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Why was she late again? Oh, that's right she was too busy trying to change her image before going to school. Who would have ever thought that securing a wig to your scalp was extremely difficult and not to mention time consuming, especially when you only had ten minutes before the school bell rings. She, being the top in her classes when it came to grades and conduct, was never late to school. Never. Geeks were never late to school; it was unheard of. Well, by definition she was labeled a geek because of her ungodly knowledge of everything and love for education…and it could have also been her image of what she liked to call "Ordinary" or "Simple" although her Mother would have argued against it calling it 'repulsive', but she preferred being called 'intelligent individual' or 'brain' or even 'hey, you', but not geek or nerd and definitely not loser. That was just an insult and not to mention just downright rude.

She kissed her Father's cheek loudly, who in return just nodded his head at her with a wide grin splattered on his face while reading his newspaper…upside down. Sakura shook her head and snatched the paper out of her Father's grasp and turned it around so he could enjoy his reading more comfortably. The perky teen turned around to kiss her Mother goodbye but stopped suddenly when her Mother waved her delicate hand at her indicting that she was too busy on the phone. Sakura frowned but it quickly disappeared when her Father yanked on her large sweater causing her to trip over her own two feet and land harshly on the chair next to him. She watched as the handsome grown man she adored wink at her and quietly eat his burnt toast and sip his dark coffee. When her Mother left the kitchen area to retrieve something from the room next door Mr. Haruno mimicked his wife's earlier actions, which had Sakura bursting into mad giggles.

She kissed him on the cheek once again and hastily made her way to the door only to bump right into her Mother who in return gave her a glare non-to pleasantly. Sakura apologized a dozen times, kissed her on the cheek and before Mrs. Haruno could even utter a single threat about her daughter's choice of clothing or disgraceful unlady like manners, Sakura dashed out of the door and ran down the street away from her lovely Mother.

Brushing dark strands of hair away from her apple green eyes Sakura quickly rummaged through her bulky, bright pink bag searching for her thick-framed glasses. She bit her lip in concentration and when her small hand came across the smooth, cool surface of the frames she snatched the glasses out of her bag with a big whooping "Ah-ha!" and quickly yet clumsily slapped them on the bridge of her nose. Smiling in triumph, Sakura kept her quick pace to school not really paying any attention to the quiet snickers and obvious pointing she received as she passed some of her classmates in the front lawn of Konoha high.

She sighed depressingly and rubbed her left shoulder with her right hand. It was a habit she developed not that many years a go, one that irked her Mother constantly. Of course everything she did always irked her sweet, dearest Mother. Bah! Really now, what was her problem? It wasn't as if Sakura was a bad daughter, she was an excellent and hardworking student, she excelled in everything and she hardly ever got into any kinds of fights…

…Well, except that one time at band camp when the camp's bully decided to pick on her. He had the honor of sporting the results of the famous Haruno uppercut. Her Father had been very proud of her that day when he received a call from the camp's director about the poor boy she beat into a bloody pulp, he had even played hooky at work to pick her up all the way at band camp with balloons and gifts. That week he had boasted on about his little princess to everyone he came across whether if it was at work, at home, or even on the streets. He had even gone as far as calling his childhood rival, Mr. Uchiha, during work to claim her daughter much more worthier than the two sons Mr. Uchiha had.

Her Mother was a different story though, once they arrived at their home her Mother preceded to lecture her about proper lady like conduct. Although most of that notorious lecture she received ended up going through one ear and out the other.

'Three minutes to the bell,' was all Sakura could think of as she watched the grand clock tick away. She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't realize that there were people standing leisurely in the corner of the hallway causing her to smack dab into a lean body. They both tumbled to the ground with Sakura on top of the brooding young man she happened to run into. Her face was planted in his hard chest crushing her glasses deeper into her flesh uncomfortably, their legs tangled in a mess, and when she inhaled softly she quickly recognized his scent. He smelled just like his older brother, her idol, Uchiha Itachi.

A high pitched screech woke her from her pleasant daydream of the older Uchiha sibling, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, YOU GEEK!"

