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Kingdom Hearts-Adventures at Castle Chocobo

Floor 38- The Castle of Dreams, and Him-At Last, Meeting After Death


"Ahhhh!!!!" Cedeile shouted as she stepped forward into the 'outside' realm that they had entered. Ryu grabbed her hand and pulled her back beside him.

"What the hell is your problem?! You might as well shout 'Hey Marucia! We're here so that you can kill us now!'" He scolded her. The others in the group laughed a bit.

"I thought I was gonna fall, but it seems like we're floating above the ground." She said, pointing down. There was a vast amount of endless space that didn't seem to end.

"Are we flying, or is there some sort of surface holding us up?" Hikari wondered, bending down to touch the ground, but her hand felt nothing and she nearly fell forward into the blackness. Luckily, Sora grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Whoa there! Are you alright, Miss Hikari?" He asked politely. She looked back at him, her glasses slightly askew.

"Yes…thank you Sora." She said, and fixed them.

"Where's Marucia?" Donald demanded. "I'm ready to take him on!"

"Sure you are." Cedeile replied sarcastically. "We'll see how things go when we start bleeding." Donald glared at her and then started muttering incoherently to himself. Suddenly, they heard clanking, and then a zoom, as if something was coming right for them. Cedeile started looking all over wildly, trying to locate the source.

"What is that?!" She yelled.

"In front of us!" Sora pointed in the distance. A giant mechanical figure was flying towards them, and on top they could see Marucia, standing calmly as the wind blew his hair back. Pink flower petals began to fall around them.

"Welcome, masters!!! I'm glad you could come!!" He yelled. The mech's arms had long swords on the ends of them. One of them swung towards them all, and they all dropped down to avoid them.

"Did everyone make it through that?" Sora yelled to his friends.

"It seems like we're all okay." Goofy replied. They all jumped up and tried to head for Marucia. Cedeile jumped up first and was almost to him, but one of the swords appeared in her path and cut across her arms that she had brought up in a block. She hit the ground with a hard thump.

"No! Cedeile!!" Sora yelled.

"Concentrate!" Ryu said. "Take out the arms first!" He went in and slashed at the right one a few times with his sword. The metal started to break under the stress of the force, and soon yielded to his attacks. The wires underneath became exposed, and he cut through them. He smiled to himself as he though that he had taken it out, but it still had retained some ability to move, and it came out at him, sending him to the ground. He groaned and felt the back of his head, which was sore from his fall.

Cedeile had gotten up and rejoined the battle herself. She saw that Ryu had been knocked down and went to help with that arm. Meanwhile, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Hikari had taken to the left one.

"Blizzaga!!!" Donald yelled, shooting it at the metal.

"Graviraga!!!" Hikari added the gravity spell. Sora and Goofy kept hitting it over and over again. Marucia smirked as he watched them, and waved his hand in the air. Sora was just about to bring the keyblade down for another attack when he felt something sharp in his back. He screamed and fell to his knees. He tried to turn his head over to see what had happened, but he couldn't tell. Then his question was answered-several petal-like missiles began to shoot down at them.

"Watch out you guys!!!" Sora shouted. Hikari turned and saw them coming at them.

"Firaga!!!" She shouted, and sent a giant blast of fire in the air above them, having it act as a shield. The petals hit them and burned up instantly. Ashes and embers began to fly around on the wind.

"Lucky shot…"Marucia muttered. Soon, both arms collapsed and fell limp. Now all that was left was to take on Marucia.

"Come on guys!" Cedeile said as she began to run up the broken arm and up the mech towards Marucia.

"Cedeile! Wait for the rest of us. Its stupid to charge in on your own!" Ryu called, but she was already on the head of the mech. Marucia greeted her.

"We meet again, heartblade master. But it will be for the last time." He said, taking out his scythe.

"You're right for once. It will be the last time we meet. That's because I'm going to kill you right here and now." She said, pointing the heartblade at him.

