A/N: Hi everyone! This was my submission to the rkchallenge community on Livejournal for the friendship theme. It won Mod's Choice. I hope you enjoy it as well.

My sister once asked me who my best friend is, what a silly questions.

"Ken-nii!" I answered her with a clap of my hands and a happy grin. She agreed, repeating his name twice and clapping her hands just like me. After all, being her big sister, she looks up to me.

Ken-nii is our favorite person in the world. He always has time to play with us, at lest once he's finished with the laundry, but we are good at helping him finish it quickly. He's silly, always saying oro and stumbling around with a grin and laughing, but that's why we love Ken-nii! He's always so happy!

Sometimes he's not happy, I can tell. Sometimes he looks real sad, like someone took his favorite toy away. Sometimes I wonder why Ken-nii is so sad, but I know better than to ask, he likes to be happy and it would make him sadder if he knew I could tell when he was sad.

One time he went away, then I was sad. Me and my sister, we cried and cried, but it was okay! Kaoru brought our Ken-nii home! We were glad he was back, he'd better not leave ever again! I'm going to play with Ken-nii all the time so he knows I love him! Then he won't ever want to leave again. He smiles at me, and I know he is happy.