The beautiful yet fuming blond cheerleader pointed an accusing finger at the poor, embarrassed Sakura who was desperately trying her best to get off the irritated Sasuke and up off the dirty ground. She mumbled her apologies and before she could break free from the horrible scene the very irate young woman, Yamanaka Ino, slammed her against the surface of the lockers.

Sakura gritted her teeth in anger. The last thing she needed was to get into a physical fight over something so petty with the most popular girl in school, even if all she wanted at the moment was to knock out the pretty blonde's perfect, white teeth.

She calmed down a bit, "I'm really sorry. I didn't see where I was going and I accidentally crashed into Uchiha-san."

The blond leaned forward angrily as she swiftly pulled her hand up in the air to strike Sakura, but a strong grip held Ino's hand back from coming into contact with Sakura's tender cheek.

The bored looking young man sighed tiredly, "Geez, Ino. Do you have to go around picking on Haruno-san all the time? Now you're gonna make her late to class. So troublesome…"

"Stay out this you idiot! This is between me and the loser!" she yelled back. Shikamaru backed away from Ino as her loud yelling echoed down the hall. Man, could that girl yell or what?

"Well, just so you know…Uchiha managed to escape your death grip of love while you were distracted," he calmly said.

Ino immediately let go of the strong grip she had on Sakura, who thankfully was now calm enough to think clearly, and searched for her dear Sasuke-kun. She was disappointed to find the hallways crowded with students but no Uchiha Sasuke to be seen. She stomped away childishly leaving behind an annoyed Sakura and a sleepy Shikamaru.

"I guess I owe you again, huh?" Sakura sighed as she twirled a piece of her dark chocolate hair between her fingers.

Shikamaru shrugged nonchalantly, "Not really, just try to stay away from her and the imaginary line she has around Uchiha. Poor bastard having to deal with her constantly…" he leaned against the wall as he watched the young woman from the corner of his eye, "Say, you are showing up tonight, right? I can't do much without the leader of our group."

Sakura grinned up at him, "You bet I'll be there. Wouldn't want to miss my own show now would I?"

Shikamaru chuckled, his frame shaking slightly with the deep rich chuckles that vibrated from within him. He shook his head, "Alright, I guess I'll see you tonight then. Try not to be late and don—"

"Hey Nara! What are you doing talking to that nerd!" a loud rowdy young man yelled from across the hallway, his bright brown rusty colored hair stood out against the white torn hoodie he wore.

"Ah damn," Shikamaru cursed under his breath and then leaned down to whisper into Sakura's ear quickly, "Sorry, I really hate to leave you, but you know how things are…"

"Yeah…" she whispered back almost sadly. If only she hadn't been so stubborn in believing in inner beauty amongst her peers. She could have made many friends long ago if she had just dropped her act in becoming someone else, someone simple, and someone that didn't give a crap about their image but about what was really inside. People these days were too shallow.

Luckily for her she had met Shikamaru her freshmen year in Konoha high school and they became inseparable after that. They were paired up for a science project and she had worried he wouldn't do a thing because of his popularity and obvious bored, tired look he wore all the time in class (and not to mention he was always getting into trouble because he slept during class). She was blown away when they began to work, noticing every little thing and detail he did precisely and calculated. He was smarter than he led anyone to believe, and he liked not having any more attention than what he already had from his popularity at school.

He had surprised her almost towards the end of the school year when he showed up at her house with two concert tickets and a bouquet of flowers for her mother ("It was the polite thing to do," he had argued with a wild blush, it wasn't fair that he was inviting Sakura to a concert without meeting either of her parents before hand and he did want to make a good impression). She had opened the door wearing her multiple piercings, bright colored bangles, glitter makeup, skater shoes, and her favorite ripped, faded jeans along with a pink glittery tank top. He stood amazed and slightly confused, the girl before him was breathtaking, (not that Sakura wasn't already breathtaking with her thick-framed glasses and excessively baggy clothes she wore to school) and he had calmly asked for Sakura only to have the young beauty give a soft hearty laugh. When all the mess was resolved Shikamaru had insisted she go to school they way she usually dressed at home but Sakura had politely declined explaining her silly reasons why.

