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All Lords and Ladies of the Veela Clan must go before the Veela Court to announce their alona to the other Veela's once they have been claimed. Bringing a non-claimed mate to Court is dangerous, especially if the mate is powerful and the Veela is not, the Right to Claim can be questioned by another Veela. This has only happened twice in the last twenty years and both times by a Lord or Lady of the Water Clan with an attempt to bring a more powerful magical being into their Clan as opposed to the original Veela's Clan. Both times the Water Clan has lost with one concluding with both the Veela and their Werewolf mate dieing in the attempt.

Only the Mela, the Priests and Priestess' of Shialla, have the right to overrule such a claim but few do, as of this writing, only one couple were spared this Right to Claim fight for reasons never released outside of the Veela Court.

Excerpt from : The Veela Hierarchy

By: Lord Toshiri Relin

Information courtesy of The Hogwarts Library

anno domini merlin 1521.






This reporter was just informed of a momentous occasion that we, here at the London WW Times had mentioned just one short day ago, now know is no longer speculation but fact. Hogwarts has called for its first Student Court in almost 50 years!

Yesterday we reported on the alleged attempted rape of Harry Potter by the young woman we can now call only Ginevra, meaning the disownment we reported as possible is also now factual, as he lay in a infirmary bed at Hogwarts after a fall in his rooms that sent him to the infirmary unconscious. Information of the reason for the fall has not been given but we here do believe that it must have had something to do with the Young Veela Lord Draco Malfoy refusing to leave our Hero's bedside since he was brought into St Mungo's. Is their bond, unconsummated we can only assume right now, already that strong? Time will tell on the one, dear readers.

To give you a feel of how the event's of the next few days will unfold let's give a small history lesson of what a Student Court entails and how a decision of this magnitude will effect the Wizarding Public as a whole. Keep in mind that the last Student Court was held almost fifty years ago when a young girl was murdered in a bathroom.

The Hogwarts Student Court Judicial Panel, more commonly known as just Student Court, is comprised of the Head Boy and Girl, a seventh or sixth year prefect from the remaining two houses, a representative of the Hogwarts School Board of Governors (normally the Head of the Board) and/or the Headmaster of Hogwarts. The Head of the Department of Ministerial Law from the Ministry for Magic is also there though only to help with a point of law and not an actually voting member of the Judicial Panel. All participants of the Judicial Panel must have no familial link to either the defendant or the claimant, be involved in the incident by action or inaction, nor have a bias against either side. If such conditions can not be met, representatives will be assigned by the removed individual to the vacant post with agreement of all other members of the Judicial Panel.

The Judicial Panel will not exceed a number of six (6) members at anytime but may have less based on the charges being brought up and if a connection is found of a participating member of the Judicial Panel while the Student Court is in session it must immediately be called for a hold until the member is replaced and the new member is informed of all the facts of the case presented thus far. This delay may not exceed more than one (1) twenty-four hour period. If a replacement can not be found then a mistrial is declared and the trial is removed from the school and brought before a full session of the Wizengamot. The Heads of Houses of the claimant and the defendant represent them and if the two are from the same House a representative from another House is appointed by the Judicial Panel for the defendant. Typically, the Student Court is held in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, with spells that are cast by the Head Auror to make sure that no information is released before the Judicial Panel is ready to make the decision known to the public. Any decision must be unanimous and once issued becomes a legally binding law that will be recognized in any legal court from that day forward.

Now to my questions and hopefully I am able to give you things to think about that you might have missed.

If the Young Veela Lord Draco Malfoy is involved, who will Veela Lord Lucius Malfoy assign as his representative from the Board of Governors as he, as the Head, will not be able to participate? The Head Girl, Pansy Parkinson, will not be allowed to participate if Draco Malfoy is involved so who will be picked for her position? Hermione Granger, arguably the most intelligent witch of her class, will not be able to participate because of her close involvement with Harry Potter. As well-known as Harry Potter is will there even be six people at Hogwarts that can sit on the Judicial Panel with the right amount of objectivity or will the panel be cut-down to the smallest number possible? Will the other members allow the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, to participate or will he be the only one not able to be removed as it is a post the standing Head of Hogwarts has held since the declaration of the school's Charter? Professor McGonagall is the Head of House Gryffindor in which both the claimant and the defendant are members of so which other Head of House will be appointed to represent Harry Potter or Ginevra? Surely not Professor Snape, Head of House Slytherin, whose hatred for our Hero is well-known. That leaves Professor Sprout, Head of House Hufflepuff or Professor Flitwik, Head of House Ravenclaw, to take the empty spot.