"You're so sure of yourself. It's endearing in a way." He said. She ran at him and tried to attack, but he blocked her weapon with his. She struggled to break it loose, while he summoned up the petal missiles and flew them right into her. They exploded as they hit her body, making blood fly out from three different places. He threw her back and she landed on the mech. She clutched her side-the worse of her injuries. She dared to pull the tattered shreds of shirt away to get a better look at the damage- the skin had been burned away in a large area and was now bleeding profusely. She winced as she covered it back up with her hand and looked back at him. "Does it hurt?" He asked.

"I can take more than this." She replied.

"Of course you can." He brought down more missiles towards her, and she turned away, clenching her eyes shut. The explosions sounded, but she felt no pain. Only when she heard the sound of blood dripping did she dare look, and what she saw she did not expect to see.

"Ryu…!" She gasped. He had taken the blow for her. Blow was trickling down his right arm from his shoulder, and from the right side of his head.

"Cedeile, are you ready to destroy him?" He asked. Cedeile slowly got up and stood along side him.

"Will you fight with me, Ryu?" She asked him. He looked at her with his serious navy eyes. They stayed like that for a moment, paused in thought.

"Yes." He finally answered. The two ran towards Marucia together, and slashed downwards at the same time. Both attacks hit him and did some good damage. Marucia threw them back with a gust of petals, but they landed safely across the mech. Ryu put a hand on Cedeile's shoulder.

"Are you okay, Ryu?" she asked.

"I'm fine. Any you?"

"The same. I can keep fighting." She replied.

"Great. We can take him together. I know it." He said.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because before, when you were just looking at me and asked me if I'd fight with you, I think I remembered something. A feeling I used to have. Maybe we do know each other from before, but our memories got messed up. And someday soon, I want to remember you." He finished and looked straight at her. She stared wide eyed, but then turned away to hide her blush.

"Yeah…I-I want to remember you…too." Just then it hit her. She turned back, put a hand on his face and turned him towards her. She looked at his eyes. 'It can't be…' she thought. 'The eyes I've been remembering?'

"Uh…Cedeile?" Ryu asked, wondering what was going on with her. She shook her head, dropped her hand, and then laughed.

"This really isn't the time to get sidetracked, is it?" She asked. "Let's keep fighting together, okay?"

"You think you guys have to fight alone?" Sora asked suddenly. The two of them looked up and saw that the rest of their friends had arrived. They all had their own injuries they had sustained, and even had some blood splattered on them, but they were there and willing to fight. Hikari approached the two of them.

"Are you going to join us or just sit around making love confessions all day?" She asked sarcastically.

"LOVE CONFESSIONS?!" They both exclaimed, their faces turning red.

"Just joking. Take it easy." She replied. Ryu got up, and then helped Cedeile up beside him. It was time to deliver the final blow.

"TRINITY LIMIT!!!!" Sora yelled. Donald and Goofy joined in with him and sent their combined power at Marucia.

"Holy Purification!!!" Cedeile yelled.

"Lightra!!!" Hikari added. The whole area was briefly lit up, and when it cleared, Aru was back and on her knees.

"Aru?" Ryu asked, coming back from attacking Marucia with his sword.

"We weren't sure what would happen if she used Lightra, but I'm okay now." She said. She stood up and pushed up her sleeves. Fire began to fly around her, and she directed it to the tip of her pointed finger. "FIRAGA!!!" She shouted. The fire spell flew towards Marucia. Cedeile flung the heartblade at him like a boomerang.

"Purify Typhoon!!!" She called out. It hit dead on.

"Strike Raid!!!!" Sora yelled. He threw the keyblade at Marucia. He yelled out once more as it went through him and he disintegrated into nothingness. It was done-they had finally won. The mech began to shake and fell apart. Aru and Donald used Aero to let everyone down safely. They landed on the invisible ground and looked at each other.

"Yes! We did it you guys!" Sora cheered. They group began to celebrate ecstatically over their victory.

"Marucia's gone for good!"

"Garwsh that means we can get our memories fixed up!"

"Maybe you'll finally begin to remember too, Cedeile." Ryu said. Cedeile turned back to look at him and Aru.

"I hope so." She replied.

"But how are we gonna get back to Castle Oblivion?" Sora asked. Just as he finished, a white light flashed around them.