Months after going to the concert and becoming extremely close friends, Sakura had eagerly asked him why he showed up at her door asking for her time during their freshmen year after a long day of hard practicing. He gave a powerful yawn and while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he told her that it had been a while since he had an intelligent conversation with a fellow classmate from school. She smiled sweetly at him and before he knew it he was on floor with a perky Sakura on top, hugging him to death and squealing in utter happiness.

"Miss Haruno," a voice so smooth and sexy, almost erotic might she say, woke her from her daydream about the past.

His silky voice had her stomach doing flips, "May I ask where you've been? You are five minutes late."

She halted by the door and sheepishly gave her calculus teacher an embarrassed little smile as she felt her face flush accompanied by the rapid beating of her heart against her chest. She tugged on her large sweater nervously as his gaze lit her body on fire, "Sorry Kakashi-sensei…I got stopped in the hallway and…"

"And?" he leaned his weight towards his bulky desk as he rested his hand on the wooden surface. He waited patiently for her answer, his eyes narrowed at the sight of her blush deepening.

'Silly girl,' he thought.

"Take a seat Miss Haruno," he sighed and shook his head, his silver locks of hair falling messily around his face.

Sakura, who was now thanking God for letting her get away from explaining her tardiness in front of the class and her extremely attractive teacher, dashed to her seat by the window. She sat down uneasily as her peers watched her closely and quietly took her class materials as Kakashi began his lesson. About thirty minutes into the class her mind began to wander again, especially when Kakashi had his back facing the class as he wrote on the chalkboard.

'What a nice ass…'

Sakura shook her head, hoping it would rattle the organ into mush for thinking perversely of her calculus teacher. She turned her attention to the window where she watched the soft petals of cherry blossoms being swayed by the whistling wind and fall delicately down towards the ground.

"Miss Haruno?"

No respond. Her mind was still lost in her thoughts as her gaze lingered longingly outside. Kakashi walked towards her desk and stood in front of her. When that didn't get her attention he slapped his ruler on the surface of her desk violently causing her to shriek in surprise. She jumped in her seat and jerked her head towards Kakashi with wide, shocked eyes; he wore an irritated frown on his handsome face while the rest of the class snickered in the background. Her heart pounded rapidly in her chest and she wondered silently why her heart hadn't yet escaped the confinements of her ribcage.

"S-sorry!" she squeaked with a red blush spreading across her cheeks.

Kakashi merely sighed, brought his hand to his forehead and massaged his temples gently, "Haruno wait outside until class is over. I'll speak with you with later."

He turned around and headed back to the board where he continued to write the lesson of the day out in chicken scratch. Sakura trudged down towards the door sadly as the snickers still roared across the room. On her way out a crumbled paper hit her in the back of her head and she jerked her head around to see an innocent looking Ino smiling at her misfortune. Sakura had the urge to give the pretty blond a purple eye in front of everyone.

Kakashi caught something out of the corner of his eye fly towards Sakura and hit her on the head. He turned around to the class and frowned when he noticed Uchiha Sasuke smirking behind his hands as he stared at Sakura. The students had quieted and settled down when they noticed the solemn angry look their teacher wore openly on his face. The only one that wasn't like the rest of the class was Sasuke, who was still smirking at the sad Sakura.

"Mr. Uchiha," Kakashi hollered, "Wait outside with Miss Haruno. I will speak with you as well."

Sasuke's head snapped towards Kakashi, confused because he was apparently being blamed for the crumbled paper ball that hit Sakura on the head and angry at Ino for getting him into trouble. He swore under his breath when Kakashi glared at him from the front of the class and stiffly walked out the door with Sakura tugging beside him. He slammed the door on his out. They both stood in silence; neither knew what to say to one another. Sasuke could have cared less about Sakura it wasn't as if he knew her or as if he was close to her. She was just a geek, a really smart geek. She was the only person in the school that he rivaled in grades. And he hated her for it.