Is the rumored closeness between Astrology Professor Aurora Sinistra (who rumor says Harry Potter calls Sin) and Harry Potter (who, again only rumor, the Professor calls HJ) going to hinder the potential bond between him and the young Veela? Is the fact that Lady Malfoy was seen entering Voltare's Paris establishment yesterday a clue as to their involvement? If the Young Veela Lord is involved, why has the issue not been transferred to the Veela Court? As the Codex states in:

"Ss. 14.10 Self-Defense of Mate and/or Children' - at the time of the conduct charged to constitute the offense he/she (the non-Veela) was under the age of claim [and] if not under the age of claim was there a reasonable assumption by the Veela for a positive consummation/acceptance before the offence…"

Every Wizard or Witch alive knows that Harry Potter's 18 birthday is not until next year. Everyone is aware of Young Veela Lord Draco Malfoy's birth date as well, how was he able to contain the Veela Madness for so long without notice? Is the fact he was premature by almost a month the cause of his slower than normal descent into Veela Madness? How long have they known they were mates and is the claim still unconsummated? Will the Young Veela Lord claim Right to Claim and demand death or will the compassion of the Boy Who Lived rule out and his alleged attacker, if found guilty, only lose her magic?

I ask you one more question that I believe to be of utmost importance and that you readers should, as free-thinking Magical Beings, think on heavily and it is this - Can our children, regrettably most of whom have been involved in the War and have managed to grow up fairly sane and happy, handle this responsibility?

All these questions and more we hope to bring you the answers too soon.

Information about the Student Court is taken directly for the Charter of Hogwarts as deemed between the Four Founders. Go to page 13 for information on Right to Claim.

David Trotterham

Staff Editor and Star Reporter

London WW Times


Ron and Greg sat in the small sitting room in the Malfoy Suite at Hogwarts going over the owl from the Head Auror. A whispered conversation that morning had Greg up to speed about Robards and what to expect they would have to have accomplished before the man got there at 10am. They had a plan and were in the middle of hashing out the finer points when the owl from Draco came. Greg took it hurriedly and whispered to the dark grey owl.

Ron watched quietly as Greg read it and waited until the other was done before speaking, "well?"

Greg grinned and Ron had no time to cover his startled look. They had had no arguments at all and it was something they were both having a difficult time coming to grips about. Ron was a Gryffindor and Greg was a Slytherin, they were supposed to fight, it was in their nature, wasn't it? "Harry's awake."

Ron smiled, "that's it? That's all he wrote?"

Greg shook his head slowly and smirked, "we should be glad we got three words out of him, Weasley."

Ron snorted, "let me guess, 'Harry is awake'."

"Umm, no." Greg had the grace to blush. "It says, and I quote, 'Shut it, Weasley'."

"It does not!" Ron stared at him in shock before he grabbed for the parchment. The struggle between the two ended with Ron sprawled on the floor but a triumphant grin on his face as he waved the parchment in the air. The smile faded, not all the way but some, as he lowered the crumbled parchment to read it.

"Well," Ron said slowly, "I'll be damned."

Greg's loud, and unexpected, laughter rang down the dungeon corridor.


Blaise was bored. Really, really, really bored. She'd been sitting there all night and the little bitch had done nothing. Not one attempt to escape. Of course, the muggle shackles that Granger, no - Hermione must remember that, had taken out of her book bag may have had something to do with it more than having only one way out more than anything else. Why she had them and where she got them, she DID NOT want to know.

She had heard that she was a scary witch but she had always discounted that as trumped up Gryffindor rumors. Never again though, never again. Not only was she scary she had the intelligence to back it up. Yup, Blaise Zabini was no idiot, no way in hell was she getting on the wrong side of Hermione Granger ever again.

But damn, she really was bored!


Albus Dumbledore sat in his office staring across his desk at the three people sitting there. He sighed deeply as he could feel a large amount of sympathy for them. He hadn't seen it either. He should have but he had missed it and now someone he held dear was hurt and might be beyond repair.


"Don't Albus, please." Molly Weasley said quietly her voice cracking on the last word. Her face showed her tears and her absolute horror of what her daughter had almost done. Ginevra had been raised in the Wizard World and she knew exactly what her actions might have done to Harry and it had been clear she hadn't cared.

