He had seen the videos as well sent to him, from the super market where a criminal had been 'disarmed' to the many insane attacks he did to the usual rogues of St. Canard. It was not a pretty sight and he was sure it would be a worse sight once he made it to Steelbeak's place. He had also spoken to several informants and agents in Kung Pow City. He had been hurt that Darkwing did not tell him how the Neko-ken was achieved and wondered why Darkwing hid this.

Then he ruled his eyes. It was particularly obvious as to why Darkwing mentioned nothing of this. Darkwing's ego simply wouldn't allow it! To actually admit that the fear activates a wave of dark madness within him was unacceptable.

But no matter how dangerous he was, he would not kill Darkwing.

He knew it was foolish but Darkwing was needed, he was a capable person who always had the element of surprise in his hand. He was also the bravest and most self-sacrificing young man he had ever met. The other reason was more personal. He loved Darkwing like his own son; he had complete faith in him. He refused to believe that he would be a feral murderer no matter what anyone tells him.

"There must be a way to change him back. I refuse to believe that he is gone from us. I will find him and I will do everything in my power to help him. It's the least I can do for all he's done for us." He determined as he looked out the window of his helicopter.

He hoped he could rescue Darkwing before everyone else found him first.


Inside the exclusive club buildings, Quiverwing Quack continued to climb the stairs as she searched for her father. Right now, she was worried that she may be too late. She knew that Darkwing would never kill anyone and the knowledge that he did would haunt him if he did. The dead haunted look on his face as he spoke of how those students had been torn to pieces had been painful. If he learned he killed someone again, even if it was self-defense, she knew he would never recover from it.

As she climbed further up, she noticed more and more Eggmen unconscious on the ground. Keyword: being unconscious. It seemed that Neko-Darkwing was more interested in knocking them out then killing anyone which relieved the small hero. But one thing for sure: If Darkwing reaches Steelbeak, then the kid gloves come off. When she reached the top, the emergency exit door was locked, but she heard the sounds of fighting, guns blazing and the occasional playful meowing. She needed another way in and fast.

Knowing that she had no other option, she pulled out her acid pellet that she 'borrowed' from her dad's science lab.

"Hang on, dad! I'm coming!" She stated as she placed a small acid pellet on her arrow.


It turned out that her father did not need any help.

Neko-Darkwing was having a grand old time. He was against his arch nemesis and he was winning from the looks of it. Steelbeak may not have the reflexes of a cat, but don't let anyone say he won't win in a cock fight. Right now, he was proving to be lethal in his attacks, especially with his steel-plated beak.

'Who am I kidding? Dis is Dopewing we're talking 'bout! 'e couldn't even kill time!' He thought. He had been worried for nothing.

Two seconds later, Steelbeak became worried.

Neko-Darkwing was smiling as he ducked a punch and kick, bending his body in ways that no normal duck should be able to use. While he knew he could end this battle quickly, he always liked to play with his prey. Smiling maniacally, he somersaulted over Steelbeak, during his mid-flight; he kicked Steelbeak in the back of his head, nearly causing him to fall off the roof. Landing on the front of his hands in a handstand, he backed up while sticking his tongue out.

"Meow, meooooooow!" He teased.

"I'm guessing dat's some clever liddle quip ya said. But it lost something in da translation, kitty." He sneered. He was starting to get nowhere. His best moves did nothing to Darkwing who seemed to be treating this like a game. He was snickering in that hissing manner that was almost obnoxious while twisting his body in a way that not even his most nimble of girlfriends can move like.

As he tried to attack him, Darkwing suddenly moved so fast he left an after-image. His hand went right through the fading image of Darkwing. The real one was relaxing his back, and snickering. He tried to do a back kick, but even without opening his eyes, Darkwing saw it coming. He moved in a twirl and disappeared. Steelbeak stood still for a while and cautiously looked around. Wondering where he went?

"I jus' don't get it." He said as he crossed his arms and scratched his head in perplex… wait, if both his arms were crossed then what was scratching his head? He looked up to see Darkwing balancing on his large crown. Screaming in rage, he tried to grab him, only for him to twirl -kick him in the face as he flipped off him.

