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Han Solo stood near the door to an apartment. He, however sadly, was standing on the outside. As he shifted impatiently from foot to foot, the door opened. His long time girlfriend Leia Organa-Skywalker had insisted that he stay outside while she got dressed. It wasn't like he had never seen her naked. No he saw that every night. She had told him, "Han, this is special. We only get one, one year anniversary. You are already dressed and I just finished my shower. Now, OUT!" She had surprised him by whining, but had redeemed herself by yelling at the end.

She now came out of the door. As usual she looked amazing. Her long hair was in an up do that would make the cleanest person in the universe feel as if they were on a drug trip. She was in a sheer lavender gown that showed enough skin to drive Han wild, but not enough to be uncouth. Immediately Han had her pressed into the back of the door frame in a searing kiss. Right when Leia was beginning to think they may have to take a detour back into the apartment, someone cleared their throat. Luke stood looking at the ground red faced.

"How do you do it kid." Han laughed as he slid his arm around the beautiful princess beside him.

"I will never know. I think you two are just out to get me." The Luke they knew returned as he smiled at the couple. "Now do I need to leave again, or are we going to go to dinner?" the three friends joked as they left the building. As they neared the parking area Leia couldn't help but laugh. There in front of them was a hover carriage, made to look like the horse drawn carriages of years upon years ago. Inside the carriage were other friends; Chewbacca, Lando, R2D2, and C3PO. The latter two were, frighteningly enough, driving the thing.

After a short ride they finally got to the restaurant. Being the gentlemen they all were, they helped Leia out first, then exited themselves. When they got out she was nowhere to be seen.

Han remembered that day well. His life ended that day. After months of searching he never saw his beloved again. He remembered all of this as he sat in front of his holo pad writing his speech to the people who never knew of what happened. They had claimed Leia was on vacation. After nearly a year Han was going to tell everyone the truth the next morning.

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