Arthur Weasley took his wife's hand in his and patted it gently. With a heavy sigh he took from the pocket of his robe a small black leather bound book. "This was found in her room at home. Molly and I have read it as did Bill and Charlie for the Family Vote," his voice broke here but he swallowed heavily and forced himself to continue, "as you know it was unanimous. All that we request is that the contents not be made public."

Lucius Malfoy opened his mouth to protest but Molly horridly interjected before he could say anything.

"Not for us, or even for Ginn - Ginevra, but for Harry. The events of her first year are in there." She sent him a look that he clearly understood. His culpability would be made public and that was something the Order couldn't have. They'd been told of his involvement with Harry and had come to the conclusion that this affair was more important right now. His 'spying' could wait to be explained at a later date.

Albus cleared his throat and the three turned to look at him. "With the eye-witness account and pensieve memories of the others, I am sure we will not need it." He stared at the book in revulsion, he could practically feel the evil intent rolling from it and refused to touch it in any way. That it was plain to see by the other three in the room he was not aware and probably would not care if he had been.

"I want it destroyed." Molly whispered harshly. She needed all this gone. She still loved her daughter. She could still feel her in her heart as any Mother could but this…what she had read and what she knew Ginevra had done was something she would never forgive nor forget.

Lucius reached a hand out and for the first time that anyone could remember he voluntarily touched a member of the Weasley family for a reason other than spite. His hand was gentle on the clasped hands of the couple beside him as he spoke softly. "I will take it. It will be kept safe in case it is needed and destroyed if it is not."

"Aine Shialla sini'nasa." Arthur stuggled to say.

Lucius was momentarily shocked and stared at Arthur Weasley before nodding his head in acknowledgment of his attempt at the Veela Blessing. "Sini'n asa."

Albus sat back tiredly. He had thought he could keep some control over Harry even after finding out about this Veela business but now, now, he knew that his time was over. He had gotten so used to everyone following him that he had forgotten about the people. The ones he was suppose to be fighting for. It had taken an angry young boy and an almost-tragedy to make him see and right now the greatest Wizard since Merlin was just a tired old man well past his time. He would not be participating in this trial and he didn't know who Lord Malfoy was going to appoint in his stead but he didn't care. Maybe it was time for him to retire.


Pansy and Susan Bones entered the Library and quietly made their way over to the table to meet Terry Boot and Hermione Granger for their own little strategy meeting. The seventh and sixth year prefects had gotten a letter stating what was about to happen, without many details, and what time to meet in the library to pick the other two people that would sit on the panel with Susan and Terry. Unfortunately, due to family and friendship of either Harry, Draco, or Ginevra the 14 people they could pick from had dwindled to only seven. They were meeting early to see if they could come up with the two others between them.

Pansy and Hermione knew that they couldn't influence Susan or Terry but Hermione wanted them to know how the Muggle World treated rape before they asked anyone to sit on the panel and Pansy wanted to make sure that at least one of those two people chosen was a Slytherin. Too bad Greenleaf was only a third year, he would have been perfect. Maybe if they couldn't find another prefect they could just leave that spot open.


Severus Snape was in his dungeon quarters thoroughly drunk. The potion the Dark Lord wanted was impossible to brew, he was a laughing stock if front of the whole school due to a picture that sniveling Gryffindor Creevey had taken of him leaving Potter's room, and his plan to influence his student into thinking he, Severus, was his mate had failed. Once again a Potter had gotten what he had wanted. With a snarl of fury he threw his glass at the fire and stumbled to his bed. He would come up with a new plan tomorrow.

As he hadn't left his room since being kicked out of the infirmary by the Weasley brat he didn't know about the events of the morning and wouldn't know until it was too late to do anything about it.


He couldn't stand the burning heat, the clawing, itchy feeling that made him want to crawl out of his own skin. He tried to reign in the feelings of despair that threatened him again but as always he was unsuccessful. Darkness crept closer and closer to him and the screams of the unknown hovered just on the outskirts of the darkness, pushing it in with every faint beat of his heart. He tried to stop the screams but the need…the want…the hurt was just too much.

"A nian asa…" Even the voice that would normally calm him was not working this night.

His heart and soul screamed for a release, a need, that did not come, that never came. It burned him from the inside out and he knew, he just knew, that it was supposed to be a good thing, and it had been for a long time, but not lately. Now it was killing him.