"Dopewing, I'm getting plenty tired of this." He growled. "Dis was suppose to be an easy hijackin' mission with getting some money on the side. But no! Not only does the egghead not show up, but ya had ta make dis complicated. Well, I'm sick and tired of youse making things complicated for me! And I ….." That was as far as he got before Neko-Darkwing got bored with listening to him and slashed his chest. Steelbeak collapsed as he clutched his bleeding chest. While he was bleeding, he knew the wounds weren't that deep. Neko Darkwing was on him in a second and had a firm hand on his shoulder and

Quiverwing finally melted the doorknob as well a a good portion of it. As she opened the door, she spotted a grinning Neko-Darkwing about to finish off Steelbeak. Quiverwing knew she would regret this, but she had to get between Neko Darkwing and Steelbeak. Killing him was the last thing the real Darkwing wanted in his soul. Quiverwing ran as fast as her little legs could and created a powerful momentum of chi energy to slam hard into Neko-Darkwing, who had been distracted by his prey. The chi Quiverwing created was nowhere near as powerful to normally hurt a fully-powered Darkwing. But he was sent flying off of Steelbeak. Quiverwing got between a helpless Steelbeak and an enraged Neko-Darkwing.

Darkwing's eyes widened when he realized what was between him. He gave her a glare and lifted him paw in a shooing motion.

"Shooooo! Shoooooo!" he snarled spookingly as he glared at his child.

"Darkwing, please! This isn't you. You're not a criminal or a killer. Please wake up! Please!" Quiverwing pleaded as she looked at an impassive duck.

Snarling and charging up his chi, he lifted his hand up and held it centimeters from her face, the chi-claws barely touching her. Quivering didn't move. She knew that any sign of fear would have Neko-Darkwing treat her in a less then favorable way. She stood still as the claws were inches from her face. In a way, she felt like she was some sort of initiative; like Darkwing was trying to see if she was the worthy heiress that would one day be the new guardian of St. Canard.

Neko smirked as she faced him unflinchingly, despite the fact that she had seen what he was capable of. "That's my girl!" he thought as he eyed her. Though he was annoyed at the defiance, he admired her bravery in the face of danger. It reminded him a bit of himself when he was just a kitten… err….. duckling… whatever.

Giving his little kitten a 'you're more trouble then you're worth' look, he backed away. He turned his eyes to Steelbeak, who stared back with terror. He raised his feathers on end to appear bigger and he snarled in a way that told him to get lost.

In fact, the way he hissed, he definitely sounded like he said "Leave."

Steelbeak didn't need to see staying here would be very hazardous to his health. As he left, Quiverwing relaxed her guard and approached her more deranged then usual father. He seemed to be eyeing her with a blank face and narrowed eyes. He was now sitting on his bum while looking at his hands.

"D-d-dad?" She leaned towards him. He snorted and looked away in feline indifference. He was angry at his daughter for stopping him again from destroying the 'chicken'. When is she going to realize that cats ate the feathered kind?

"Dad, come here!" She patted her lap, hoping he would come, but he answered her by licking his right hand and ignoring her. Quiverwing pouted. "That is just like him! He certainly acts like a cat." Quiverwing complained. This was going to be harder then she thought since Neko was not taking her seriously. Then again, Darkwing never took her seriously either.

"Darkwing, come on! The sooner we do this, the sooner we can get back to normal." She said as she shook his shoulders. Without even looking, he swatted her away. Not enough to hurt her, but enough to send her flying a few feet. Quiverwing looked shocked. Her dad would never just push her away like that!

There was a startling difference that she was starting to notice. In fact, now that she thought about it, didn't she read somewhere that some felines may kill their cubs if they pose to be too much trouble? She shuddered at the thought, but pushed it out of her mind. Her dad was not going to hurt her, Goose Lee assured her that.

"Daddy?" She whispered as she looked at him. She knew that Darkwing was there deep down, but now she wanted Drake Mallard, her dad. Was he down there deep down or was the Neko-ken keeping him from coming out?

She walked with caution up to Neko-Darkwing and slowly reaches for him again. Neko-Darkwing watches her with cold slitted eyes; his face a mask of ice. She had no idea what he was thinking and she couldn't tell if he was angry or happy. Well, considering that she stopped him from getting rid of Steelbeak, she had the feeling he was not impressed with her.

That was when three dozen Eggmen arrived; all with rifles, and leading them was a furious Steelbeak with a deadlier looking rifle. Quiverwing gasped while Darkwing growled. Before she could realize what just happened, Darkwing grabbed her with his teeth and threw her on his back and jumped off the building. Screaming, Quiverwing grabbed him on his neck as he plunged down like a bullet. As she was able to see the streets rushing towards them, she screamed and clasped Darkwing's neck.

