I was very sleep that morning

"Mom?" I whined. "Do Trina and Cody havta come along?" I wasn't looking foreword to sharing the car with my own family, my mom, Brett, Taryn, and Phip. But Cody and his mom to? That was just too much.

"Yes dear. You know Trina's my best friend." She said, as she handed me my backpack.

"Why cant Daddy take me to school?" I scowled at her.

"Daddy has to work. And I only get off to take you kids to school."

"Well does Phip have to come? He's going to another school."
"I want to drop him off."

"Well…why does Brett have to come? He doesn't even go to school!"
"Honey, I need someone to watch him, and the babysitter doesn't get here for half an hour."

I glared at her some more. "I want to go with just you and me…"

"Sorry babycakes." And we went outside and into the car. We drove over to Cody's place, and picked up Trina and Cody. I don't know why they're coming anyway. Cody doesn't go to school yet, and Mommy and Trina see each other all the time.

So there we were, all of us sitting in the car. Taryn had Brett on her lap, and I was sitting next to Taryn. Mom driving, and Trina in the passenger seat, and Cody in her lap.

Taryn looks kind of sad. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing. It's just this sucks." She said, and stared out the window. "I used to be the lap-baby. Phip the only one actually going to school, but me and Mariko hitching along for the ride anyway. I was sitting on Mariko's lap even though she was so tiny, only a little bigger then me…"

I don't like it when people talk about Mariko.

"I miss her sometimes." Taryn said. "She'd be ten now."

I could see Mommy trying not to cry. She didn't like to talk about her either. She'd died two years ago. "Girls?" Mommy said. "Why don't you talk about something else?"

I nodded eagerly. I was exited about today, and I didn't want it ruined by past memories. Taryn looked like she still wanted to talk, but she shut up.

We drove up to the school. I hugged my knees nervously. I asked Taryn how I looked. She stared at me. "What? D'you think you'll be asked on a date or something?"

"No. I just want to look good." She looked me up and down.
"You look good. Well, assuming you not aiming for a grown-up look. You should lose the glasses though. You've got great eyes, and they make them ugly."

I walked out of the car. Mom kissed Taryn goodbye, and took me up to my class. "I believe you're supposed to be in Mr. Bét's class." We walked to the third floor. Mom opened the door to the classroom. "Excuse me?" She tried to get the teachers attention. "Is my daughter supposed to be in your class?"

The teacher, Mr. Bét, walked up to us. "What's her name?"

"Inui Myako." I said. Mr. Bét checked a list.

"Yes dear, you're in this class. Why don't you go sit down?" He pointed to a desk. That was funny. All my older siblings had told me in kindergarten you had tables. I guess it was different in this class.

Mom kissed me goodbye, and I walked over to my desk. One girl, whose desk was right next to mine, said. "I like your hair!" She smiled at me.

"Thanks." I took out the notebook my mom had bought me, and started drawing. I wasn't to good at it, but I guess I was okay. I was drawing random shapes.

Mr. Bét went over to me. "Myako put that away. You may draw later. Right now, you're going to do math problems." He handed me a ditto sheet. "It's sort of a tradition. Everyday, on the first day, the first thing we do, is math problems."

"Mr. Bét?" I said. "I never learned this stuff."

"Most people havn't. Just try it. I don't expect you to get much of it right. I just expect you to try." So I tried it. It didn't make any sense to me at all. The girl next to me, she knew what to do, and tried to show me how. But I still didn't understand. Most kids had moms or dads who taught them how before kindergarten. My mommy and daddy were always to busy.

Finally, after an hour of trying, Mr. Bét took my paper. "Myako." He said, as he looked at it. "You really don't have a clue how to do this, do you?"

I shook my head.

"Surely your parents must've taught you something?"


"But…why? You should at least have an idea before you enter school."

"They're to busy. Once Daddy tried to show me how, but something else came up."

"Okay…do your parents pay any attention to you at all?"

"Yeah. It's just, they got a lot of kids to pay attention to."
"How many?"
"There was five, now there's four." Mr. Bét stared at me very hard. But he left, and went to pick up other papers.

The girl sitting near me started talking to me. "So your parents are like that to?"
"Like what?" I asked.


"Mine are to. Only I got even more brothers then you. And that's all I got, brothers. Seven of 'em. I'm the youngest, and the only girl."

"Wow…" That was hard to imagine. Seven brothers….

"It's not so wow. But it's best for me. My mom never ignores me, because she likes me best."

"She does?"

"She really wanted a girl."


We were aloud to draw now. We were supposed to draw our families. I drew me, Mom, Dad, Phip, Taryn, Brett…I wasn't sure whether to draw Mariko or not. But I decided I should. She was still my sister, even though she was dead. But she looked sort of like a ghost. Then I decided to draw Cody and Trina, since they were sort of like family to me.

"Wow…" The girl said. "You sure have a big family."

I nodded.

"Hey, what's your name anyway?" She asked.

"Myako. Yours?"


"Your parents aren't very creative are they?"

"They are. They named my oldest brother Abdul."

I laughed. She laughed to. "Oh, and get this! They named my youngest brother, he's only a year older then me, they named him Budweiser!"
"Why'd they name him after a beer!?" That was so funny!
"'Cause they'd thought of six names already, and there brains were kind of fried. No one calls him Budweiser though. They call him Buddy."

"Everyone in my family used to go by their Japanese names. Well, except my baby brother Brett. He always went by Brett, never Bitoro. But my sister Taryn used to go by the name Jikan, and my brother Phip used to go by Phoko. I was the only one who didn't change."

"Oh." She didn't say anything else.

After a while, it was lunchtime. I went on the lunch line. I didn't know where to sit. So I wandered around, and wound up sitting with Taryn.

"Hi sis." She said.


"Make any friends?"

"Yeah. I have a friend named Mei. Her families even bigger then ours."

"Oh, that'll keep you friends for life. Then again, I did hear of a friendship that started with rocks, and being bored."
"Weird. How is third grade?"

"It's fine…"

We ate our lunch for a while, and then went outside. It was boring. I played hopscotch with these three rich snobby girls. Well, one of them left to defend some guy being beaten up.

We got called back to class. Mr. Bét read us a story, it was kinda interesting. Little Red Riding Something. "And then the wolf ate Grandma…" One girl started crying, because Grandma was her favorite character. The rest of us laughed.

After he read us the story, he started teaching. A bunch of sciency stuff about RNA, and DNA. Then he stopped. "Sorry kids, I forgot I'm teaching kindergarten, not eighth grade. So he let us out in the yard until our parents came. Mei and me played together for a while.
After a while, Mommy came, clutching Brett's hand, and searching for me and Taryn. I ran up to her. I saw Taryn walking up to her. "Hi girls." She kissed us. "C'mon, we gotta get out of here. I have to pick up your brother.

"Okay." I said. I waved to Mei. "Bye-bye!"
"Oh, is that your new friend?" I nodded.

"Wonderful. You kids can tell me about your day in the car." So we got in the car, and drove off towards Phip's school.

Authors Notes: Like I said in Cody's chapter, Mariko is completely made up. Also, I have no idea about the names of Myako's siblings, so I made them up.

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