The girls were now back in there room. "I wonder what altered this world so much Naya chan"
"I don't know but I hope kaka didnt get his heart broken." "Yeah i hope so too. But there is a possibilty that he didnt. Remember in Dragonball when Yamcha met ChiChi when she was a little girl? Maybe they fell in love that way"
"I remember that. Grrrr i still hate Chi chi for that." Naya growled. "She basically forced Kakarot to marry her." "Well she didnt force him. He just didnt know what marriage was remember? He thought it was some kind of food"
"Whats the difference?" "Oh well however it happened ChiChi and Yamcha are together now." Naomi said laying back on the bed.
"Yeah thank Kami!" "Why do you say that? Do you have a thing for Kaka"
"Iie!" she said back quickly. "Oh really?" Naomi said with a smirk.
Naya was getting nervous and squeaky voice "Really." "Actions speak louder than words and right now your actions are telling me that you do." Naomi snickered.
Naya muttered somthing under her breath. "What did you say Naya"
"Nothing" she said in a normal voice "But what about Veggie?" Naomi blushed a little "You know how I feel about Geta"
"Ok lets set a truce." Naomi held out her hand. "That neither of us EVER speak of this." Naomi nods. "Never"
Naya sat back into her chair. "Good" "Now what should we do"
"Well we have some pay back" she said smirking. "Sounds good"
"Tonight we shall strike!" she yelled. "Yes! Let's launch our revenge!" Naomi said pumping her fist into the air.
"But what should we do?" They both sat there trying to think of something when Naya's computer beebs. "That can not be good" She ran over to it and opened it "Naomi we have a problem." "Doushitano ka?" she said walking over to her.
"Looks like we weren't completely erased from the real world." "Nani ka?" (End of chapter?) "So our family knows that we are gone"
Naya nodded slowly "You'll never guess what they found." "What"
"Rember that one picture of us at camp? The really embarrassing one?" "...Hai"
"They found it under a floor board." "Nooooooo"
"We might have to go back this is screwing up all the laws of time." "But..but I don't want to go back"
"There might be a way around this a loop hole so to speak" "Really? How do we use it"
"Before you get your hopes up don't get to cozy here we might not be able to do this I am gonna hack Bulma's computer for more power." "Alright" was all Naomi could say. She didnt want to leave the DBZ world but she didnt want her parents to worry about her.
Naya was hoping EVP would work here "Lets see if we can send them a message." "Are they on their computers"
"They don't need to be." Naya said "They could be in the shower for all I care." "Are they least all together"
"We only need to give it to one person." "Well you said that they found the picture of us at camp so I thought they were all together"
"That was 5 hours ago their time my computer just got the message." "Well that sucks the time ratio is different. But by how much"
"Five hours to be exact." "Well thats better than a year"
"Yeah 5 hours and 1 year is a big difference now rebote EVP." " I hope it works"
"I do too" She took a deep breath "Electrionic Voice Phonaenom. If it doesn't work we have to go back." "For good"
"Afraid so" "But we just got here"
"I know" she tapped the key board "this is our chance to change everything. " 'If we do have to go back im going to find a way to get us back here. I mean if we got here once we can do it again.' Naomi thought.
"Three more seconds then we can send our message though a tv screen or maybe radio heck even the shower" Naya shut up after that. Naomi sat down on the bed silent.
Naya took a deep breath "We're ok" "Alright! You got it set so we can one"
Naya tossed Naomi a head set "Yep." Naomi put the head set on and adjusted the mouth piece.
Naya closed her eyes "Hey this should be easy"
"We're going to talk to them all at once right"
"Nope were going to talk to your mom. She is flipping though her radio." "Ok...Mom mom are you there"
"Naomi were are you?" Naomi's mom stopped flipping through the radio. "Hiya mom. Don't worry Naya and I are ok. except"
"We're in heaven" Naya said quickly.
Naomi's mom looked at the radio realizing that that's where the girl's voices are coming from "But how?" "Loooong story"
"Oh my poor baby!" Naomi's mom was crying.
"Don't cry mom I'm ok in fact I might have to come home soon"
"Are you happy were you are?" "Yes I am... very happy"
"Then stay there sweety." "Are you sure Mom"
"Yes dear take care." "Ok..thanks Kaasan. I love you and tell Tousan I love him too"
"Ok I will. Love you too." Naomi turns off the link to that world. " Well now we have to talk to your grandparents"
"Nope" Naya said "They will find out." "How will they find out?" Naomi asked "You get your big mouth from your mother" Naya said taking off her headset.
"Yeah tha- HEY!"