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It was dark, but the roof was bathed in floodlight and behind them, an electric skyline picked itself out in blazing windows and neon signs. A cold gust billowed her coat.

"Iie! Iie! Matte!!"

"Don't pretend you don't speak English," Lara ordered, her pistols' aims never wavering from the man's head. "Now I'm sure, as Yakuza, that you are fully aware of how this works. You tell me what I want to know, or my partner here lets your precariously balanced sister fall off the top of this rather tall building."

"Tanaka," the woman cried, tears streaming down her face and her hands clutching at empty air as Kurtis held her on the point of overbalance on the surrounding wall. "Kudasai!"

"Please," her brother begged, holding out an imploring hand. "Don't let her fall. I'll tell you, but please, pull her back."

Kurtis yanked the woman back by her shirt and let her stumble to the ground at his feet without so much as a look.

"The Emporer's Suite, at the Grand Hotel."

"Thank you," Lara said, with mock sincerity, her smile poisonous. She dropped her weapons and took two steps backwards before turning smartly and walking towards Kurtis. A grin on his face, his gun held loosely at his side, he stepped up backwards onto the wall and then just twisted and leapt off the side, arms above his head, letting out a whoop of excitement. Lara laughed, broke into a run, and swan dived after him, plummeting down to the empty swimming pool below.

The End

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