Like magic, they were back inside Castle Oblivion, but this room was different. It was completely empty, save for them and Namine, who stood before them.

"You guys did it." Namine said proudly, and smiling wide. "Marucia has been defeated for good."

"Ah…I'll never get tired of hearing that." Cedeile said, putting her hands behind her head and relaxing.

"Aru, I think we need to heal everyone one last time." Donald said, limping over to her.

"Oops! You're right. Ready?"

"Whenever you are." They both prepared the spell.

"Curaga!!" They said together. Everyone's injuries were completely gone.

"Now what?" Sora asked Namine. She hugged her sketchbook to her chest.

"Well, first of all, Cedeile, Ryu and Aru have to go back through the mirror." As she said this, a White framed mirror appeared behind them.

"Go back where?" Cedeile asked.

"The dream castle. That is where you were before you all passed through the mirrors and ended up in here." Namine explained.

"That's right! Lakchine told me about the dream castle and it's ruler." Cedeile exclaimed.

"Correct. Then, I'll have to fix the memories of Sora, Donald, and Goofy." She added.

"How are you going to do that?" Sora said.

"It's easy. Memories exist in our hearts as chains-each one connecting to another. My power allows me to interfere with this chain of memories and unlink any chain I want."

"If you unlinked the chains, then how will you get the memories back?" Donald asked.

"The links aren't gone. They've just become dormant in your heart. I will use my powers to replace the chains. But in exchange, you will forget everything that happened within Castle Oblivion." Everyone gasped.

"Then…I won't remember you?" Sora asked sadly.

"I'm afraid so. In order to replace your memories, I must undo all the links I created. " Namine replied.

"You can't do that Namine!" Cedeile exclaimed.

"You're our friend now, Miss Namine." Goofy added. "What will happen if we can't remember you?"

"It's okay. " She said. She turned to look at Sora. "Because we'll still have our promise. And I'll always be there, deep within your heart in dormant memories. And I'm sure we'll meet again someday."

"Is that really the only way?" Aru asked.

"I'm afraid so." Namine replied.

"But…I can't…I don't want to forget you, Namine." Sora said.

"It's okay! You'll forget me, but we'll still have that promise. We're still friends!" She began to step backwards, moving away from him. Suddenly, from out of the ground under Sora, Donald, and Goofy, emerged massive, glass petals, like a flower.

"Sora!" Cedeile yelled. He looked at her, and waved, giving a cheeky smile. The petals closed completely, encasing him within. Cedeile ran up to the flower and touched the cold surface gently.

"This device will protect them and help me restore the memories." Namine explained.

"But…I finally remembered…Sora, you're my best friend from the islands. " She said quietly. "And it was you who gave me this necklace…"

"Cedeile…" Aru said quietly. She turned to look at them, and then faced them, smiling.

"It's okay. I'm sure I'll see Sora again-right, Namine?" She asked.

"Cedeile, you and Sora are connected because you are the two masters. When Sora wakes up, you'll know it. It will be clear that he has returned, and then you will meet." She said.

"Are you sure?" Cedeile asked. Namine nodded.

"I'm positive."

"What about the half-angel demon?" Ryu asked.

"She's been taken care of and is doing fine." Namine said.

"Seriously!? That's great!" Cedeile exclaimed.

"You said that we had to go back through the mirror to the dream castle. But before I was here, I was in a desert." Aru said.

"The dream castle uses the same magic that is used here." Namine said. "Without a doubt, you were in the dream castle. That mirror will take you to the top floor, the goal you were subconsciously trying to reach. But…the king of that castle put a barrier in the passage coming from Castle Oblivion to his castle, so it will be difficult for you to get back. You must be careful and keep going forward."

"What kind of barrier?" Cedeile asked.

"I don't know." She said simply.

"Then we'll have to take our chances. What about our memories? You can fix Sora and them, but what about us?" Ryu asked.

"The king of the dream castle will help you." She said. "You'd better go."

"She right, you guys." Aru said. "Let's go." The three of them went towards the mirror. Cedeile went up to go through first, and was just about to touch her hand to the glass when an arm shot out and grabbed her wrist.

