AN: what was Dracula doing all that time that Vanhelsing and Anna escaped from Castle Frankenstein? You are about to find out.

Chapter 1:

Castle Frankenstein:

The place was utter chaos when Dracula finally got there. Things Exploding, Dynamos blaring. Circuits were exploding from all the energy. "We are losing power." Igor announced. "The human is insufficient." Stupid old man. Dracula thought. Valerious the elder, he was. Grabbing one of the dwergy, he picked it up and flung it out the window, letting out a cry of frustration. Sighing, he heard his brides fly in. "Master what's wrong?" Marishka asked. "We failed." he said. Back turned to them, he leaned on a table, cringing as he waited for their shriek. It didn't come. "If you...hadn't killed...Frankenstein." Verona began, sobbing." "Silence!" he yelled. Shrieking in fear, they backed away from him. "What's done, is done!" sobbing, they flew away, back to castle Dracula.

2 months later

Sparks were flying everywhere. The Lightening struck again, and Mira gazed down at the man in the iron pod. "One more bolt, and…" The man in the iron pod screamed as a newborn child. "He's alive, He's alive, HE'S ALIVE!" She screamed into the insanity of her lab. Suddenly, she heard a crash, and angry voices screaming at each other. Looking out the window, there she saw the villagers, pounding at the door. All there hatred seemed piled into one as they hit the door again. "Success!" a voice called out. "Ahh!" Dracula stepped further out of the shadows. "Oh count, its just you." she said. "I was beginning to lose faith, Victor." Dracula stepped out to look out the window. "A pity your moment of triumph is being spoiled over a thing like…grave robbery." His voice was toneless, perfectly calm…calm as the dead itself. " I must…I must escape this place!" She yelled. In her utter panic, she seemed to forget the count for a moment, running in circles, trying to gather everything. "Where are you going to run, Victor?" He asked, his voice materializing from above. There was something wrong. He circled her, as if she were a mouse, a mere toy. "Your peculiar experiments, have made you unwelcome in most of the civilized world." He said, smoothly. It was impossible! It didn't even follow the laws of physics! "I'll take him away, far away, where no one will ever find him." She replied, packing madly. "No victor," He said, transporting from the rafters to the mantelpiece. "The time has come for me to take command of him." He said, putting his hands together. He talked as if he were talking to a distracted, frightened child. "What are you saying? She asked. "Why do you think I brought you here? Gave you this castle? Equipped your laboratory?" he screamed, slamming her trunk closed. "You said you believed in my work." She stuttered. "And I do." He said, smiling a heartless smile. "But now, that it is, as you yourself have said…A Triumph, of science," he whispered, rotating toward the machinery. "Over, GOD!" he screamed, throwing his hands up in the air, sparks flying as if to answer his cry. "It now must serve, my purpose." "Good God! I would kill myself before helping you in any task!" She yelled, backing into his creation. "Feel free, I don't need you anymore Victor. I just need him. " He said, stepping towards his creation. "He is the key." She looked up at him, seeing the evil smirk on his face. "In fact, my brides are insisting upon it." He said, circling towards her. Slowly, Dracula backed him into a corner. His eye twitched, and his head cocked to one side. It seemed that he was trying to contain himself. "Stay back." She commanded, grabbing a sword out from behind him. "You can't kill me Victor," Dracula said, he then threw himself on the sword, until he was at the handle, black blood gushing out of him. "I'm already dead." He whispered.

"Ahh!" Mira screamed. It was the third time she had that dream. Rolling out of bed, she checked her clock. Three in the morning, and the third time this week, she had that dream. She heard a knock at the door. Rolling out of bed, she put on her robe and headed down stairs. "Who in gods name would…hello." She finished, opening the door. There stood three beautiful women. One had long red hair; the other golden and the last one had black hair. There gowns were gorgeous, silk and velvet with pearls, she felt meek with just a smock on. "I'm sorry, I apologize for the indecency of the hour." The one with the black hair said. "I'm Verona," she said, holding out her hand. Mira gladly took it. "And this is Aleera and Marishka." She said, pointing to each one. "We have a message to you from Count Dragulia." Verona said. Nudging Aleera, she held out a shaken hand to reveal a letter. "Thank you." Mira replied, taking it from her gently. "Would you like to come inside for a bit?" Mira asked. "We would certainly love to, but we must be heading home." Verona replied. "Have a good evening." Mira replied, before closing the door.

Mira tossed and turned in her bed. Something was bothering her. Then she realized what it was. All three women arrived without a carriage, or even horses nearby. But most of all…. why was she called Victor?