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Chapter One: The Gilded Age

Lorelai looked in the mirror and ran her hands over her hair one last time to ensure that all the pins were in place. She smoothed the folds of her hand-embroidered dress, admiring the sensation of the delicate beads under her soft skin.

There was a knock on the door. Lorelai watched the reflection in her mirror as Christopher opened the door that joined their rooms. Leaving it open, he crossed the room and handed Lorelai a necklace comprised of diamonds and pearls. Wordlessly she fingered the necklace, pulled her hair back and motioned for Christopher to put it on for her. He expertly drew the necklace around her neck and fastened the delicate clasp, allowing his fingers to trail down the back of her neck when he finished. Lorelai dropped her hair and stood up quickly. She pulled on her gloves, put on her diamond ring, and pushed in the chair to her vanity.

"We should call Rory," she said, her simple words shattering the silence that had hung over their heads the whole day.


Rory laughed at the joke Tristan Dugrey whispered into her ear. It was a bit risqué; had any of the adults heard, they would have whisked her away from the conversation. However, the words thrilled her, the same way the champagne sent warm shivers through her body.

Logan Huntzberger watched her from across the room. She reminded him of a fairy, the way she sparkled. Her diamonds, the champagne so gracefully held in her gloved hand, and her bright blue eyes set against her creamy white skin all sparkled in a way that dazzled Logan. Or maybe it was just the champagne. His own glass was nearly empty, and it wasn't his first. He finished the last sip and handed it to a waiter that was crossing the room. Rory's laugh carried across the crowd and drew Logan's attention back to her.

A cunning smirk played across her lips and her creamy cheeks deepened into a rosy pink. She turned her head ever so slightly, and her gaze landed on him. She nodded her head faintly in recognition, and Logan gave her the slightest of bows. Another tray of champagne caught his attention, and as Rory turned back to Tristan, Logan turned to follow his beverage of choice.


Lorelai too had found solace in the champagne tray. Her head was spinning by the time she was seated at the dinner table. Christopher, however, had not noticed. As usual, his evening had been spent with the business elites, sipping brandy, talking of stocks and numbers, and counting the hours until the cigars could be drawn out. Lorelai had been in the main parlor listening to the idle gossip of the women that surrounded her. She never had enjoyed the gossiping. It seemed so dull, and the women could spend weeks whispering about the same story. Years had passed since Lorelai had tried to partake in the conversation. Her only result was that of having the women gossip about her. These days Lorelai found herself literally biting her tongue to keep herself from uttering a flippant remark that had sprung into her head. The champagne tonight acted as medication to her aching tongue.

Chris returned to her at dinner. He took his designated seat next to his wife without greeting. Once again, Lorelai did not try to start a conversation.


Logan found Rory and slipped her arm through his own. She smiled; surprised that he had snuck up on her. "Hello Logan."

"How are you tonight?" he asked her as they entered the dining room.

"I am well, thank you. And yourself?"

"I have no complaints," he answered sincerely. He pulled out her seat and helped her settle into her chair before sliding into his beside her. "I see Mr. Dugrey is quite the storyteller this evening."

Rory smiled softly. "He was entertaining me with tales from Harvard. It is such a shame that you are at Yale. I just know that you two would get along splendidly."

Logan nodded politely. "Tristan is a fine chap."

"Chap? How British. Did you pick up a lot of odd words while you were studying in London?"

"That I did. But I'm afraid 'chap' is the only one suitable for the young lady's ears."

Rory laughed. "I would love to go to London."

"To hear bad language? Just visit me at Yale, all the boys there forget their proper breeding."

She laughed again. "Not for the language. I want to see the places I've always read about, like Westminster Abbey and the Globe Theater…"

"You like Shakespeare?"

"I love him," she answered, her blue eyes dancing. "His work is the most brilliant of his day."

"Have you read Voltaire?"

"No. Who is he? A playwright?"

"Not quite, but he is another brilliant man whose work you should read."

"Voltaire, I'll remember him. Who else?"

Logan began to list authors he had studied at Yale. Or rather, authors he had been assigned to study. He never actually read the books, finding that sitting in on the lectures was enough for him to pass the test. He was always far too busy to spend his time reading. However, the passion he saw in Rory's eyes when he described the classical books ignited a new interest in him.

He made a joke and Rory laughed her genuine laugh. Logan liked Rory best when they were like this, sharing interests, talking as if they were the only ones in the room. He liked the way she admired his scholarly tales. She had an air of innocence and veracity that intrigued him.


Lorelai pushed the food around her plate absentmindedly as she watched her daughter across the table. Rory was laughing at something Logan had said. It pleased her that her daughter was happy. Yet, at the same time, Lorelai recognized their laughter as the same kind she had once shared with Christopher. Happiness like that did not last, at least not in their society. She sighed and ate a forkful of peas. For the thousandth time she uttered a silent prayer; may Rory and Logan's marriage bring happiness and contentment that her own was so gravely lacking.


Rory reached for her wine glass. The movement attracted Logan's attention. He stopped her hand and held it so that her diamond ring sparkled. Rory's eyes caught his own and Logan felt a surge of pride flow over him, causing him to miss the look of sadness that filled her striking blue eyes.