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Moving his eyes between Sam's half-moon smile and the man's hopeful face staring intently at the both of them, Jack pretended to be deep in thought before responding, "Nah…you keep it. What I got out of tonight was definitely worth all the trouble."

Without a second glance Jack turned around, offered his arm to Sam and together they made their way to the waiting car.



For a long time they remained sitting in silence in the car.

Jack did not make any attempt to start the engine; instead his hands kept on playing with the keys while he also appeared to be staring deep in thought into the distance.

Sam's gaze kept on moving between Jack, the entwined hands on her lap and the view of the restaurant she had from her passenger window.

"Penny for your thought?" she asked softly after a few seconds.

When he did not acknowledge her in any way she hesitantly reached out a hand and placed it gently on his shoulder before saying, "Jack?"

"Uh…what?" he replied and turned his head towards her, although it was clear that his thoughts were still miles away.

"What's wrong?"

Wiping a hand over his face and frowning slightly he murmured, still a bit absentmindedly, "Why do you think there's something wrong?"

"Well…for one…you haven't started the car yet and-"

"Oh…sorry-" Jack stated and proceeded to start the car, but was stopped by Sam's hand over his.


Staring at Sam's hand on his, before turning his attention to her he asked, "What?"

"Why the sudden…change?" she whispered with concern in her voice.

Breathing audible through his nose, Jack wiped a hand over his face again before replying, "I…I don't know."

She did not respond to his statement. Instead she squeezed his hand to indicate her willingness to listen.

"That kiss of earlier…"

"Yeah?" Sam was caught slightly off guard by his words.

Moving a hand to cover hers he took a deep breath before stating, "I…you have no idea what it meant…did to me." He was clearly struggling to finish the rest of his sentence.

With realization slowly starting to dawn on Sam, she nodded her head in acknowledgement of that which he has not said openly. "Same here," she whispered.

Jack stared at her intently for a while before finally nodding his head too, acknowledging the intense feelings both of them had experienced earlier on.

"You still here tomorrow?" Sam decided to change the topic, which was clearly still a bit uncomfortable for the both of them at that stage.

"Yeah, only need to be back in Washington on Wednesday…why you ask?"

"After everything that had happened tonight…I'm kinda bushed and it's getting late too. What you say we try this again tomorrow…maybe at that new skate rink near my house?"

"Sure 'bout that?"

"I think the both of us can do with a good night's rest, some time to think and…" She allowed the rest of her sentence to trail off into nothingness, the unspoken words hanging in the air.

"Yeah…" Jack agreed and then added a bit hesitantly, with only the slightly touch of fear in his voice, "You're still…okay with this…with seeing where things will lead us?"

"All the way, but if we were to carry on tonight-"

"Given our current state…we're unable to think clear and may make choices that we'll regret later on," Jack finished the sentence for her in a husky voice.

"Yes," Sam replied softly, with her eyes lowered.

"So…shall we?" Jack said and without waiting for her reply proceeded to turn on the engine.


In silence, only broken by the occasional general comment or remark, and record time Jack made it to Sam's house.

Stopping at her house Jack switched off the engine and rushed around the car to open the passenger seat for us.

"Thanks," Sam said with a small smile fleetingly crossing her lips.

Jack appeared to want to offer his arm to her, but whether it was due to the conversation they had barely a few minutes ago or something else all together, he let his arm relaxed against his side and instead stated, "Let me walk you to your door."

It took them barely more than a minute to cross the small distance to her front door.

"So…tomorrow…what time?" Sam asked.

"What about 10:00 am?"

"That'll be nice."

"Sweet," Jack responded and then said with only the slightest bit of reluctance, "Guess…it's time for me to go?"

"Not yet."

"Oh?" He was staring intently at her with a soft smile lining his face.

"Uh-huh." Without saying another word Sam stood slightly on her toes and kissed him on his forehead. "Just a small promise for tomorrow," she whispered. Without saying another word she turned around and unlocked her front door. Crossing the threshold she stopped only momentarily to turn around slightly and stare back at him. "Goodnight Jack," she said softly, her voice stating it clearly that with those words the end of the night, and the date, has been reached.

Staring at her for a few moments with a mixture of emotions that revealed his longing for something more, Jack eventually swallowed and nodded his head to acknowledge her unspoken statement, before uttering, "Night," and with a last smile and waive of his hand turned around and walked back to his car.

"Night," Sam whispered again, although she knew he could no longer hear her and then added as she closed the door, "The dating game has sure another meaning when I'm around you."


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