"Oh god-" She muttered before she was pulled through forcefully by the arm and disappeared.

"Cedeile!" Ryu and Aru exclaimed, trying to reach for her.

"Oh, it's fine." Namine said. They both turned back to look at her. "Someone is just waiting to meet her."


Cedeile stumbled through the mirror and nearly tripped over the bottom of the frame. She stumbled a bit to regain balance, but ended up falling on the floor anyway.

"Ow…"She murmured. She got up and looked around. It was foggy and white. "Did I even leave Castle Oblivion?" She asked no one in particular. She walked forward a bit. Then she noticed a figure approaching her, so she took out the heartblade, but the figure turned out to be Agent 427.

"Hello again, Cedeile." She greeted coldly.

"Agent 427!!" Cedeile exclaimed. "Where have you been this whole time? I was worried about you!" But 427 seemed not to care. She took out her sword and came at her. Cedeile blocked with the heartblade, even though she was taken by surprise. Cedeile pushed her away, but 427 came back and left a cut on Cedeile's cheek. "Why are you doing this?" Cedeile asked, but received no answer. She blocked 427's sword again, but the force of the attack knocked her over. She prepared to block again, but 427 just stood back and placed a hand on her hip.

"Do you think your brother is dead?" She asked.

"What? My brother? I don't remember…"

"You're stupider than I thought." 427 replied. Cedeile thought that this felt awfully familiar.

"Hey! Take that back!"

"You were there-you think you knew what happened that day, but you were only a child. It was natural to assume that he was dead-because the usual thing that happens when a heartless takes someone's heart didn't happen with him. He's special."


"Take a look for yourself." She said. She stepped aside and gestured out behind her. Cedeile stood and looked. Out of the fog began appearing people…and she was remembering them! First Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, and Cid slid into focus, then Tifa, Yuna, Kai, Benida, Kana, Nabuki, Silver Eye, Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka, followed by Riku, Sora, and Kairi. Then a lady with black hair and a man with black hair appeared-her parents. Her grandfather was with them as well. Then Ryu and Aru appeared behind them. But there was one more. This one stood alone all the way in the back, and seemed more real than the others.

It was a boy, just a little younger than her. He had spiky black hair, and wore a navy blue t-shirt and baggy army green cargo shorts. On his wrist were spike bracelets and a matching chocker adorned his neck. Slowly, he turned to face her, and opened his eyes. They were the same color as hers.

"Who's that?" Cedeile asked. "I feel like I should know him, but I don't…"

"Remember him…"427 said, before she faded away. Cedeile thought for a moment, then looked at him again.

'Who…Who could he be?' She thought.


It came back to her all at once. The innocent face that was looking at her now watched with anticipation. She dropped the heartblade and brought both hands to her mouth in shock. It couldn't be, could it? Tears welled up in her eyes. It had to be him. It just had to be; even if it made no sense that he was alive and well, standing right in front of her.

"Daichi…Daichi!!!!!" He smiled and nodded.

"Sister…Cedeile…I've been waiting for so long to see you again. To tell you-oof!" She had bust into a high-speed run and tackled him in a big hug. Was she entitled to cry? She didn't care. It was okay to cry. She remembered always holding back tears.

"How..? How can…what about..?" She released him, still holding his shoulders, and looked at him. "But you are." He put his hands on her arms.

"I want to tell you everything, but I can't stay for too long." He said.

"Why? Daichi?"

"First of all, I just wanted to say that I've been waiting for this moment for as long as I can remember. The day that I could meet my sister again. You have no idea how badly I just wanted to go back home and tell you and mom and dad that I'm okay. I saw you all crying for such a long time, and I know the pain you've been feeling. It's because you couldn't explain what happened to me."

"I know. You just collapsed in that field, and I thought I was my fault." She said, recalling that exact day. "We'd been fighting all that morning, and mom was trying to get ready for a party or something that night, so she sent us outside to play. We went up the hill, and I was yelling at you, and then you went off ahead of me and just collapsed. I ran to try and help you but you weren't moving or breathing. No one knew what was wrong with you. The doctors said you had no heartbeat-that you were-"

"But I'm not!" Daichi interjected. "Let me tell you what really happened that day. The day was the first ever heartless attack in almost thirty years! It was the beginning of Ansem's plans."