Yet something kept tugging at the back of his mind, he could have sworn he'd seen that shade of green eyes before.

Sakura sighed and began to twirl a lock of her hair in her delicate hand. She peered at Sasuke who was busy glaring at the white washed walls in front of him and shook her head at his obvious anger. She sighed, "Sorry for getting you in trouble…"

He snorted, "Whatever."

She frowned, God she hated his crummy attitude; it was as if he had a stick up his ass. How could all the girls like him? It wasn't as if he was the perfect boyfriend material. His personality was the same as a rock in the school garden, cold and hard. The only thing that was remotely good about him was his talent in school, sports, and music…and his good looks…and his kissing, but that didn't count.

Thirty long, boring minutes later Kakashi called them in into the now empty classroom. He sat at his desk like a king upon his throne while Sasuke and Sakura stood before him, "Sasuke," he dropped the formality now that the rest of his students were gone, "I'm disappointed in you. I thought you were better than that."

"I didn't do it," he growled angrily through gritted teeth, "It was that ditzy blond."

Kakashi ignored him as he reached into his drawer to fish out a slip of paper and signed it messily before giving it to Sasuke, "Here," Sasuke took it reluctantly.

"You will attend detention tomorrow after school," Kakashi said nonchalantly.

"What!" Sasuke slapped his palms down noisily on Kakashi's desk startling Sakura, "You are out of your mind Kakashi! I have a game tomorrow and there is no way I'm missing it!"

Kakashi merely gazed at him, "Don't argue with me Sasuke I'm not in the mood. If you don't show up tomorrow for detention I'll kick you off the team. You may go now," he waved his hand at the seething teenager. If there was one thing Sasuke hated about Kakashi it would have to be having him as a teacher and a coach. He was harder on his team than he was on his students. Sasuke left the room with a slam to the door.

Kakashi turned his attention back to Sakura who was busily looking around the room nervously, "Sakura-chan…That's the fifth time this week. You need to get your head out of the clouds."

She pouted and Kakashi had a hard time trying to be angry with her, "At least try to pay attention," he rose from his seat to stand in front of her. He took her thick-framed glasses from the bridge of her nose, quite aware of her squeaky protests, and stuffed them in the pocket of his coat. She reached up for her glasses but he quickly slapped her hand away.

"I'm being serious Sakura-chan. Get your act together. And for the love of God will you change out of those ridiculous clothes." he sighed. It seemed like he sighing a lot these days and it was all thanks to the petite pink haired girl…well, brown haired girl at the moment.

She turned around angrily, her back facing him, "No!" Why was everyone insisting she change? She was perfectly fine…except for the constant snickering and bullying but otherwise she was pretty happy with her life.

He shook his head, "Fine. I have no choice then…"

Sakura, curious to what Kakashi had implied, turned around to see a slip of paper floating in front of her face. She snatched it from his grasp and read it, "WHAT! You're giving me detention too! That's…that's not fair!"

She could see his wide Cheshire grin, "Who said I was ever fair? Besides I think this will definitely straighten you out…"

"What do you mean 'straighten me out'? I didn't do anything wrong and besides this is totally taking advantage of the power you have as a teacher," she grumbled as she shred the slip of paper to pieces in front of him.

"Yeah well, lets not forget about your double life," the reaction he received was hilarious as her face turned a shade of bright red, "Would you rather I call your Mother and inform her of your dazed behavior in class? Or, you know what? I could show her those cute little drawings you always doodle on your papers. I bet she'd be thrilled," he smiled at her shocked expression.

Her shoulder slumped, "You suck…"

He chuckled, "I'll see you tomorrow at detention Sakura-chan."