Giving in, he opened his mouth to scream out his agony. Before even a sound could come from him a soft humming in his ear brought a calmness with it that was startling in its rightness and the burning need immediately started to lessen.

Harry woke gasping for breath as quietly as he could manage it. He and Draco had talked for a long time before falling asleep in each others arms, a first for Harry he was pretty sure he could get used to quickly, and he knew that the other boy had not been sleeping well the last few weeks and didn't want to wake him.

He had thought the dreams would have stopped by now since Draco was no longer 'searching' for his mate but maybe them being this close and the Veela in him not knowing if there would be acceptance soon made that side of him reach for him. Harry had had no idea the words he had been speaking in the dreams was the Veelan Language but really he shouldn't have been that surprised. He had picked up Latin easily for never having even heard it before Hogwarts and most Veela mates were bi-lingual. He had read that somewhere but couldn't remember where. He also remembered reading that until Harry told Draco he would accept the claim his Veela side would continue to cry out for its mate.

He didn't want Draco to go mad but was he ready, really ready, to accept this claim on him? Another claim on him. But one that could bring so much joy if he just had the guts to say yes. He had never thought of himself as a coward before but he was pretty sure he was acting like one right now.

"Stop thinking so hard, I'm trying to sleep." Draco murmured in his ear.

Harry shivered as the sweet smelling breath flowed over him and turned to look in sleepy grey eyes. "Prat."

"Gryffindor." Was the sleepy reply.

Harry snorted and looked away but didn't reply because really what could he have said to that?

Draco sighed and shifted so that he could sit up. Without asking he maneuvered Harry's body until the other boy was laying with his head in his lap and Draco's hand was gently running through his hair. The dirty look at being treated like a manikin was ignored and with a lifted eyebrow Harry just sighed and settled more comfortably right where he was. And not once did he acknowledge that voice in the back of his head the was purring, purring, at the Veela's actions.

"Out with it."

It clearly wasn't an order he was going to be allowed to ignore so he didn't even try. "Dream."

"Ah." Was all he said as he waited patiently for Harry to speak again. The time spent with Sin over the last day while his mate had been unconscious was good for him as he took her advice and waited for Harry to speak. He had known he would need to work things out for himself in that convoluted Gryffindor -ish mind of his before he would say a word. He had expected it to take longer truthfully.

"How did you know?" Harry asked quietly.

Draco paused as the question had come out of nowhere. They had been talking about meaningless stuff for the last few minutes before this very unexpectedly direct question. "Know what?"

"That I was your mate." Harry decided the direct approach would be best for this part of the 'getting to know you' thing they were doing right now. It was taking to long and if what he could remember about Veela, Draco really didn't have the time to be sitting here talking so calmly about trivial things. But then again, he had heard a rumor that Draco's birthday wasn't in September, like all the other Veela's, but earlier so that may have had something to do with how calm he seemed. Although, he 'knew his enemy' he didn't know what really made Draco tick and he didn't think this setting was one he could find out in without just a little bit of what could be termed 'awkward' conversation. Be direct, be true, be believable, as his Aunt says.

"Well…I am a member of the Earth Clan of Veela's, the best and most powerful as you will have heard," Draco raised his nose in the air and sniffed like he was smelling something especially foul and Harry had no control over the not-so-quiet snort and roll of his eyes, "and we find our mate by what are called 'spikes'. They can range from physical to mental some intense some just a feeling. I felt you but could not find you. It was…" Draco laughed but it was clear he was not feeling amused and the humor of just a second ago faded from his tone.

"Is that why the dream was so painful?"

Draco sighed. "It's possible. But Harry, you should know…most mates do not have the dreams that you do."

"Great." Harry muttered bitterly, "just another thing different about me."

"Do you think this is a bad different or a good different?"

"Is there a difference?" Harry said as he leveled the other boy with a pointed look.

"I don't know only you can answer that."

Harry sighed before he looked away from Draco and then shrugged. "I think it can be a little of both actually."

"What do you mean?"

"Good as in it might help us in the long run but bad that I had to go through them."

"True. But Harry," Draco took Harry's hand in his and brought it up to where he usually cradled it on his chest, "does it matter?"

Harry blushed and pulled his hand gently from Draco's, "I don't think so."

"Well then, there is your answer." Draco said in a tone that clearly stated he thought the matter was settled and took Harry's hand back holding tightly to it so he couldn't pull away.

"Why do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Hold my hand like that."

"Oh," Harry was amused to see the light blush on the blondes face.

