The first thing that she noticed as she began to regain consciousness was that her head hurt. The second thing that she noticed was that… well… her head really fucking hurt.

Through the pain Stheno vaguely perceived a noise nearby. After a moment she was able to make out muffled voices. Soon she could hear them clearly.

"I want that thing out of my house! Now Daryl!" A woman's voice. An angry woman's voice that seemed to be trying very hard not to yell. Stheno had to hold in a snort at that. Probably doesn't want to wake up the idiotic spawn!

A man replied and Stheno inwardly seethed as she recognized the voice as the lowly human who managed to sneak up on here (not that she'll ever let any of the other Gorgon know that, she had a reputation to uphold after all). "I'm working on it."

"Daryl…" Oh ya, she's pissed.

"Hey it's tied up so at least we're safe for now."

Keeping her eyes clothes so the human's won't realize she's woken Stheno subtly tries to move her limbs. Sure enough each of her limbs seemed to be bound to a bedpost.

Fools! Stheno thought savagely. Like some old rope is going to hold a Gorgon!

"It's tied up so you what? Decide to keep it around for tea?"

Alright, Stheno was really starting to get annoyed with being referred to as 'it'. She was quickly reaching the point were she didn't know who to kill first, her attacker or her insulter.

"I have this covered. Trust me."

"How does tying it up in the spare room have it covered?"

That's it! Steno seethed. The woman dies first!

With that thought Stheno allowed a load hiss of rage to escape her throat and opened her eyes. The hiss quickly changed to cry of shock and fear.

"Noooooo!" Stheno screamed as she stared into her own eyes. For almost a full minute the scream went on as she slowly turned to stone starting at her feet and working up her body. Soon enough all that was left was a statue frozen in the same manner as so many of her victims. A statue frozen in fear.

"So that's why you tied the mirror over the bed." Sheila commented when the screaming stopped and turned to her husband. "Did you know that would happen?"

Daryl just shrugged. "That's how they beat Medusa in the movies. With her reflection."


He pointed at the now stone snakes where hair should be. "Who else could that have been?"


"I took out Medusa!" Daryl exclaimed with a grin. Was this what the sisters felt when they took out a demon? He could get used to this feeling. "I am The Man!"

Sheila headed for the door. "Well I'm going to bed. Don't forget to take the trash out Mister Man."

The grin left his face like it had never been there in the first place. "Yes dear."

"And while you're at it, take that," She wave at the statue currently straining their spare bed. "Thing out of here."

"Yes dear."


The Collector strolled leisurely through his museum, occasionally stopping to admire a particular memorable piece. Not necessarily the most rare or most valuable, but those that had been interesting or pleasantly challenging to acquire.

The Twice-Blessed would be the latest and greatest addition. To steal the offspring of a Charmed One and an Elder, the one spoken of in prophesy… Well, it would be centuries before he would acquire a more memorable prize. If he ever would.

He actually laughed a deep booming laugh that would have sent a shiver down the spine of anyone around him. Had there been anyone else there anyways.

And just to make his victory even sweeter it was another Elder that was helping him. A being that watches over good was helping him take what has the potential to be the greatest force of good to exist. And the Elder came to him no less!

Oh The Collector knew that Gideon had his own agenda. He didn't know what it was though. Nor did he particularly care either. All that matters is that he gets the boy. Everything else is just icing on the cake as the saying goes.

As the large demon walked through his hall of statues his musing came to an abrupt halt. All the statues suddenly were no longer statues. Most were no threat, but some of those collected were beings of considerable power. And they all were looking at him with very angry expressions.

"Huh, Stheno must be dead." He thought calmly as he casually snatched a spear inches from his face and dodged an incoming energy ball. "How annoying."


The adult Wyatt sat regally in his darkened throne room. His eyes were closed as if he were in deep concentration. He was trying to sense his brother's location. Not that it was really necessary; he already knew Chris was in New Avalon. There was nowhere else he would go. His family was there and Chris was nothing if not a devoted family man.

Good old predictable Christopher.

Wyatt was trying to get his exact location in the city. To no effect. Yet. He was confident he would be able to break the shields though. He was the Twice-Blessed after all. Nobody had more power.

His thoughts were cut short as a black robed demon shimmered into the room.

"The preparations are complete milord." It said, kneeling as Wyatt himself stood.

"It's good that Chris is home. This just wouldn't be the same without him." Wyatt smiled cruelly ignoring the only other occupant of the room while he addressed one who wasn't even there. "Time to begin the Endgame."

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