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Chapter Eighteen: A New Generation

"I'm going to take the kids for a walk," Lorelai called.

Rory craned her neck so that she could see her mother from her spot in the drawing room. "No sweets, okay? Their father spoils them too much as it is."

"Have you learned nothing from me?"

"I like to think that I take what you taught me and do the opposite."

"You, Miss, are quite rude to your dear mother."

"I just don't want my daughters to have their teeth rot out of their heads before they're married. That would definitely make it hard to find them husbands."

Lorelai brushed away her comment with a wave of hand. Rory stood and watched as her mother pulled coats onto the older children, first her own daughter, Lucille Christiana, and then her granddaughter, Charlotte Elizabeth. Rory walked into the hall and settled Little Lorelai into the pram, tucking blankets tightly around the infant.

"I see no reason not to give them candy now," Lorelai continued. "Lucy honey, hold still. They're just baby teeth after all."

Rory rolled her eyes and kissed her daughter. "Dinner will be soon anyway, just avoid food all together."

"Yes mother," Lorelai mocked. "Hold hands kids," she instructed, taking one of Charlotte's hands in her own, forming a chain. She pushed the pram with her other hand. "We'll be back with a large appetite, I promise you."

"Be good, Lotty," Rory warned, straightening the cap on her daughter's head. "Don't let Grandma take you into any restaurants."

She waved goodbye at the window and watched as the small parade slowly made their way down the street. It was not the prospect of dinner that made her worry about Lorelai taking them to eat. Rory returned to the drawing room and picked up her needlepoint. The nervous energy running through her veins made her prick her finger four times.


"How about cookies?" Lorelai asked as they rounded the corner onto Main Street.

Lucy clapped her little hands. "Chocolate ones!"

"No, I want Oatmeal!" Lotty squealed happily.

Lorelai shook her head playfully at her granddaughter. "What nonsense does your mother feed you, child? Oatmeal? That's so…healthy."

Lotty smiled. "I like the waisons."

"I'm sure we can find you both," she said. Little Lori cooed appreciatively, causing Lorelai to smile. She loved these children so much. It amazed her how much happiness they brought into everyone's lives. After Rory and Logan had left so suddenly, the Hartford house, as it came to be known, was turmoil and chaos for several weeks. Emily could not believe that her own daughter and son-in-law had given Rory permission to marry and run away, let alone the fact that she too was pregnant. However, when Lucy was born, peace returned, and the family bonded over the baby.

Rory and Logan often traveled to Hartford in the Model T Rory pretended to hate so dearly, though she confessed to her mother that she often thought of sneaking out to take it for a ride.

This was Lorelai's first real stay in Stars Hollow. Rory had just given birth to Little Lori several months ago, and when the nurse left last Thursday, Lorelai came to Stars Hollow with Lucy to lend a hand.

It was a crisp autumn afternoon, the first time Lorelai had been able to explore the town. She knew her way around from past walks with Rory, but she had never been able to survey the area at her leisure.

"I think I smell cookies girlies," she said, lifting her nose to the air in a way that made the little girls giggle. She looked up and down the street, was not surprised to notice that there were no carriages or cars, and led them over to the small corner diner.

The door jingled welcomingly when they entered, a warm gust of air greeting their rosy cheeks. Lorelai looked around at the pale green interior and felt a homey charm.

"Just sit anywhere," a voice called from what was presumably the kitchen. Lorelai obliged and pointed the children to a table by the window. She wanted to watch the people going past.

A woman stood and walked to their table.

"Hello dear," she said, ruffling Lotty's curls, the young girl's hat long abandoned on the table.

"Miss Patty!" the child exclaimed, bouncing a bit in her seat.

"You weren't at class on Monday," the woman called Miss Patty noted.

"I was with my Grandma," Lotty answered matter of factly.

"Oh, so you are Lorelai Hayden," Miss Patty said, turning to Lorelai with a large smile. "You can just call me Miss Patty. Rory has just told me so much about you!"

Lorelai smiled politely. "Well, Rory does love to chat."

Lotty was bouncing in her chair, anxious for the promised cookie. She let out a happy squeal and flew out of her chair and towards the counter. Lorelai's turned her head as her eyes followed the little girl. Unwillingly she gasped and her heart skipped a beat.

"Oh," Patty said, noting the woman's sudden change in attitude. "That's the owner, Luke Danes. Isn't he a doll?"