Draco took a moment to gather his thoughts before finally deciding to give a brief history of Veelan Legend to answer his question. "Legend states that the Goddess Aphrodite made the first Veela in her image. A child so beautiful that even Aphrodite was struck with a moment of jealousy. When the young Veela was grown she fell in love with a human servant. Aphrodite was angry and forbade her to see the human again. To make her child happy and want to stay she then created another Veela, this time a male. The male was also made in her image but was given an extra power of attraction so that the young female could not resist him. Her plan was to mate them together and then they would never want to leave her. Because even though Aphrodite was said to be the most beautiful woman anyone could behold she was lonely for no man, or God, was good enough for one such as her. Unfortunately, she was too late. The young Veela girl was already in love with the human male. Her name was Shialla and we Veela pray to her that we will have the strength to do what we must to find our mate and to make them happy. The legend says that a Veela's heart doesn't beat in a regular rhythm until they find their mate." Draco blushed hotly, "I just didn't realize it would feel this funny."


The silence wasn't heavy like you would think would happen after such a revelation so neither felt the need to say anything for a few minutes. Until Harry's curiosity got the better of him and he just had to know.

"Does it help?"

"Yes, Harry, it helps."


Time to move on to a lighter topic, Draco thought before he launched into a teasing conversation about Harry's hideous clothes. He caught the grateful look the other boy didn't even try to hide as he vehemently defended his choice of apparel. Albeit sheepishly but what made Draco smile brightly, Harry didn't pull his hand away again for a very long time.


Sin sat back with a heavy sigh as the Healer left her room after another seemingly endless battery of tests and wished she was back in her room at Hogwarts where she could relax. She had never liked coming here since she was a little girl and got lost and ended up on the third floor when she was eight years old. And Merlin! The smell, she hated the way the smell of this place seemed to permeate everything. What was it about hospitals that made you want to take your wand and shove it up tour nose for a quick freshening charm? She even thought she hated hospitals more than Harry but she wasn't sure.

A light knock had her calling whoever it was to enter. Maybe they were coming back to say she could leave but when the person stepped into the room she knew her hopes were dashed.

"Mrs. Malfoy."

"Professor Sinistra."

For a minute the two just stared at each other before the woman laying on the bed smiled and held her arms out to the other woman hesitating by the door. With a smile that was not normally seen outside of Malfoy Manor on her face she hurried to the bedside of the woman she hadn't seen in almost 15 years. They hugged tightly.



The two had been best friends at Hogwarts until Lucius had claimed her and she had focused all her attention on him forsaking the friends she had made for the love of her life. But holding her tightly in her arms again it was like all those years were gone. She knew they would be able to pick-up with each other as if the last years had never happened.

"How're the boys?" Aurora practically demanded.

Narcissa pulled back and answered smoothly, recovering her control. "I think they'll be fine. I just left them talking."

"Do they seem to be getting along?" The dark haired woman asked as her mouth quirked at the other woman.

Narcissa slapped at Aurora's arm but let her teasing go. They both knew all about appearances and what happens when they fall. She was thankful that it wasn't brought up to her face and the small smile told her that the other woman was going to let it go without to much hassle. They could talk about that more later when she was healed and both of their boys were not in anymore danger. Though with Harry being Harry that probably wouldn't be for a while. She was willing to take whatever break she was going to be given and not look the others forgiveness over. She really had missed her though.

Sin could tell by the fleeting emotions shown on the pale aristocratic face that Narcissa understood that all would be forgiven, not forgotten, but for now forgiven.

"Well, they weren't yelling at each other when I left this time so I do believe we can all breathe easily for a few hours."

Sin snorted and crossed her arms over her chest. "What did Harry do now?"

Narcissa laughed and pulled the chair even closer to the side of the bed so that they could whisper to each other. "Actually, it was Lucius. He…"


"Can we not just go on like we were?" Harry was very nervous, and deep down terrified, that the Veela was mistaken and he was not his mate totally forgetting about the dream from earlier and the fact that it was quite obvious since the other boy hadn't left his hospital room since he had woken up. He looked towards the fake window to the outside world to avoid looking at the other boy. St. Mungo's was underground so any scenery you saw was a complex series of charms and would show the person admitted in the room a view of their choice. Not surprisingly, Harry's choice was the view of the stars above as seen from the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts.

"You mean where I go slowly mad and you, apparently, work with my father?" Draco asked with a raised eyebrow the faint sarcasm in his tone completely throwing Harry.