But Neko Darkwing didn't just think he was a cat. He had the abilities of one. When they were about twenty-five feet off the ground, He immediately got on his hands and feet and made a screeching sound similar to a car when its breaks are hit too hard. As soon as Darkwing slowed down, he landed lightly on his feet, all the while, Quiverwing watching in awe, amazed that they were alive and in awe of Darkwing's new powers. She shakily climbed down his back and wobbled a few seconds before bursting with glee.

"Keen Gear, Cats do always land on their feet!" She crowed. That had to be the most awesome thing she had ever seen, considering the many close-calls she had seen her dad survive from. Rollarcoasters didn't even top this rush.

Neko-Darkwing gave her a mysterious smile before he scampered off to the streets, startling many people around him. She watched him for a few minutes, before she chased after him.

"Hey, Wait for me!" she shouted as she ran after him.


Steelbeak growled as he saw that Neko-Darkwing and the green little cupid wannabe. That was embarrassing! Losing to Dopewing on a daily basis was bad enough, but losing to him when he wasn't in the right mind! To top it off, he had to be saved by a little girl. "I'll be the butt of every joke to every supa villain in St. Canard! There goes my rep!"

"Darkwing Duck is gonna pay big time for this! I swear it!" Steelbeak growled. "He won't get far as long as he has dag oil with him. So we got something to slow him down." He pulled out his walkie talkie.

"Your attention, boys. Dis is ya leader speaking. I want every able bodied Eggmen down on the city hunting Darkwing. I want the jerk alive." He growled. "If dat's impossible, bring me is 'ead so I could stick it on a pike."

"Hey boss! Ya want that we get back-up from the auxiliary team back in headquarters?" he saluted. The smile on Steelbeak's face told the soldier that he may get promoted for that.

"Yeah.! Call them, call them all!"

"How many you want, boss?" he asked as he contacted headquarters through his helmet.

Steelbeak scowled as the full moon reflected dangerously off his scratched metal beak. "All of dem!" He said ominously.


Launchpad knew he shouldn't have split up with the others. While they did have better chance finding him separately, Launchpad knew that it wouldn't mean anything if Darkwing was crazy because none of them individually can hold him down long enough for the others to arrive. He doubted that even he could get through to him when he was this out of it. Besides, he had to look for Quiverwing. She was still out there with every criminal and his mother, while Darkwing was anything but sane.

"Ahhhhh, so the sidekick of Darkwing has made his appearance." A Russian voice stopped him cold to his step.

"Well, I stand corrected." Launchpad sighed. He was really not getting paid enough for this… wait a minute! D.W. didn't pay him at all.

"I ought to join the super hero sidekick union." He muttered. Launchpad turned around and was stunned to see so many SHUSH agents with guns out looking at him as if this entire event was his fault. He also couldn't help but notice a few ninjas hanging in the background, no doubt back up sent by Goose Lee. Gryizzlikof had his appearance made when he finally pushed by and he did not look very thrilled

"You, sidekick, will explain to me why my mole have been informing me that Darkwing is causing chaos and property damages all over St. Canard." He sneered as he glared at Darkwing's number one man.

Launchpad sighed. It was going to be a long night.


High on a roof top, Tuskerninni smiled as he spotted something scampering in the park. It was Darkwing running at full speed on all four with what looked like a little girl in a pathetic Robin Hood's outfit. He thought she would be a rather inappropriate role for the prince of thieves. And those arrows, please! What did she think she was; a hero? He spotted Darkwing climbing on top of a search light. Grinning, he and his penguins got on their hands and knees and slowly moved to a position to attack.

"A huntin we will go." He sang as the penguins cocked their guns ready. It was time for the revenge of the flightless birds.


When Quiverwing Quack finally managed to keep up with her father, she was annoyed to see that he was sitting on top of a street light, and was scratching himself.

"Dad, come on, we have to find the others and get you back to normal." She could see that he wasn't going to come down so she moved to shoot her arrow with a grappling only for something purple to zoom down and slash her arrow. She looked up to see an innocuous Neko-Darkwing. Scowling in frustration, she tried again. But it was slashed as well; she looked up to see him just in time to climb up.