- - - - - - - - - -

The rest of the day was uneventful except for the occasional glare she received from Sasuke. He was obviously pissed at her for his detention, but it wasn't her fault damn it! It was that stupid, air headed bimbo, Ino, who was skipping happily down the hall to catch up to Sasuke. Oh, how Sakura wished she could backhand the blond right about now for humiliating her and hanging on Sasuke like that…

The last school bell rang for the day, causing a great deal of commotion amongst all the students as they rushed to their lockers to get their belongings before going home to relax. Sakura carefully walked to Kakashi's classroom, mindful to keep an eye at her surroundings for any incoming students. The last thing she needed were rumors about her having an affair with her calculus teacher. She shuddered, as much as she loved and adored Kakashi she just couldn't picture herself having any kind of relationship with him. It was just plain wrong. It was like having a relationship with a brother. Besides he was like a bazillion years older than her. Okay maybe that was exaggerating a bit.

Apparently her mind had different views on that, especially once she hit puberty when she started to notice the opposite sex, always cheering her on and making perverse comments about Kakashi, not that Sakura never enjoyed them, but it was just getting hard trying to hide her embarrassment away from him. For goodness sake, he used to baby-sit her when she was younger. There wasn't any reason for her to be embarrassed he had already seen her naked numerous of times when he had to change her diaper…or help her to the potty…or bathed her…or…the list went on as Sakura's mind keep chugging back memory lane.

She was almost at her destination when a rough hand pulled her down the hallway away from Kakashi's classroom, "Wha—!"

"Sorry kiddo, but I promised your Mom I'd drop you off right after school," Kakashi smiled at her surprised face, "Besides, she invited me over for dinner. Won't that be fun Sakura-chan?"

She huffed, "Yeah, fun."

- - - - - - - - - -

Coming home with Kakashi was a bit out of the ordinary, Sakura decided. Her Mother had opened the door squealing in utter happiness at seeing him after so many months yet when her Mother took a long look at Sakura she ushered her up to her room to immediately change with a good slap to the rear.

"Aunty it's been a while," he said charmingly as he picked his napkin up to wipe his mouth clean.

"Kakashi-kun I'm so glad you came over. You have no idea how happy you've made me," Mrs. Haruno happily replied while clasping her hands in front of her chest dreamingly. Sakura, who was sitting across from Kakashi, stuck her tongue out at him. It was disgusting to see him wooing her Mother and it was bad enough he was making her look lousy too.

"Sakura behave!"

"Yes Mom," her tone bored, she played with the vegetables on her china plate with her fork and mixed them around with the mashed potatoes and gravy. Her Father was busy reading quietly while her Mother and Kakashi were in an animated conversation about who knows what.

When seven o'clock rolled by Sakura excused herself from the table, which went unnoticed by Kakashi and her Mother who were still talking and laughing, except for her Father who had asked for a goodbye kiss, which had caused her to flush brightly. That man was too watchful even when he was busy reading his paper.

She dashed to her room, quickly changed clothes, applied light makeup, fixed her vibrant pink hair into a messy half ponytail with glittery clips holding her bangs out of her face, and searched for her skater shoes in less than ten minutes. It was a new record. She sported a faded, jean mini skirt, her favorite pink bangles and her multiple earrings, a red halter-top that exposed the flower tattoo on her shoulder…the one she got for her sixteen birthday from Itachi.

Sakura sneaked out the house quietly and jogged a couple of blocks away from her home. She reached the neighborhood park in minutes and found Sasuke waiting patiently for her leaning against his motorcycle. His frown disappeared when he felt her presence near.

"Took you long enough Pinky," he smirked at her pout.

"Yeah, well, whatever jerk," she gave him the middle finger. He chuckled, which caused Sakura's insides to turn to mush. She huffed as he handed her a helmet and helped her on the bike, she kept worrying he'd see her panties the way her skirt kept riding up and it was now obvious he did see them as the smirk he wore grew.

"Ready?" he asked as he reached behind to grab her hands and wrap them around his body. She felt her heart beating violently against her chest, heat radiating from her face.

"Ready you jerk," she replied with her face against his back, her answer muffled by his shirt. As much as she found Sasuke to be one of the most intelligent guys from school, he was sure stupid for not recognizing her as the geek from his class.

- - - - - - - - - -

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