"Uumm…" Harry looked everywhere but at Draco and his voice trailed off as anything that he could have said flew from his mind for a reason he couldn't define. It might, might, have had something to do with the flushed feeling that he was pretty sure wasn't his but Draco's. He shouldn't be feeling him like this, should he? "Sorry?"

Draco gently took Harry's chin in his hand and forced him to look him in the eye. "Don't be." Once he knew Harry wouldn't look away again he started softly and with a quavering voice that you had to strain to hear. "It doesn't work that way, Harry. After today every time I wake and you're not there my heart would break just that little bit more, my breath would stall and I would not be able to breath, my eyes would weep unstoppably and my body would tremble uncontrollably. It just doesn't- won't- work that way for me."

Harry could only stare at him silently before what he had said registered and his eyes widened and the look Draco was giving him made his mouth instantly go dry. The light seemed to glow around the blonde hair giving it a silvery halo-like glow and his eyes shone almost as bright as the light from behind him. The light pink bow-like lips were parted and the boy's breath smelled like the finest wine on earth. Even the hand holding his chin was perfect with its silky feeling and looking appearance. He watched, dry mouthed and teary eyed, as the young Veela leaned in and smelled him. Smelled him. Dear Merlin! How sexy is that!

Draco licked his suddenly dry lips and let Harry absorb that before continuing, "for me it's to late. What happens next between us is in your hands. But that is okay with me. I am happy to just be with you in any capacity you need at this time. Yes, I am a Veela. Yes, Veela need to bond with their bedine both physically and mentally. Yes, I ache for you. Yes, I want you."

In between all those statements, starting with yes, Draco would lean closer and press a kiss to Harry's face. When he kissed the right eye the eyelashes fluttered against his lips. When he kissed the left eye Harry had gotten over the surprise and stayed still. When he kissed his forehead there was a flash of warmth as he had kissed the scar. When he kissed his nose he chuckled as Harry scrunched it up and how cute it looked. When he kissed his lips the last sentence was said right before he gently left them there, not pushing or demanding that the kiss be deepened in any way. They sat there, lips pressed chastely together, taking comfort from the closeness of the other.

"But, I can wait." Draco's voice had dropped into something slow and sensual that Harry couldn't describe and made his whole body tingle. "For now."

Finally, Harry sighed softly and pulled back so that he could look Draco in the eye. "Thank you." He said.

Draco smiled back at him before swooping in and placing a quick kiss to Harry's chin. "My pleasure, Harry. My pleasure."


Draco was waiting, impatiently, in the hall for Harry's Healer to leave when his Father walked up to stand quietly beside him. Truthfully, he was still a little upset with him for not telling him about his spying before now but could also understand why he wasn't told. He couldn't revel the secret if he didn't know the secret and no one could force him to tell something he didn't know. That didn't mean he agreed, just that he understood their reasons why he had been left out of the planning. How could he run his people without at first being trusted to run his life though?

"We will need to talk soon, son." Lucius said quietly.

"Yes, Father."

So much conversation in only two sentences. Lucius was saying that he would tell his son everything and Draco told his father he could wait until that time for his answers. Family discussions were left in private and Draco had a feeling that this 'talk' wasn't only going to be about Lucius' actions but about a larger picture that he couldn't see yet. Neither let that show on their faces or in their body language as that just wouldn't be proper.

Slytherin, and Veela, they both were but they were Malfoy's first and they would act like it.


Calm my son: das a'a son

May the Goddess shine on you: Ain e Shialla sini'n asa

I love you: A nian asa

Shine on you: sini'n asa


At the beginning of each chapter there is a little history that I have written. (Though I have not written one in a few chapters.) Yes, it has been written for a purpose. (Which would be hard to explain without giving to much away right now.) It is my hope that some of the things that I have envisioned for this story will not have to be explained at a later date because it has already been mentioned. (So please keep that in mind!)

Now on to this part:

I am sorry this has taken so long but I just COULDN'T do this. I do not know if I told any of you but my Mom helped me with this story. Every time I tried to write on this I felt like throwing up. Yes, she was my Mom. And yes, she read Harry Potter fan fiction, though she liked Ann McCaffery better. My handy sounding board was gone. It was just to hard to even think about sometimes. So, I did what I could when I could and I am thankful that so many of you still ask about this and still support and encourage me to continue. I know my Mom is griping at me from where ever she is to 'just get on with it, silly'. So, thanks to all of you.

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