Neko-Darkwing purred as he shook his head. This was a good time to train his daughter in to the art of being a cat. Quiverwing Quack looked at the expectant face of her father when she realized that he wanted her to climb it the old fashion way. Taking a few deep breaths, wrapped her arms around the street light and made a slow trek to climbing up the street light. Neko-Darkwing made no move to help her but made reassuring sounds with his throat. She was now close enough to touch the hot street lamp. She had to admit, she felt a bit proud. Her dad was finally taking her seriously and training her to be a fighter. Granted, this was a harsh version of her father, but she could see pride in his glowing cat eyes.

Suddenly, she heard gunfire. Quiverwing screamed as Neko-Darkwing was sent several feet back from the impact of the shot.

"Direct hit! I must say, I wished we had cameras to have filmed this for prosperity!" He glared at Neko-Darkwing's body. "However, thanks to you, my cameras are ruined. You'd had to pay for them, with your life."

A furious Quiverwing aimed her arrows, and shot many of the guns out of their hands. Tuskerninni aimed his rifle at her but he suddenly felt like he should drop the gun and duck.

It was a move that had saved his life.

A loud yowl cut their celebration as Neko-Darkwing popped out, beyond furious. That had actually hurt. He was even bleeding just a bit. No one did that and lived to tell the tale. Once more, they could have hit his little kitten. She did not have his endurance to take a hit. One bullet could have killed her. Snarling, he was already charging at them with a speed that would have a cheetah envious.

"Keep firing!" Tuskerninni shouted as he tried to get his momentum back. He had hit Darkwing. He had seen him get struck by the bullets. In fact, the holes on his suit showed he had been struck.

"This is impossible!" He shouted as he tried to shoot him. The rifles suddenly burst and were torn to ribbons and shards. He started in sheer horror. He had seen but he didn't believe it. The little second-rate amateur prima donna had actually destroyed his guns with his bare hands. He looked back at Darkwing, who was in the shadows looking at him with his luminous eyes.

"Oh dear," then he whispered to his assistance, "Anyone have a can of tuna to bribe him with?" his assistants looked petrified. Neko-Darkwing smiled evilly; there was nothing to stop him from stopping them. Quiverwing panicked as she ran to stop Darkwing from hurting anyone again. Neko-Darkwing did not notice his little cub was heading towards him until she was in front of the defenceless villains.

Quiverwing then did something that she never thought she would ever have to do. Even to her dying day, she still didn't know what she was thinking. She placed her small hand in Darkwing`s mouth. It was something like placing a head in the mouth of a hungry lion, to show how tame it was, but she was really not sure that he was really tame. Tuskerninni stared in awe at what the girl was doing? Did she not realize how dangerous that was? Oh well, he wasn't going to let that stop him from fleeing to live to film another day. He had another weapon that may just work.

"Hurry my assistances! Exit, Stage Right!" For a fat Walrus, he was quite the mover. The birds were running so fast that they were almost flying.

Darkwing blinked as he realized that his daughter's hand was in his mouth. Then his eyes widened as he realized that the only way to get rid of it was by biting it off. As Quiverwing waited for a reaction, Neko was now fighting a powerful instinct. On one hand, this little girl was defying him! She was trying to prevent him from having his prey? If she was, she was in so much trouble. On the other hand, the father in him could not and would not see her harmed, no matter how disobedient she was. Perhaps another test was in order to see how serious she was about this.

For a few minutes, he glared and added pressure to her hand, indicating that he would bite it. Quiverwing nearly tore her hand out of his beak before she realized that this was another test. She kept it in while looking in his eyes as she shook her head, indicating she wasn't letting up. After six long minutes, he opened his mouth and made no attempts to bite her. Oh if she only knew just how much trouble she was in!

"Thanks, dad. I knew deep down you were there." She smiled that smile that had won his heart the first time around. He gave her another glare, but this time, there was respect. As angry as he was, she proved resilient. The cat part of him could see that she would continue foiling him. He should discipline her.

And yet, he could not do it. For the life of him, he couldn't hurt her.

Kneeling down, he allowed her to climb his back. He then started climbing the top of the building. It was time to move her into a safer place before more bad guys showed up to end their life expectency.


Ammonia Pine was covered in a blue hazel mat suit when she was nearly bowled over by those third-rate villains. After some questioning, she found that Darkwing and one of those meddling brats were in this area. Right now, he was using those strange glowing claws to climb the buildings.

