Ron Discovers Iron G (4Cheese)

Ron was excited when he heard the news. People were writing stories about Kim and him! Fans, even! He had heard of the website of stories before. It was called and he went on there and read a Care Bears fan fiction once. But he sure did'nt know there were stories about him and the others!

He looked under the "cartoons" section. It listed all kinds of shows, it took him a while to find the "Kim Possible" link. But he did, and followed it to see all the great fan fictions people were making.

He browsed. Mostly reading humor stories and some action ones. But at the top he saw another link. This one said "C2 Communities: 11". Not knowing what it meant, he clicked on it. There were all sorts of groups! He searched through them all: Archives Of Humor, Team Possible, Unstoppable, Ron….. He loved them all(and liked laughing at the D/S community)! The next one said "Rokken" on it. What the heck is Rokken? Well, he wanted to know, so he followed the link. That's when he read the description.

He was speechless. "C---coupling? Ron and Drakken?" he said under his breath. That's when he screamed, "THAT IS SICK AND WRONG!" as he ran out of his room.

He had told Kim about this site, too. And --- whadda know? --- he saw her running too as he ran outside.

"Hi KP.", he said. "Ron x Drakken. You?"

"Kim x Shego."

"Ready to sue?"

"Oh yeah."

But they didn't they just ran and screamed. And you know what? When they got home, the smashed their computers into tiny, bite sized bits.