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Chapter Thirteen: Pirates Cannot Love

"Miss Anna Wilson, daughter of Lieutenant Wilson and Mary Wilson of Port Royal. It is good to see you," Anderson said pouring a glass of wine.

Anna glared at Anderson. She wouldn't speak. She wouldn't give herself away or anyone else.

Anderson handed a wine glass over to Anna, who looked at it disgustingly. Oh stop being so casual.

"Fine, I am trying to be hospitable and you are only making this difficult," Anderson said sitting down at his desk. He stared at Anna for a long time, trying to use silence to break her.

It seems I have underestimated her. It'll be a lot harder to break her than I thought, but not impossible.

Anna sat still, and stared out to space. If I think of something else, I could block Matthew out. What will occupy my mind enough? Will…

Anderson noticed Anna staring into space, her face softening into a dreamlike state. He knew she was thinking of something good. But what was good enough for a pirate like her. Rum? No. The sea? No. Treasure? No. A man? But who would it be? What pirate could be that desirable? Oh! That man…what was his name? Will! If she's in love with him, not whoring around, I could very well…

"Who is he?" Anderson asked slyly, breaking Anna from her thoughts.

Lovely, just snap out that easily. Go back, don't speak, don't listen.

"Don't pretend to ignore me. I know you're thinking of him, who is he?" Anderson paced the cabin, pretending to think. "What was it…Wadsworth? No, uh, was it James? Wait, no, I remember. It was Will."

Anna couldn't block out Anderson's words anymore. She had to pretend. He's going to use Will against me. I can't react to him.

"Oh dear Anna, you're in love, aren't you?" Anderson said, sitting on his desk in front of her, smiling. "Funny thing, love is. It can make us do…unspeakable things."

Anna closed her eyes, avoiding her urge to beat the hell out of Anderson. Her heart was beating madly in her chest and the room seemed to be spinning around her.

"What am I thinking? The great Anna Wilson who ran away from Port Royal and her marriage to me and became a pirate would never fall in love. What love does a pirate have?"

Anna was getting angrier with each word. She took deep breaths to try and calm herself.

"What? You mean pirates can love?" Anderson said and clucked his tongue at her, laughing amusedly. "If pirates can love, why do they kidnap and steal? Why do they ruin lives? Why do they leave their own parents behind with a debt larger than anyone in the town? Why would a pirate who can love let her parents get shipped away to Georgia?"

Anna's heart stopped. She knew they weren't her real parents. She had no obligations to them anymore. But the fact that her innocent former parents were now practically sold into slavery because she ran away pained her greatly. It's my fault. I know they tried to sell me into "slavery" by marrying Matthew, but…oh god. I never meant for anyone to get hurt.

"Ah yes, shipped away to Georgia to work off their debts to the king. They were shamed from the town because of their daughter. Lieutenant…well no longer a lieutenant…Wilson was stripped from his title. Your family is now prisoners because of your own selfish needs."

As much as Anna wanted to respond, as much as she wanted to kill Anderson right then and there, she couldn't. She knew she had to play his little game and fight things with his own element.

"So tell me now, Anna, is a pirate capable of love?"

There was a long silence. Anna's head was screaming "yes." Her heart beat so loudly in her chest that everything around her was muted.

"No, they are not. The funny thing about pirates, Anna, is they can't commit. They can't commit to their families, friends, lovers, nothing. Why are there so many whores in Tortuga? Because pirates need a quick one, but nothing more. You are no different Anna," Anderson said coldly.

I am different. I love Will. I will commit to him. I love being on the Black Pearl, I committed to that. I can commit.

"You abandoned your family when the going got tough for you. You abandoned me, because you didn't 'love me.' How ironic is that, Miss Wilson?" Anderson taunted. "You cannot love. Why should an arranged marriage with me matter?"

There was a long silence. Anna was facing away from Anderson, tears in her eyes. He's right, I can't love. It's not in my blood. I can't commit.

"So this Will, I suppose he was just a local that you wanted to have fun with, am I right," Anderson lied, knowing he was winning Anna over.

Anna was silent.

"Of course I'm not right. I'm assuming this Will, is a certain William Turner who broke you from jail, leaving his fiancé behind just before their wedding. Hmm, it seems you two are perfect for each other."

Anna knew it was coming. He was going to talk about Will.

"This Will left his fiancé behind while he went off to be a pirate because he's selfish, just like you," Anderson taunted.

"No!" Anna finally said.


"No. You're wrong."

"Wrong? It's true isn't it?"

"He left because he had to," Anna said but cursed herself in her mind. She was insane to talk like this.

"This William Turner was so smitten with Elizabeth Swann ever since he was a young lad. Finally he gets what he wants and he leaves. He can't commit. He's a pirate," Anderson said, "further proving my point."

"You have proved nothing!"

"Oh have I?" Anderson laughed. "Tell me this when Will never comes for you. Tell me when he leaves you for someone else. Tell me when you are all alone at the altar because your fiancé can't commit."

"It won't happen," Anna said, tears springing in her eyes.

"Oh really? Tell that to Elizabeth Swann who so loved Mr. Turner. Tell her that it was her fault he left, not his. Tell her that Will can commit and he can love, just not her," Anderson said.