'Well, let's just see if he could handle my super powered vacuum.' She gleed. Cackling madly, she turned on the vacuum and started to suck the two in. Quiverwing screamed as she was almost sucked in before she grabbed hold of a building. Neko-Darkwing was clutching the building with his claws but he knew that he would only hold on for so long. He would have to think of a way to fight this dangerous weapon.

Ammonia cackled. She increased the power of her vacuum. "You're about to be sucked into oblivion, pussycat!"

"Darkwing, help!" Quiverwing shouted, as she felt like she was losing her grip. Neko-Darkwing looked around, then he decided to use the same method he used in Japan to when he had been surrounded by soldiers.

First he released his grip and went flying, as he flew towards the vacuum, he extended his claws and started spinning, becoming a living, deadly blender. Anything that got to close to him was shredded in a matter of seconds. The bricks, trash, even the very air itself, which served only to enhance his chi-claws. Before she could turn off the vacuum, the whirlwind of claws had reached his destination and destroyed the weapon, releasing a large explosion of air and trash. Ammonia was sent blasting to a wall, while Neko Darkwing jumped high in the air and caught Quiverwing's shirt collar by his teeth. Then he sidestepped on the walls and landed smoothly on the floor, placing a dazed girl down.

Just as Ammonia was about to recover; that was when her face was introduced to the Double web kick 2.0: A more powerful version of Darkwing's powerful signature kick.


Neptinua sighed continued to look for her favorite land loving friend. To think something like this would happen to an egoist like Darkwing. Of course, that would probably explain the ego, since cats were the vainest species on the planet.

"Poor Beakface. I'll hope you'll get better. Ocean help me, I hope you do." She whispered. She was interrupted by something flying in the sky.

"Ahhhhh," Ammonia screamed as she flew past. She was fortunate that s she was near the ocean and landed there instead of the concrete, although she'll never feel clean again after being in there.


"Wow dad, that was pretty cool the way you booted Ammonia as she tried to get you with that vacuum!" She smiled.

Her dad didn't even hurt her. If anything, he went easy on her. Oh course, the reason Neko-Darkwing went easy on her was because she was a pest. Neko-Darkwing did not waste his energy and moves on pests. And right now, he was starving. He needed something in his stomach and soon…

What was that delicious aroma? It smelled like…

Holy Mackerel, it was a giant Mackerel! Neko-Darkwing slobbered at the sight of a mackerel fish lightly cooked on top of a lettuce plate. Over it was a large box that was being held by a stick, which had a string attached to it. The string ended at a section of an ally where she could clearly see Jambalaya Jake and Gumbo, Jambalaya was laughing as he waited for their enemy while Gumbo closed his eyes and shook his head.

Quiverwing spotted it and thought 'Are they for real?'

Gumbo knew he had made a mistake sticking with Jake and not going back to the bayou. Jake was setting a trap that even a two week old badger could see was a trap. There was no way…. And yet, it caught him! Gumbo blinked as the Neko-Duck went under the box to eat the mackerel fish… what do you know, it worked! Perhaps all that animal instinct suppressed Darkwing's intelligent?

Unfortunately, they forgot that even though Darkwing thought he was a cat, did not mean that he was physically one.

The crate was lifted to show an unamused Neko-Darkwing. Did they actually believe that he would be caught like that?

"Wait a done-gone minute! He's a cat now! Cats can't lift boxes, right?" Jambalaya shouted, while both Gumbo and Quiverwing looked at him in disbelief.

"Except Darkwing Duck has fingers and thumbs." She pointed out the very obvious flaw in his plan. Neko-Darkwing will admit that the fish was delicious. It hit the spot and he was up for a little battle time. Jambalaya wasn't done yet, he had other ideas on how to fight Darkwing.

"Okay Gumbo, this is your turf!" Jambalaya pushed him in front of Neko- Darkwing. Gumbo growled at his partner, not appreciative about this. Neko-Darkwing wondered what gators tasted like. But before he could pounce on him, Gumbo proved how much smarter he was then his partner. Going through Granny's bag, he pulled out a ball of yarn and tossed it negligently to the side. Neko-Darkwing immediately lost interest and happily chased after the ball. Gumbo wiped the perspiration off his brow and sighed in relief.

"Heh, smart gator." Quiverwing commented. He managed to complete deflect her dad's mind into something else. A smile was on her face as she watched Darkwing play with the ball of yarn. He actually looked kind of cute.

