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Title : Childhood Trauma
Rating : PG
Summary : Almost a year after So Mote It Be (around 'Real Me' now) Dawn is sick of being treated like a kid, and wishes her sister and the Scoobies could understand how she feels. On the Hellmouth, sometimes wishes come true...
Disclaimer : Joss owns all the characters and the Buffy-verse in general, as well as the Angel-verse, which I'm mentioning just in case I cross into that later.

Chapter 1

"You have no idea how lucky you are!" Dawn said over dramatically into the cordless phone as she paced up and down her room, one arm waving in big gestures that were pointless since Janice, on the other end of the line, could not see.

"A younger sister would be so cool, but no, I got an older one, and Buffy is such a freak, she..." the brunette stopped abruptly when the very same sister she was talking about appeared in the bedroom doorway, arms folded over her chest and looking very annoyed.

"Yeah, I'm still here" Dawn told her friend, "but so is she" she said giving Buffy a nasty look. The Slayer rolled her eyes and waited for her kid sister to finish her call and hang up.

"You have no right to listen to my private calls" the youngest Summers snapped as Buffy came over and took the phone from her hands.

"Like I want to" she scoffed, "I just need the phone for myself, and hello, you weren't exactly being quiet!"

"I can do what I want in my own room" Dawn told her, chasing out of the door and following her down the stairs where the Scoobies were assembled for a meeting.

"Dawnie, go back to your room and stop acting like such a baby in front of everybody" Buffy told her quietly, signalling her attention to the fact that the whole gang was present in the living room.

"I am not a baby" he sister protested, "I'm fourteen years old!"

"Well, that still makes you a kid, and it's way past your bed-time, so go!" Buffy snapped, pointing up the stairs.

"Don't try to make me look stupid just because your friends are here!" Dawn yelled back as Willow, Xander, Tara, and Anya, shifted uncomfortably in the background, "I don't have to go to bed yet, Mom said I can stay up to say hi to Spike" she said, sticking out her tongue like a much younger child than she really was.

"Fine" Buffy rolled her eyes, "not that my boyfriend has any interest in a kid like you" she said almost too nastily, "If you have to stay up you might as well be useful. Go to the kitchen and see if Mom and Giles want help bringing the snacks"

"Whatever" Dawn shrugged, before flouncing off to the kitchen as instructed.

Buffy apologised to her friends who talked quietly amongst themselves as she dialled the number to Spike's cell phone and waited for him to pick up. She was so glad she'd bought him a cell, it stopped her from worrying quite so much when he didn't show at meetings on time.

She smiled as she glanced at the photos' in frames on the shelf in front of her. Right beside a picture of her and Spike, was another of the two of them but looking so much different. It had been taken under a spell Willow had cast, that had turned both Slayer and vampire into five years olds. It was during their 'tiny tots phase' as Spike called it that they'd realised what they really meant to each other and now here they were in love.

"Damn!" she cursed as her call got redirected and an electronic voice told her to leave a message. As she opened her mouth to do so, something strange happened, the weirdest feeling that she would never be able to explain. Suddenly the world was a much bigger and scarier place and she really wanted her Mommy.

"You guys do know I could mentally scarred for life if you keep doing that in front of me, right?" Dawn complained good-naturedly as she came into the kitchen and found her Mom and Giles in a lip-lock. She actually really liked her sister's Watcher and wasn't as appalled as she acted by the fact he was dating her mother.

"One day when you're older, you'll understand" Joyce explained as Giles stepped back and allowed her to finish putting chips into bowls and cans of soda on a tray to carry through to the Scoobies.

"Why does everybody think I'm such a kid?" Dawn over-reacted badly after her little spat with her sister.

"Honestly Dawn, we don't think that at all" Giles told her kindly.

"Buffy does" she said grumpily, "her and her friends all think I'm a kid, and they have no idea what it's like to be the youngest"

"Well, sweetie, there's really no way that they could" her mother told her, pushing her little girl's hair from her face.

"I wish they did know" Dawn said, pouting like the child she was trying not to be, "I wish Buffy and her stupid Scooby friends were younger than me, then they'd know how it feels!" she said angrily. She got in such a little temper, Giles half expected her to stamp her feet and start crying, he was grateful however, when she didn't.

"Dawnie, why don't you take these chips through to the living room for me" Joyce asked her as she handed her two bowls, "and try to understand, honey, that Buffy only treats you the way she does because she cares about you, and she wants to protect you"

"Yeah, right" Dawn seemed unconvinced as she headed off through the door.

Giles and Joyce shared a glance as they picked up the rest of the drinks and snacks and followed the fourteen year old into the living room.

Nobody saw the vein-covered face by the back door, or heard the whispered words.

"Wish granted"

To Be Continued...

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