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Kingdom Hearts: Adventures at Castle Chocobo

Floor 01: An intro, and The Trinity Soliders

His dark navy eyes fluttered open violently as he came awake. At first he looked to be in shock, but then he calmed down, almost looking annoyed. It had just been a dream inspired by old memories, memories he wished to purge from his mind. He sat up and shook his head in the air, his oak colored hair flying around him. He was clad in a black, short sleeved shirt, with a long sleeved navy blue shirt underneath. His pants were a darker navy color, but changed to grey at his knees, around which were tied narrow borwn belts. On his hands were black gloves, fingerless. On the ground, spread out below him, was his dark brown cloak that he usually wore, but had layed on the hard ground for him and his compainions to sleep on.

A brief glance at this boy, and one might think he was just an ordinary boy, travelling along with two girls. But a closer look, espically at his eyes, and you could tell there was something mystic, exotic, magical, or even ancient about him. His name was Ryosuke Takita, and he was a member of the Fragment Hunters. Not only that, but he belonged to one of the last suriving clans-the Ryu clan, which was known for their strange colored eyes-all the children born into their clan had the same navy colored eyes, no matter what. Ryosuke's huge blade that was usually fastened around his back, was resting on the ground behind him, the hilt pointing at him so he could draw out the huge weapon if needed.

He looked beside him to find one of his travelling mates still fast asleep on his cloak. She was a small girl with lavender colored hair which she usually wore up in a bun, but had taken down for sleeping. Her glasses that were normaly worn in front of her crimson eyes were resting on the cloak within her reach, for she was rather blind without them. She wore a baggy, lose white robe, with an odd, curved insignia repeated all over in a cerulean blue color. She was a young mage who had mastered almost every type of magic there was. Her name was Aru, and until recently, Ryosuke had thought she was just a normal person like him, but he had been so mistaken.

Resting within this innocent girl was the heart and soul of another being who had lived five hundred years ago. The name of this other presence was Hikari Tagami-the woman who created the keyblade and the heartblade 500 years ago, before her death. He wasn't sure of the whole story, but from what he understood, Hikari hadfound Aru's body to use as her own, but the last powers of dark had also decided to inhabit this empty shell, and that's how Arucame to be the last hope for dark to overcome darkness, and for Hikari Tagami to fix her mistakes. Aru was still very sensitive about it-she herself had only found out about all this a few days ago, at the end of it all. She shared her body with Hikari, who happened to just appear as she please, which scared the crap out of him and-

He noticed his other friend was missing. That was odd-she had been out cold when he himself turned in for the night. He looked around them. How long had they been in this endless field with just one path leading off to nowhere? He stood up, debated for a moment whether to bring his sword with him or not, but then he saw who he was looking for, sitting in the grass just over on the other side of the path. A strong gust of ocean wind blew up and into his face, throwing his hair all over. The rumble of the waves met his ears, giving an overall calm to the scene. Carefully, he approached the girl.

She was watching the star-filled sky with wonder in her dark emerald eyes. Her long black hair was kept in a thick braid that hung to her knees. She was covered in her favorite color-red-from the bandana tied over her head to her sneakers. She didn't even seem to notice him approach her from behind. When he was just a foot away from her back, he decided to call out her name.

"Cedeile." he said, almost in a whisper. She turned, smiling.

"Hey, Ryu." she said back, using the shortened version of his name. He took a seat on her right and looked up at the stars like she had been.

"Have you ever seen so many stars?" he asked.

"No. Never." she replied, watching him instead. He noticed this and looked back at her.

"Is something wrong? How come you're up?" she sighed.

"I couldn't stop thinking about it all. You know, the battles, Ansem...Riku...the door. Then I looked up at the stars and began wondering if my home was on one of those stars, and if Sora and Kairi were there too." she said. He almost snorted at the keybalde master's name, but then remembered a certain point in that last battle where Sora HAD kind of saved his life...

"Who knows?" he replied instead. The master of the heartblade gazed back up at the endless sky.

"And then I was wondering where Silvia was." she replied, seeming more cheerful.


"Yeah! And I was thinking, if we only knew which star she was on we could go find her! But...we haven't had a signal on the fragment radar since we first got here." she said, her tone losing its gladness. Ryu looked down at the grass, frustrated as well.

"I still feel like it's my fault. All this time...I was helping Ansem achieve his goals..."

"You didn't know that the fragments were really Silvia." Cedeile replied.

"I know." Ryu said to the heartblade master. Another ocean breeze came up from the edge of cliff and blew through them. Ryu squinted his eyes against the wind, enjoying the tropical smell of it. Cedeile shivered-she only had a white t shirt and a red vest, with red shorts to match-not exactly ideal wear. Ryu noticed this. "Do you want my shirt?" he asked.

"What!" Cedeile exclaimed, alarmed. Ryu shushed her and pointed back to where Aru was still asleep.

"Let her rest. She's been through more than any of us." he replied. "And I'm offereing you my shirt, to keep warm. Just my short sleeved one. It'll be a little big on you, so I guess it'll keep you warmer or something."

"It's all right. I'm not that cold." she responded. Ryu looked away from her and out on the ocean, on which the moonlight reflected. Since when did he care so much about her? Maybe he was just worried, since he already lost her once. He just wanted to make sure she didn't go disappearing on him again, and that was causing him to worry. "Ryu?"


"Where do we go from here?" she asked.