While the scary predator was distracted, Gumbo grabbed Jambalaya and headed out again. Steelbeak better pay him big for this, he did not sign up for this type of madness!

Quiverwing climbed on his back. "C'mon dad, let's get you someplace quiet." She said as she climbed on his back. Neko-Darkwing grinned and ran down the streets. He smelled a sushi bar somewhere and he was still very hungry.


"… and that's what happened." Launchpad explained as he looked at the scowling bear and the many guns aimed at his body.

"So, vhat you are saying that he is … under a lot of stress?" Gryzokoff looked at Launchpad while keeping the incredulous out of his voice. From what his informant said, there was more than stress involved. And the damages as evidence only served to tell him that.

"Yeah, the sight of cats sort of made him a little… not himself."There was no way Launchpad was going to tell anyone about the Neko-Ken, too many people know about it anyway. But he would not give Gryizzlikof ammunition to use to hurt Darkwing. The last thing Darkwing needs is more of his own allies pitying him or calling him a liability.

"Vell, it does not matter to me I am now giving orders to my men to handle all operations that the super heroes have failed in. And since Darkwing is a liability, he will be treated like all FOWL agents and be taken out."

"I expect all of you to be armed and protected. Darkwing is tricky and a wild card, and that was before he completely looses marbles. Make sure when you see him, you shoot when you see the whites of his eyes." He had a rather devious look as he rubbed his hands happily.

"Wait,…. Take him out? You're going to kill him!" Launchpad was shocked. He knew Gryzokoff didn't like Darkwing at times and the feeling was mutual with Darkwing. But still, he spoke of killing him like he was in a hunting game.

Gryizzlikof didn't even bother to hide his smirk. "We have received word from many witnesses, including Gizmoduck that Darkwing Duck has become a public threat. We are now ordered to take him out." He looked like he was going to enjoy this.

Launchpad glared at Gryizzlikof. "There is no way I'll let you hurt Darkwing. Especially for something he can't help."

"If he is threat, we are entitled to use deadly force if necessary." Gryizzlikof retorted with a sneer. He had seen enough to know that they were dealing with a situation that needed to be dealt with immediately and severely. Darkwing had gone from a pompous, arrogant loud-mouth vigilante to a dangerous, monstrous beast incapable of ascertaining the difference between a villain or an innocent bystander.

"He's not a threat and I won't let you hurt him!" He shouted. Darkwing had had a rough week already, the last thing he needed was to be shot by S.H.U.S.H.

Oh, He wasn't worried that the bullets would hurt Darkwing as it never did in the past. Many people believed that the gangsters, Eggmen and Negaduck as well as any other gun user have never hit Darkwing in the past or they simply couldn't get past his bullet proof was a lie! These men have been trained shooters all their life and have been able to always get their target, even moving ones. Darkwing even had suffered from hidden FOWL Snipers from time to time. At one point, Negaduck had even shot him with two cannons.

Truth was they never missed Darkwing. They all managed to get him. He just was either too involved in his case (or his ego) to notice the shots, or depending on how nervous he was (which made his chi erect itself around him.) they bounced off him. Either way, Darkwing never let bullets get to him. But boy are they difficult to pull out with tweezers! Launchpad should know!

Just another reason Darkwing's happy to have a sidekick that did things for him. Of course, he wished he got paid for it.

You're not hunting Darkwing! We should be stopping FOWL. Remember, they're trying to still Dr. Van Drake's invention." He reminded the right-hand man of SHUSH. Even he could see that Gryzokoff was doing this more out of pleasure then business.

"He hasn't arrived. As long as he is not in St. Canard, he is as safe as pig in blanket. We move to remove current threat to St. Canard, which is Dahkwing." He sneered. Before Launchpad could launch himself on the agent, a helicopter suddenly appeared and landed right near them. As they braced themselves from the wind, six large bodyguards appeared with someone between them.

"What is going on here?" A stern voice between the walls of muscles; They all turned to see the director of S.H.U.S.H. himself, J. Hubert Hooter himself.

And he did not look pleased.


I think two more chapters will have this story finished. Then will have the sequel prepared and ready. On the next chapter, Neko Darkwing sinks deeper in his madness until we learn there is more than one way to bring him back. But is now a good time? The heroes and Villains collide when they must all find a way to calm Darkwing down, before he really does some damage.

Oh and Professor Von Drake finally makes the scene, along with his invention.

Stay tuned.