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Quick Recap: When trying to stop a scheme by Skip Sparkypants to break-up Chip and Vicky, the fairy of love needed some outside assistance. Tootie just happened to be in the right place at the right time and presto she's now an agent of love (Special Operative Trudy). Due to a few successful missions she pulled off for him she's now an on-call assistant to Cupid. Mr. Turner was cleaning out the garage one day when Tootie came to visit and found Norm's lamp in a box of Timmy's old junk. Later she took it home to add to her Timmy shrine but when she went to rub off the smoof dust GONG! the one and only Norm the magical jerk—I mean—genie appeared! For her third wish Tootie wished that Norm was her lifelong genie godfather and thus it is so! Whether he likes it or not...

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Stuck Together

Chapter One: The Lamp Laws

"I'm home!" a smiling twelve-year-old girl in pigtails announced as she came prancing through the door one typically sunny afternoon.

"Hi honey!" her ebony haired mother poked her head out of the kitchen while stirring a bowl full of brownie mix. "How was school dear?"

"It was great!" Tootie chirped holding up a slip of grid-lined paper. "We got our report cards today!"

"Well c'mon over pumpkin, let's see it." her father called from the recliner where he sat reading the newspaper.

Life was a lot less stressful in the house with Vicky away at college in Drizzleboro. Tootie's parents were finally able to loosen up and relax like normal adults after a hard day's work. Needless to say, the brace-faced preteen loved it!

"Here ya go Daddy!" Tootie stood proudly rocking back and forth in place while her father examined her grades.

"Hey, straight As!" Mr.—uh—Tootie's father exclaimed.

"That's our little genius." His wife beamed. "Such a good student."

"I think someone deserves a raise in her allowance," he winked to his wife and fished out his wallet. "Here ya go sweetie, five more bucks for a job well done. Keep those As comin'!"

Grabbing the money Tootie's face lit up. Whoever said 'learning is its own reward' must not have ever gotten an allowance!

"Thank you!" Tootie shouted leaping up and squeezing her dad's neck in a tight hug.

Her mom smiled as the enthusiastic girl bounded up the stairs towards her room; if she didn't know better she'd swear Tootie had someone else up there she wanted to give the news to. "Don't forget to wash up honey! Dinner will be ready soon!"

Inside Tootie's bedroom a large round table was suspended in midair. Around it sat an assortment of magical creatures: Clarence the leprechaun, the magical attorney Fairy Mason, the most disgruntled elf in all of Santa's workshop, the Easter Bunny, and of course—Norm the genie.

"So uh Norm," the elf spoke as he rearranged the cards in his hand, "I hear ya got yourself a new full-time gig now?"

Norm sank down a bit in his seat and pretended to be absorbed in the game, "Yeah..."

"A new gig?" the Easter Bunny smirked, "Well c'mon, out with it Norm. What'cha up to these days?"

"Aye laddie," Clarence nodded pushing a stack of chips towards the middle of the table, "there be no need to be holdin' out on old friends."

"Look," Norm mumbled, "I just thought I'd try something outside of the traditional genie bit for a change okay?"

"I think I know what it is..." Fairy Mason grinned slyly as he too wagered more chips while slipping another ace out from up his sleeve.

The others turned to him quizzically, Norm was glaring daggers. Figures it'd be HIM to spill the beans.

"Our ol' pal Norm the genie..." he began, "is now Norm the-"



All the magical creatures jumped and spun around in shock at the sudden arrival of the raven haired girl crying out in the singsong voice.

Norm slapped a hand over his face in embarrassment. So much for his poker game!

Tootie paused in her doorway and looked around at the confused faces of the startled magical creatures.


There was a brief pause where Norm's poker buddies exchanged puzzled glances, coughed, then blinked a few times.

Unable to hold it in any longer the fairy lawyer finally started to snicker. Soon everyone in the room (except Norm and Tootie) was cracking up.

"Oh this is too rich!" the elf cackled, "Norm the genie—ahahaha—is this kid's genie godfather!"

"This oughtta knock some of the jerk out of him!" the Easter Bunny added pounding against the table.

"H-hey Norm, does she ever make ya play dress up?" the elf asked grabbing hold of his aching sides, "With a little pink tutu and everything!"

Growling Norm slapped his cards down on the table and snapped his fingers causing the whole thing to disappear, "Very funny you jokers. Game's over now beat it!"

"Well hello there lassie," the leprechaun was already floor level and shaking hands with the baffled Tootie, "nice to be meetin' ya on this fine day."

"Yeah," the Easter Bunny hopped over to introduce himself as well, "we just love what you've done with Norm's look!"

The genie could barely contain his rage at the mention of the crown hair accessory and star emblem wrist cuffs.

"Hey kid," Fairy Mason poofed over and presented Tootie with his card, "if this big lug ever gives ya any trouble just call me and we'll sort the wish thing out okay?"

"O-kay." Tootie nodded. Who were all these strange people?

"OUT!" Norm shouted. He held out his hand with his fingers poised to snap them somewhere very unpleasant (like Crocker's house) if they didn't beat it and quick!

"Okay Norm don't have a cow," the elf snickered, "c'mon guys, let's leave Norm alone so he can play tea party with his godkid."

In a flash the room was empty leaving Tootie still standing in the doorway staring at her godfather with questioning eyes.

"My poker buddies," Norm explained as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, "those chumps never did know when to quit."

