Celeste retained no conscious memory of her 'chessboard' dream at The Necromancer in the Easter of 1999, yet Tol Galen's herb and kitchen garden bore a remarkable resemblance to it.

Snape and Celeste worked at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry until Snape's retirement. In all those years Celeste never sought promotion – she had the ability to be a House Mistress, or to take her career further, but felt it would be improper for two Professor Snapes to occupy senior positions at the same school. However, she never wanted to work anywhere else and enjoyed class teaching. When Snape retired she retired too, and they spent most of their time at Isle Sans Pareil, enjoying the Scilly Isles' milder climate. No longer restricted to school holidays, they also travelled a good deal.

Eleanor and Augustus moved to France. Eleanor took up her Potions Professorship and Augustus secured a Mediwizard job near Paris. Camilla and Young Sebastian attended Beauxbaton, and on leaving they took over the Apothecary Unit attached to St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Illnesses in London. They ran the Apothecary Unit as a separate business, their largest contract being with the hospital, but they also had other major contracts and a 'chemist shop' for retail sales. As Camilla was a potion maker and Sebastian a herbologist, their skills were complementary.

Camilla married a St Mungo's Mediwizard, but Young Sebastian's heart was given to a waitress from The Necromancer. Camilla had one son, Valentine Augustus Severus, who also became a potion maker. Young Sebastian had two daughters; Vanessa Eleanor Leander, and Elizabeth Salazanne Miranda. Vanessa became a Mediwizard at St Mungo's, and to everyone's great surprise Elizabeth became Professor of Divination at Hogwarts.

Lucien and Jasmina had three children; Lucien Severus Salazar, Augustus Leander Fabien, and Alexandra Yasmina Estelle. They were accomplished wizards and witch, but they also all took Muggle degrees – respectively in Logic with Physics, Modern Languages and Astrophysics.

Sebastian married Rebekka Zimmermann and had four children; Rupert Severus Salazar, Franz-Anton Sebastian, Kaspar Reinhard Leander, and Ruth Alexandra Kandida.

In later life Rupert became Professor of Potions at Durmstrang. He had married Harry Potter's granddaughter, Imogen, and so it was Rupert's daughter Elspereth (Snape's and Harry's great granddaughter) who became Potions Professor, Head of Slytherin House and later Headmistress of Hogwarts. Imogen Potter was the daughter of Sirius Potter and Narcissa Malfoy (Draco and Hermione's eldest daughter). So Snape was intrigued to see that Elspereth Imogen Salazanne Snape, the future Headmistress of Hogwarts, was a descendant of the Snape, Potter and Malfoy families. She was also a parcelmouth, as were all of Harry Potter's descendents.

Samantha Johnson was welcomed into the Snape family. As Samantha worked as coach for the Chudley Cannons, she and Guinevere chose to set up home near Shaftesbury in Dorset. When Guinevere retired from the England International Quidditch Team, she became coach to the Wimbourne Wasps.

Fancy-free Miranda played the field for years, but eventually settled down with a Muggle engineer from Pisa; and in the fullness of time they had one son, Giovanni Alexander Theophilus, who was a wizard and a mathematician. He worked in the Muggle world as a civil engineer, and in his spare time dabbled in Divination and Herbology. His son, Cassandro Fabio Bendict (Snape's great grandson), became Professor of Divination at Sienna.

All the family were vegetarian; many were vegan. Amongst Snape's and Celeste's descendants there was always a strand of compassion. There was, too, a curious ability to see into the future – a trait inherited via Celeste's Uncle Fabien who was that strange creature 'a Muggle who was almost a wizard'. Also, to Snape's delight, his descendents included many gifted potion makers and speakers of parceltongue.

To the end of their days, Snape and Celeste remained in love and faithful to one-another. Snape never admitted to his wife that in 1998 he had searched her bed-sitting room, nor that he had followed her to Hogallen Farm, and later to Holy Cross Church. If she had any suspicions of those underhand activities she certainly never voiced them. Naturally Snape felt a measure of guilt about his initial attitude towards Celeste that had prompted such deeds, but he was accustomed to living with guilt. He regarded his actual investigations as 'necessary actions' and, true to his Slytherin nature, he was always prepared to stand by them.

The End

Author's End Notes

My object in writing this was to get Snape to develop sufficiently to become a husband, father and Hogwarts Headmaster. I therefore made him change, and used as a premise the notion that he is a mediocre teacher. I do not like his teaching style, nevertheless I have to admit that Order of the Phoenix shows that he is not a mediocre teacher.

The process of change actually started in Chapter 5 when, via Fabien Lavelle, Snape received a blessing; naturally he was unaware of this.

Because I have created so many fictitious items in this tale, such as Stipa macropungens, Spartina argenta and Zenthem Gum, I feel it only fair to list some items and references that are genuine but perhaps a bit obscure…