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It was almost two months since Buffy and her friends had been reduced to six years olds after a couple of wishes gone wrong. Today actually marked the day that Spike and Buffy had returned from their first trip to Throwbacks-ville, one year ago now. That day had been the one when they became an official couple to, making today their first anniversary.

Joyce was staying over at Giles' place, and Dawn had taken little convincing to sleep at Janice's house tonight, giving Buffy and Spike the house to themselves when they returned from the restaurant where they'd had a romantic meal. Letting patrol slide for one night, the Slayer and her vampire went straight back to Revello Drive and were now in each others arms, slow-dancing in the living room to the romantic music from the stereo.

Buffy admired the eternity ring on her finger that Spike had presented to her at dinner. She adored it and had cried like a baby, feeling a little less stupid when she gave him an engraved lighter promising all her love forever, and swore she saw a tear in his eye too.

Spike was slightly surprised when he felt her body start to shake in his arms. He'd assumed she was getting emotional again but when he pulled away slightly to see her face he realised she was actually laughing.

"Something amusin' you there, pet?" he asked her curiously and Buffy tried to calm herself down.

"It's nothing, I... I was just remembering" she admitted, "When we were both kids it was weird, but when it was just me... Spike you tried so hard and I made your life hell" she laughed harder as she recalled it.

"That you did, pet" he smiled, also able to find it more amusing now it was over, "Bloody weird havin' you still in love with me when you were three feet high"

"But you were so sweet" Buffy smiled up at him, "You played soccer with me, and you so let me win, didn't you?" she accused.

"Might've" he conceded as they continued to slowly sway to the music.

"And you were so sweet to Willow and Tara, and Anya even" Buffy recalled, resting her head on his shoulder once again.

"Yeah" Spike said, kissing her hair, "and you were bloody jealous as hell" he whispered in her ear, making her head shoot up so fast she nearly broke his jaw, but thankfully narrowly missed hitting him by an inch or so.

"No way!" she protested, but the look on his face said he didn't believe her at all, "Well, maybe a little" she admitted with a smile, her eyes dropping to the carpet.

"Needn't've been, Slayer" Spike told her, lifting her chin with his finger til she was looking at him again, "You don't ever need to be jealous of anyone, cos I love you, more than I ever loved anyone" he said so sincerely and with such an intense look in his eyes, Buffy felt like she could hardly breathe.

"I know" she whispered as they drifted even closer together, "I love you too" she said moments before his lips covered hers, and he pulled her close as they kissed with some considerable passion.

"God I missed that when I was bite-sized" she gasped a moment later, not in any hurry to move out of Spike's embrace.

"Not the only one, luv" he told her, running his fingers through her hair, "You were a cute kid and all" he smiled, "but you weren't you, be sort of sick if I thought you were..."

"This is me now" she interrupted, not needing to hear so many words right now, just wanting to be close to him, "This is the real me, all woman" she reminded pressing her body to his.

"I noticed" he said softly before his lips attacked hers again, hands roaming over her body. His fingers tangled in her hair, whilst his other hand found the gap between her skirt and blouse, his cold touch making her shiver deliciously as he backed her up towards the couch. Buffy ended up lying down with Spike above her, his lips and fingers causing a hundred different and very pleasant sensations to run through her body. God she wanted him, so much it hurt and she could feel just how much he wanted her too.

"Spike..." she gasped, when his lips left hers to kiss a path around her throat, "I don't..." she began, finding that making a sentence was extremely difficult when he was doing these beautiful things to her. All too suddenly he stopped and pulled away assuming that was what she wanted from the negative beginning to her unspoken sentence. He sat up, pulling her up with him and glanced away.

"Sorry, pet" he apologised, "I wasn't thinking"

He hated himself for pushing her, she'd told him several times she wasn't ready to go that far yet, but when they kissed sometimes he just got lost in all she could make him feel with a simple touch. He loved her like he'd never loved anyone else before, and he wanted her so damn much. He was on his feet and facing away from her as he tried to be calm. He felt her hand on his shoulder and he half-turned back to look at her.

"Spike" she said softly, "I wasn't going to ask you to stop" she told him as he turned around completely and looked confused, "I was... I was going to say, I don't want you to stop" she said shyly, looking down at the carpet and then back up into his eyes. She couldn't read his expression, and it didn't seem like he was going to say anything, which wasn't helping at all. Any kind of reaction would've been better than his silence. Not knowing what else to do she slid her hand into his and moved towards the stairs, taking him with her. She glanced back at him from the first step and he looked seriously at her.

"You sure about this, luv?" he checked, really wanting to do this, but determined not to let it happen if she wasn't ready. He'd hate to think she would do it for his sake, force herself when she'd rather not. Though he doubted she would do that he'd rather check than wreck what they had, it meant to much to him.

"I'm sure" Buffy said softly, nodding her head but looking a little nervous anyway, "It's not so weird" she shrugged, a slight smile on her lips, "I mean, we've been sharing a bed since we were kids, right?" she joked, but Spike couldn't laugh, this was too serious.

"Buffy, this isn't a joke, pet" he pointed out, "I just want to..."

"Ssh" she hushed him, putting a finger to his lips, "I know, but I'm ready. I want this. I want you" she told him, putting her lips to his and proving how certain she was, before leading him upstairs to her room.

They both knew she was nervous, and though he'd never admit it Spike was a little bit too. He'd slept with enough women, it wasn't as if he didn't know what he was doing but this was Buffy, this was the woman he loved more than anyone else in his entire existence. Now they had a chance to prove that love they felt in a physical way and neither of them had ever know anything so beautiful as when they finally made love together.

Afterwards, they fell asleep in each others arms, swapping promises of love for eternity as they close their eyes. Buffy smiled as she drifted off to sleep. She wasn't a child anymore, in any possible way. Spike made her feel like a woman, and the most loved woman in the world at that.

The End

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