"I guess we keep travelling in the direction of where we last saw the signal. We might just be out of range." he replied. She looked back up at the sky.


A massive metal tower stood in the middle of the busy room. It extended to the ceiling, and around it's base were six or so pods, big enough for one person each. It wasn't the only tower in the room-there were four others, but this one was where all the action was. Hundreds of people rushed about it's base, carrying huge metal boxes and computer compenents. Others were shouting out orders to them.

"Put that there! Agent 621, that should go over to 754 by pod B!" one was calling out, checking off his lest on his clipboard. Suddenly, a girl approached him. He looked up from his work. "Ah! Agent 427! Your sis-I mean the comander would like to have a word with you!" he said.

"Yes, I already know. How are things going?" she asked him.

"Well, we're already ten minutes behind schedule. Mac is doing his best to get all the connections up and running again, but there's only so much he can do without certain parts." the man replied to her.

"Well, you need to pick it up. We don't have ten minutes. We got that signal at least two hours ago, and with the delay on our tracking equipment, the heartblade master could be long gone by now." 427 replied. The man nodded.

"I'll get them working faster." he said.

"Good. I'm off to see the comander." she said, and brushed past him. She was only slightly short for her age, but her body was well built and pliable. Her long pale hair swung an inch past her waist, and had a tint of pink to it. She wore a skin tight body suit which was mostly burgendy. On the tops of her hands, feet and shoulders were dull, cerulean gems, that had no sparkle to them. The sides of her arms and legs were a grey ribbed material, and her skin showed through rounded cutouts at her hips and her coller bone. She was Agent 427, and fierceness shone in her amber eyes. And this was Trinity Solider headquarters-or what was left of it.

As she walked past, several people began to whisper about her.

"Does this have to do with her mission?"

"We might finally get revenge for what the organization did to us!"

"She's been going into the non-existant territory alot lately. I bet it's got to do with him."

"Oh, you mean that boy who showed up two years ago? Yeah, there's something different about him."

"Of course there is! He got there because of the heartless, after all." She turned to their whispers and they ceased imideatly, fearing the look in those amber eyes of hers.

'No one...will talk about him that way.' she thought angrily. 'I'll make sure of it.' She opened a door at the other end of the metal room and entered. It was a smaller room, very much like an office. In the wall that faced the room outside were windows with blinds over them, one of them half drawn closed while the others were closed all the way. Behind the oak brown desk sat a girl of 18, that looked alot like 427. But her hair was straighter, slightly pinker, and chopped evenly at the base of her neck. Her eyes were a stormy gray color, and much more gentlier, but she wore a serious scowl.

"Agent 427 of the Trinity Soliders..."she began. "As you know, we've found the heartblade master, at last. But her location..."

"I know. It's right by organization HQ." 427 responded. "I'm ready to take on all the chances, comander."

"I know. Your main mission that I'm giving you is to destory the organization's base, and kill as many of their members as possible." she sighed.

"Thank you for selecting me, commander." 427 responded.

"I know how much this means to you. You made a promise to him that you would find the heartblade master."

"Yes. And I'd tell her everything he wanted her to know." The comander looked back at her.

"Maybe, after this mission, you'll gain enough ranks to get your name back."

"Don't treat me specially, just because I was once your sister." 427 warned. "I'm like the rest of them now."

"Father wouldn't have wanted you to be like this, though."

"Your father didn't want you to have to take his place so soon either."

"I've done what I had to!" The comander replied, jumping out of her seat. "When our world was taken by the damn heartless, do you think I wanted this? I couldn't just let things go to hell and back! So I took responsibilty and carried on in our father's footsteps." She sat back down, folded her hands together, and rested her chin on them. "He's still your father too."

"I sold my name to the Trinity soliders. And with it went my identity. You know how it works."

"Yes. Be careful on your mission. I hope you can fufill your promise to him."

"Thank you, Comander Sakura." She saluted and left. Sakura moved her eyes over to a framed photo on her desk wistfully.

"Father...what have I done? Letting her become a Trinity Solider...it's changed her."

Back out in the metal room, 427 examined the tower. A guy with wild gold hair was plugging in cables to one of the pods and typing something on a keypad.

"Because of our limited time and resourse restrictions I can only get enough power for one pod. But you were going alone anyway, right?" he replied.

"It's fine, Mac. Just get me there. I must meet her." 427 replied.

"Well, you're really determined." Mac replied. He finished typing and suddenly, an electric current shot along the sides of the pod, lighting it up. "We've got power. All systems green, Agent 427." He got up and lifted up his dark visor. "Now go kick organization ass." She nodded and the pod opened.

"I'll make quick work of those bastards." she said, and climbed in, laying down inside. The glass came down over her and she closed her eyes. Mac hopped over the many cables on the floor and ran to the control pannels a few feet away.

"Mac, is this gonna work?" Another guy the same age asked.

"Hey, 103 don't give me any doubts now, I'm on a roll here. Besides, have I ever let the team down?" he asked him Agent 103 shook his head.

"No. I guess not. But we were kind of rushed, so is it possible that we might not get her back?"

"Of COURSE I can bring her BACK! WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM?" Mac yelled at him. He began typing at the keyboard in front of him and then pulled down two of the levers. "Agent 427, get ready to launch!" he called. Inside the pod, the pale haired girl was completely relaxed. She would do what she had to, no matter what.

She promised him, after all.

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