Suddenly Tootie's eyes narrowed and her face went red with anger. "You were playing poker in my room while I was at school!"

"Yeah so?" the genie merely folded his arms and remained hovering on the opposite side of the room.

"So what if somebody had come in and seen you!" she demanded.

"That's the whole problem," Norm frowned, "someone did barge in and she ruined my winning streak!"

"That's it!" Tootie slung her book bag to the floor (her good news forgotten), "You're in big trouble now mister!"

"Ooo..." Norm feigned terror, "what are ya gonna do kid? Put me in timeout? Send me to genie godparents boot camp? Or wait—I know—family meeting!"

After closing her door Tootie walked over and picked Norm's lava lamp up off her nightstand. She sat for a moment on the side of her bed as if she was formulating a plan for how to deal with the thoughtless genie.

It didn't take long before a smile spread across her face and she leapt to the floor triumphantly.

"Now that you're my fairy godpa--I mean--genie godfather," Tootie beamed, "I get an unlimited supply of wishes! And my first unlimited wish is...I wish there was a book of rules that you had to obey!"

"Ha!" Norm exclaimed, "No can do kid! I'm a genie and we genies work off of a strictly RULE FREE wish granting code."

"Fine," Tootie said undaunted, "if you can use loopholes so can I! I wish there was a book of unbreakable (unbendable) LAWS that you had to obey!"

"Huh!" Norm was confused, "You can't wish for that! It's the same thing!"

"Nuh-uh!" Tootie insisted, "Rules are more like guidelines, but laws are much stricter and highly punishable if broken!"

Norm's eyes widened, "But-" reluctantly he realized that he'd been outsmarted (by a twelve-year-old girl no less), "-grr...alright missy but I'm warning you, don't start getting all high and mighty with these loopholes! I've got more technicalities up my sleeve than you've got plastic dollies!"

An aqua colored book appeared, its cover and pages were blank.

"Hey!" Tootie exclaimed.

"Told ya," Norm smirked.

"Hmph, well I wish that I was the only one in charge of adding laws to this book!" she huffed.

"Ha, do your worst punk." Norm challenged, with a snap of his fingers a pen appeared. Tootie grabbed it and began tapping it against her chin in thought.

"Hm...first it needs a title, how about...The Lamp Laws!" she scribbled the title on the cover.

"Oh very original," Norm scoffed, "The Lamp Laws. Absolutely nothing like 'Da Rules' right? WRONG!"

Ignoring his cynicism Tootie flipped to page one and started writing, "Law number one: the genie godparent must always put the safety and well being of their godchild first!"

Norm rolled his eyes.

"Law number two," she continued to read aloud as she wrote, "if at any time the genie godparent breaks a law they will be tried and sentenced by their godchild."

"What!" Norm protested angrily, "Hold the phone! No way am I abiding by that! It's a ridiculous law! Why should you get to be the supreme boss of me?"

"Because it discourages you from messing up my life!" Tootie glared at him, "And incase you've forgotten—I make the laws here!"

"Law number three," she glanced down and spotted the lava lamp she'd placed on the floor by her feet, "hm...you'll have to hide when I'm not around, or if somebody shows up so...whenever your existence is at risk of being exposed you must return to your lamp and hide there until it's safe to come out."

"Whenever your existence is at risk of being exposed...blah...blah...blah..." Norm held up his hand and mimicked her as she added the law to the book. I should've given her a pen with disappearing ink.

Meanwhile up in Fairy World...

The Love Bunker was in its usual fluffy state when Cupid entered sipping his ninth cup of java that day.

"Ah, I just love this mid afternoon French vanilla blend." he sighed.

"Hello there sir," a rosy cheeked cherub saluted as he flew over from his monitoring post.

"Twitter, just the cherub I wanted to see," Cupid greeted, "how's the daily report looking?"

"I'm happy to report that everything's running smoothly sir," Twitter beamed. "The Thunder Hearts are practicing for their next air show, the emergency love line operators have prevented a record number of four thousand nine hundred and fifty-two break-ups this week, and the magical item blacksmith is nearly finished with this month's supply of love arrows!"



The entire bunker shook with the intensity of the blast.

"What in the sand hill was that!" Cupid demanded, now wearing his coffee.

A singed officer with a white buzz cut rushed in coughing up smoke. "Sir, there's been an accident over at the Fairy World Blacksmith Shop! The order for the magical love arrows was being filled when something got clogged in the main heating valve."

"Like what?" the love fairy snapped while wringing out his pink jacket.

"Um..." reaching into his pocket the officer pulled out a bent silver coin, "...this sir."

Snatching the coin Cupid clenched it his fist and shouted to the Heavens, "Curse these shiny nickels and their sparkling appeal! They'll be the end of me!"

"Um sir," Twitter tugged on his boss's sleeve, "I thought you said kids with fairy godparents would be the end of you?"

"Oh—well—them too!"

The two cherubs exchanged uneasy glances as Cupid tried to think of a way out of this mess. "Twitter, we're going to have to locate one of my reserve stashes of emergency love arrows on Earth. Once we've done that I'll have my special operative retrieve them."

"Yes sir!" Twitter saluted and went off to search the records.

"And as for you Sergeant BeMine," the pink clad fairy addressed the saluting white haired officer, "find me the dope who dropped this nickel and have the cleaners' send HIM the bill!"

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