"Heartless attack?"

"A single heartless made its way to our islands. That single heartless was in the field that day."

"So that means…?" She asked stupidly, a blank expression on her face. Daichi just laughed good-naturedly.

"I didn't die. My heart was taken from me by that heartless, who then scurried back into the darkness it came from before you or anyone could see it."

"But then why didn't your body disappear? That's what usually happens."

"I don't know why. He couldn't tell me either."


"DiZ. He's the one I've been with for most of this time. "

"But…your grave, and the coffin…?"

"Someone came and got me. I don't remember whom…but she almost looked like you. She was like an angel."


"I don't know. It was such a long time ago, that I can't remember her name. But she was warm and soft like a mother…I thought she was an angel to take me to heaven, but she told me what happened. She then brought me to this place in the darkness where she promised I would be safe, and there I stayed until I met DiZ. He told me about the Organization, and said that I was like them."

"No way! You're like them?!" She exclaimed. "I can't-"

"Relax. He only meant my state of being. But…I'm also not really like them. Separate. There's something that makes me different. That's what he told me. Then one day…DiZ just disappeared. But then I met Agent 427, and she promised me that she'd help me find you, so that I could tell you this."

"Then…you were…she said she had to tell me the truth."

"This is the truth Cedeile-I never died. I'm not buried in the cemetery back home. I'm here and I'm fine. Well…for the most part anyway." His face noticeably fell.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"It's Organization XIII. They're after me because I've been causing some problems, apparently."

"Daichi!" Cedeile scolded. "Why didn't you come to me sooner? I could've helped you!"

"I wanted to, but I couldn't! First, I had to wait until the Organization was gone from Castle Oblivion before I could show myself to you, and second, the boundaries between the NEO Zone and the world of light were still too hard for me to cross. But the boundaries have eroded away and the Organization is gone, thanks to you and Sora."

"You know about Sora?" She wasn't sure why she was surprised.

"Of course! I know everything about the two of you. And I also know about that story you told your boyfriend about my death. Getting hit by a car? Honestly, Cedeile-there are no cars on the islands. We've only seen them in books."

"What-? How-? BOYFRIEND?!" She stuttered. He took a step back and laughed at her, but then tried to calm himself down.

"That's right. You don't remember yet."

"Remember what?" She asked. He shook his head.

"It's okay-you'll know soon enough. But I'm afraid I'm out of time, Cedeile. Soon, the Organization will find me here in the world of light. I have to go back and hide in the darkness."

"You can't!" She said, and grabbed his hand. He gave her a half smile, and she could tell he didn't want to leave her either.

"I'm sorry, I have to."

"Come with me! We can fight them together!" She said. He shook his head.

"No, Cedeile. You have to on your own path. I can't interfere. DiZ explained it to me, and even though I want to stay with you, I have to accept your destiny, as well as my own."

"But will you be okay? What if they catch you?"

"They won't. Agent 427 will help me. She's always been with me."


"I'm sorry-I'm out of time. But I promise you; Cedeile-I'll come to see you again soon. And when that time comes, I'll never have to leave you again." The fog completely swallowed him and he faded away. Even though she held tightly to his hand, it still somehow slipped out of her grasp. She sighed and watched as the fog got thicker and soon completely clouded her vision.


"I can feel you."


"Don't worry. We'll meet soon. Can you feel me with you?"


Cedeile fell though the mirror and landed softly on the floor, as if asleep, but she soon awakened, as if a spell had been lifted.

"Daichi…?" She murmured as she tried to get awake. She slowly sat upright and looked at her hands. It wasn't a dream-she had been with him. Her brother was-something caught her eye. A mark on her leg that hadn't been there before… "What the hell is this?" She exclaimed. On the inside of her right thigh was a black outline of a heart, with two curved lines on either side extending out, almost like wings. She touched it. It didn't feel any different from the rest of her skin. She tried to rub it off, but nothing happened. "Where did this come from? It's like a tattoo…damn, mom would kill me if she saw this. Hey! I remember!" Truly, she did remember everything-except for one thing. The navy eyes; they were still haunting her.

