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A warm light shone through Leia's eyelids causing her to stir. She began to sit up, but halted when the pounding in her head threatened to overcome her. Groaning she lay back down.

"Easy Ms. Organa there is no need to worry just lay back and rest until you are feeling better." A cool voice near Leia said. Leia shot up in bed and opened her eyes. Fighting through the blinding light she saw a massive purple creature next to her. It was easily 7 feet tall and had, oddly enough, two faces. One where a head would be and one where a stomach would be. It was then she realized this was a symbiot. The symbiot was one of a race called Methinan. They lived on the planet of Methine. She remembered this from one of Han's wild stories from his smuggling days. She had never believed his stories until now.

The creature's skin shifted to a redder color of purple as it spoke once more.

"Please Ms. Organa we cannot have you hurting yourself or the little delegate. Just rest." Of course, Leia thought, their skin shows their mood and both mouths speak at once, that's why it sounds so melodic.

"I'm sorry to have frustrated you. This is all new to me. And it's Skywalker, Leia Skywalker." Leia said with as much dignity as she could. Often times symbiots were rather proper creatures.

"Of course my lady. But if you would please, explain the reason for the change in name?"

"O that, yes. Well once I found out that the Organa's had just raised me and, in fact, were not my parents I took the name of my father and brother."

"Well is your father still living? I need to know so I know what to call you."

"No he is not…he was killed by my brother. You see he became evil."

"O yes we know your story, just not the state of your father. So then you are Lady Skywalker because your brother is the head of the house and Jedi do not take wives, thus you are the lady of the house."

It seemed like the creature could read her thoughts about the reasoning for the title. She decided she must look into that. Leia smiled and responded, "May I be so bold as to inquire your name? I feel as if it is my duty to show you the respect of using your name."

"Yes I am Bete Munu. But please call me Bete as Munu only speaks in a sound frequency you cannot hear." Duh, thought Leia, both faces have a name. Ok so now all I have to do is get out of here.

"I'm sorry Lady but I cannot allow you to leave until the little delegate is safely in out care. Yes Munu can read your thoughts. If you spend enough time in the open with the rest of us you may learn how to read our thoughts as well."

"That would be fine. I do wonder though. Who is the little delegate?"

"For years we have been in a civil war. We needed a leader of grand background. We found that you were with child and decided that your child would be the leader of out country. If you refuse we will be forced to dispose of you so we recommend that you birth the child and turn her over to us."

Leia's eyes filled with tears. A child, a child, she was pregnant with Han's child. Never before in her life had she ever wanted to see him so much. And a girl, she was going to have a baby girl. Then it dawned on her, this child was hers and Han's, but they would lose it to these people. No no, Leia thought, I can either be killed and lose my baby or live and lose my baby. She than made the hardest decision of her life. She would have to come back some other time to save her child, she had to let it go.

Han sat in hi and Leia's apartment thinking about what had happened the day before. Then suddenly he felt an immense joy. It felt like Leia's joy. That meant she was still alive. Then as quickly as it came, the joy became a heart wrenching pain. Luke who sat in the room with him looked up and began to whisper, no. He had felt it too.

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