Just something I had an idea for after watching the film randomly today. Read, enjoy and review. Set eighteen years after the movie.


"Will you two please just hold still and stop squirming!"

"I will if your father stops tickling me!" Lara looked at her husband who kissed her neck and they both started giggling. Ana figured this was as good a time as any to take the picture. It was a hot summer day in the park and they were all out for a picnic. The sun was shining trough the trees and illuminating her parents faces as they smiled at each other. Through everything they had been through not just Sean but now her, (they told her about Sean when she was old enough to under stand and she had always thought that he was watching down on them) they looked as happy as the day they said 'I do'.

John then walked over to his eighteen year old daughter and picked her up out of her wheelchair and placed her next to her mother. Who lovingly cuddled her as John set up the camera on the chair. He saw the sunshine to and thought of Sean and smiled to him self, then quickly ran over to his wife and daughter.

"Ok Ana hold still," he said, then just as the flash on the camera went off both her parents tickled her. The picture now sits on the mantle piece next to Sean. Just to show they are still holding onto life.