"Cedeile? Are you okay?" Cedeile whipped her head around and saw Aru standing there. She had just come through the mirror.

"Aru! I remember just about everything!!!" She exclaimed, jumping up to her feet.

"That's great! But what happened in the mirror? You got pulled through by that hand and then-"

"I met my brother, Aru. My brother is alive and well!" She replied excitedly.

"What? You have a brother?" Aru asked, confused.

"That's right, I never told you! By the way, where is Ryu?"

"You mean he hasn't come through the mirror yet? I thought he might of-"

"He's trapped in-between the two castles." A new voice said. Before them stood Cloud, as imposing as ever, even with his crooked crown. "He cannot make it through because of his weak belief."

"Then he's in danger!" Aru said. "Namine told us that if we couldn't make it through, we'd be trapped in the mirrors forever!"

"That can't happen. I won't let it happen." Cedeile said. She turned around and walked back towards the mirror.

"You're going to save him?" Cloud asked. Cedeile nodded, still facing the glass and looking at her own reflection.

"I can't just leave him behind. Even if he's the last person I can't remember. Maybe I will remember him this time, but I will not leave him to die." She stepped through the mirror, the glass rippling around her, until she completely passed through. Aru watched on, worried, but Cloud just smirked to himself.


"Ryu!!!!" Cedeile yelled into the darkness. Brutal winds swept around her and blew her hair into her eyes. She held onto her bandana as she went so that it wouldn't fly away. "Ryu!!!" She yelled again. She hadn't found him yet, but she had only just made it through. She didn't remember her trip to Castle Oblivion being quite so rough as this, but she supposed that the barrier was working against her because she was trying to deprive it of a victim.

She proceeded onward, squinting into the inky blackness that spread itself before her, searching for a lone figure. She yelled for him again, half hoping to get answer, and really knowing that she wouldn't. Still she called for him, over and over again.

Then, she saw movement. She tried to find it again, desperately hoping for it to be him. She saw it-a shadow trying to make it's way through the storm. As it got closer, she saw it was him. He hadn't noticed her there yet.

"Ryu!!!!" Cedeile yelled, and began to run towards him. He finally noticed her and was surprised to see her, and taken more off guard by the big hug she caught him in.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, trying to regain his balance.

"I came for you. I couldn't let you come through alone. That guy…he said that you might die. Because you didn't believe, or something." She explained.

"Why do you even care?" He asked. She sniffed and looked up at him, tears in her eyes.

"Because I remember you. I remember everything…Ryosuke." She said softly. He gasped and realized that he remembered too. Without hesitating, he returned her embrace with his strong arms.

"Cedeile…I'm sorry that I forgot! It's so good to finally remember you." He said.

"I know. I remember everything now. Nothing is missing." They stepped back from each other and smiled. "So, shall we go back?"

"Sure." He replied. At that moment, the winds died down and the path back to the mirror was clear. They turned and ran towards it, not wanting to waste any more time.


They landed on the floor inside the dream castle. Aru and Cloud were there, waiting for them. The small mage ran towards them.

"Cedeile! Ryu!! Are you guys alright?"

"Sure we are." Ryu replied.

"That's right!" Cedeile added. Cloud smirked and walked towards the giant golden throne in the middle of the room. This place, they noticed, had golden walls with scarlet curtains, and that the floor was a royal blue marble. Cloud sat down on the throne, looked at them through one eye, and snapped his fingers. The three gasped at the same time.

"Whoa…what just happened?" Aru asked. "Are you two okay?"

"Who are you?" Cedeile asked. "Hey…who am I? Where am I, and what's going on?"

"Aru, have we been doing something? And who's this idiot?" Ryu asked, pointing to Cedeile.

"Shut your mouth!!!!" She yelled back. "I'm pretty sure just a moment ago, I knew everything about myself, but now I have no idea! Crap, I'm right back where I started!!!"

"If you would all calm down, I'll explain." Cloud said quietly. They all stopped and looked towards him. "Good. Congratulations-you've beaten the game."

"What game?" The three asked together.

"Hold on." He revealed in his left hand a shining silver orb. Out of it came three streaks of light, one bigger than the other two. They flew to each of them and disappeared.

"Whoa. I remember again." Cedeile muttered. "So that's it? We beat your game?"

"That's correct. I just gave you your memories back because you've gotten to the top floor of Castle Chocobo." He explained. "First I had to make you forget. It's very unusual for the players of my game to remember the memories they gave me. But you are no usual children."

"I guess not." Cedeile responded. Ryu and Aru both elbowed her in the side to keep her quiet.

"You did not heed my warning about the mirrors, and you drifted into this castle's shadow. But, in a way, that's what I wanted to happen."

"Hold on." Ryu interjected. "The places I was in-the forest and the theme park- were within this castle?"

"And the desert?" Aru added.

"Yes. They were projections based on you. And those dark voids were what they are beyond the magic. Just big, empty spaces."

"But what about me?" Cedeile asked. "What happened? How come I forgot everything, while Aru and Ryu didn't?"

"That was interesting indeed." Cloud said.

"Yeah. It was because you didn't have one special person." A new voice added. From behind Cloud's throne emerged a girl dressed in all pink. Ryu glared at her.

"Rose!" He exclaimed.

"Mint!" Aru said at the same time.

"What are you talking about, Aru? That girl's name is Rose. And why does she look a lot like Cerulean?" Rose laughed.

"Rose, Cerulean, and Mint are my servants. But only Rose is real." Cloud said.

"That's right." Rose added. "You see, Cerulean and Mint are also me, but they only exist in the dream worlds. They are the other "me's" created by the king. Now, about your memories, Cedeile; you were very indecisive about who your most special person was, so when the spell was cast to take those memories, it took all your memories, because everyone is special to you. Ryu and Aru, without knowing, had already decided who was most important to them, which is why they were able to remember."

"Exactly." Cloud said. "And, with the prompting of the trinity solider, you started to remember. Also, following Sora's memory trail helped you recalled what you had lost."

"But what I don't understand is that 427 and some of the other kept saying that this castle takes on several forms, and Agent 427 said something about you being a different Cloud than the real one. What does that mean? What is Castle Chocobo?" Cedeile asked. Cloud half smiled.

"Indeed. Castle Chocobo is not the real castle, and I am not the real king. Allow me to show you." The walls around them began to crack and break, and Cloud began to change. Suddenly, they found themselves in a glowing place, and in place of Cloud was a man with giant white wings and long, dark gray hair. His eyes were a sky blue color.

"Whoa." Cedeile muttered.

"Who are you?" Aru asked.

"I am the true king, and this is the true castle." The man responded, his voice echoing around them even though his mouth did not move in the slightest. "My name is Majesty, and this is Castle Yume, the real castle of dreams."

"Castle…Yume?" Ryu repeated slowly.

"Who are you, Majesty? And why hide your identity like that?" Cedeile asked.

"Heartblade master, I will tell you all you need to know. I am an angel that used to serve under God above in heaven. My role was to guard all dreams of humans and to keep demons from infiltrating them. However, in my high position I got cocky and began to mess up the dreams and turning them to nightmares. This displeased God, and when he discovered the extent of my crimes, he banished me from heaven and trapped me within this castle. This place, Castle Yume, is the place where all dreams do come from. And I am forever doomed to watch over it, lest darkness and evil corrupt it, for without this place, surely the universe would die. The place always needs an outer shell to mask it, for no humans should ever step foot in this place. And I myself take on many forms to protect myself."

"So that's why you appeared to us as Cloud?" Cedeile asked.

" Yes. I became someone you vaguely knew, so that you would trust me and play my game."

"Okay. But if no humans should ever set foot here, why did you bring us here?" Ryu asked.

"Because you are chosen children. For the heartblade master, God could surely make an exception. You three have played my game, helped defeat Organization XIII, and saved the dream castle. Those nobodies in Castle Oblivion were trying to get here, so that they could control Castle Yume, but they had not the knowledge to break it's shell. Still, they were greatly interfering with dreams."

"Why not just destroy Castle Oblivion? Surely an angel-" Aru began.

"I could now. For Castle Oblivion and Castle Yume are linked. This place is the castle of dreams, and Castle Oblivion is the castle of memories-they are each other shadows."

"Well that makes sense…never mind, I have no idea what you mean." Cedeile said.

"Idiot." Ryu muttered.

"I heard that!"

"You guys! Let Majesty continue!" Aru scolded.

"Dreams are the shadows of memory-forever linked and inseparable. It's because of the flow of time that was set upon the earth. Memory is the past, a record of things that have happened to us. Dreams are the future-what could be. Sora has chosen the path of memories-to go back and remember all that he lost. You have yet to choose a path. But the masters will never walk the same way. That is how is must and should be, in order for them to become the saviors of the universe."

"But what represents the present?" Cedeile asked.

"What do you mean, Heartblade master?"

"You said dreams are the future and memories are the past, but what about the present? Isn't that what's most important?" Majesty smiled slightly.

"The present exists in you, because you control it for yourself. You control your actions and your decisions. Simply, you are the present." Cedeile nodded and thought.

"Then…can I take the path of the present?" she asked.

"Explain yourself." Majesty responded.

"I'm tired of the past, because it can't be changed. It's done and over with. And the future is uncertain and hasn't happened yet. So, can I walk that narrow path in between? Can I live for now, for my friends and myself?" There was a silence.

"That is a difficult road to take. But, I have confidence in your heart and your will, and I think that if you stay determined and focused, perhaps you can live for the present. Is that the path you wish to take?" He asked.

"Yes." She responded.

"Very well. Then you must be off on your way. There is still much to be done." A door appeared opposite them, and slowly opened. "Go through this door, and you will find yourself outside the castle. Go off to your next journey."

"But wait, Majesty! There's still so much-" Cedeile began.

"Go, Heartblade Master. You must find the answers on your own…"

"Thank you, Majesty." Aru said. "For teaching us and helping us." He just nodded and motioned towards the door. The three reluctantly walked towards it and began to step through. Cedeile remained and looked back at the angel.

"Will we meet again?" She asked.

"Probably not. I am doomed to stay here for eternity, and I don't think I can allow you here again."

"Then goodbye. I hope that you can someday leave this place." She said, and walked through the last door.


The sun was bright-she had forgotten what it was like to really be outside. They were on a beach at the base of some cliffs, and the salt water was roaring up onto the beach. It was warm out, and a cool breeze blew off the water and through her hair. It was over.

"Cedeile!" Aru called. She opened her eyes and looked forward at her two friends. She ran over to them, and dared to look back at the castle, but it was not there. Instead, only a cliff and the field above remained.

"So, where are we now? Back in that stupid field?" Cedeile asked.

"Don't be stupid. We're on a beach." Ryu replied.

"But isn't that the field up there?" Cedeile asked, pointing.

"I don't know. I wonder where that door sent us. Hopefully Majesty got us out of that field world and to some other world where we can get a gummi ship and some information…" Aru trailed off when she noticed Ryu looking at a very large rock. "Something wrong, Ryu?"

"I know where we are." He said as they walked towards the rock. There were several names carved into it, one of which was Ryu's.

"What is this?" Cedeile asked.

"A rock. Duh."

"No, I mean…what are the names and stuff?"

"When I was young, my father brought my siblings and myself out here for training, and when we left we all carved our names in the rock." Ryu explained.

"So you've been to this rock. What does that mean for us?"

"Hold on, hold on." Ryu said. "Look." He pointed over his shoulder. "If we keep going in that direction, we should get to my hometown in a little under two or three days."

"Really?" Aru asked, joyous.

"Should be." Ryu said.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!!!!" Cedeile said, and took off, running at full speed.

"Wait for us, Cedeile!" Aru yelled. She and Ryu exchanged looks and began chasing after her.

Kingdom Hearts: Adventures at Castle Chocobo-END


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