"Why are you defending her?" Anna asked.

"Because a heart broken governor's daughter has not left her room since Will left. She is a common citizen, blinded by love, and now destroyed by love. Destroyed by someone who cannot love."

"Yes he can," Anna said, through ragged breaths. He can love. He must love, I love him. Oh God why is Matthew making sense? Am I delusional? Oh God Will, please don't turn out like this.

"He can? Has he ever told you he loved you?" Anderson asked refilling his finished glass of wine.

Anna was silent. Will had never told her. He'd never so much as really implied it, not verbally at least.

"Oh…I see what this is. You've created a fantasy world, one where you are loved and in love. This is where you escape. This is why you can't commit. The real world is too harsh. Love hurts too much, is that it? Is that why pirates don't love, because they were never loved? You couldn't have Will, so you found a way to make him leave his fiancé and come to you. Yet he still doesn't love you."


"Stop? Stop what?"

"Stop it! Just stop…" Anna said. As much as she believed it wasn't true, Anderson was slowly creeping inside her mind, taking over her whole self.

"Alright, I'll stop," Anderson said smiling.

Anna breathed heavily. "Why are you doing this? I mean nothing to you! I have nothing to do with you and your stupid little escapade to seek the revenge you want for your father's death!"

Anderson smiled. "You may be a Wilson, useless in the ways of finding the treasure, but it's so much easier to trade a broken soul."

Anna scolded herself internally. He broke me. He actually broke me…I never thought it'd ever come to this…I can't believe myself…I'm so stupid.

"So Miss Wilson, do you mean anything to me now?"

I hate him. I hate Matthew Anderson more than anything in this world. More than I ever hated Barbossa.

"I hate you," Anna said aloud.


"I hate you!" She screamed.

"And that matters to me because…?" Anderson said.

Anna stood up and put his face directly in front of his. "You tore me from everything I loved and claimed to tell me I can't love. You broke my pride and you made a fool out of me! I hate you!"

Anna drew the sword that Patrick had given her and abruptly held it to his neck, ready to slice at any moment. She expected to at least startle Anderson, maybe even scare him. But no, Anderson laughed. He laughed at her.

"Who gave you the sword?" he asked, still smiling.

"That is none of your business. Do not drag anyone else into this," Anna stated with a firm, steady voice.

"Fine, I'll play it your way, even though my way was more fun!" He said drawing his sword and using it to move Anna's blade from his neck.

They circled around each other. Anna wasn't worried at all. She had been trained well to use a sword. She smirked at him, thinking she finally had control in her battle against Anderson.

Anderson struck which Anna parried with ease.

"So you can use a sword," he said mockingly.

Anna raised an eyebrow in question but was knocked out of any thoughts when Anderson came at her with more force this time. Anna jumped away and counter-attacked.

They went back and forth at each other until Anderson surprised Anna, knocking her sword from her, leaving a small cut on her hand. She looked up at him, shocked, and took the knife from her boot, charging at him.

"Not a very good idea, but nice try," Anderson said hitting Anna with the handle of his sword, knocking her to the ground, and the knife from her hand.

Dammit, she cursed to herself. He's a better fighter than I thought.

Anderson stood above her. "So do you want to rethink fighting on your terms?"

Anna opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by a knock at the door.

"What?" Anderson said rolling his eyes.

"Sir, its Murphy," the sailor from the other side said.

"Well, come in," Anderson said impatiently.

The door opened and a man whom Anna recognized as Patrick walked in. He saw Anna on the floor, her hand bleeding and a bruise forming on her head, and was startled.

"Yes?" Anderson asked getting more impatient.

"C-captain…th-the Black Pearl is closing in," Patrick stuttered, still scared of Anderson.

Anderson smiled. "Well, it took them long enough." He walked outside to greet mid-day, leaving Anna in his cabin. He knew she couldn't run.

Patrick walked over to Anna, and crouched down next to her. "Anna, are you alright?" he asked, very concerned for her welfare.

"What do you think?" Anna said shortly, moving to stand up.

"Here," Patrick said, grabbing Anna's arm and helping her up. Anna winced a little and eventually straightened herself up. She walked over to Anderson's desk and began searching the drawers.

"What are you looking for?" Patrick asked.

"Sh!" she scolded and found one of the drawers locked. "This is it."

"What? This is what?" he asked coming up behind Anna.

Anna grabbed an old hairpin in her hair and began to pick the lock.

"What are you looking for?"

"You wouldn't know what it is, now shut up before we both get killed."

Patrick was silent. Anna picked the lock rather quickly, surprising Patrick who watched intently. Anna opened the drawer as silently as she could and saw, sitting on top of several papers and files, a medallion-type object. It was about 6 ½ centimeters in diameter with a beautifully imprinted image of Poseidon with his trident pointed diagonally to the top right side. Waves of water were surrounding him, creating a sort of throne for him.

"What is it?" Patrick asked, in awe at such a small object.

"This is it…" Anna whispered, finally seeing what Katy had been talking about.

Anna grabbed the medallion and stood up, cradling it in her hands. She stared at it intently.

"It's what?" Patrick asked, his curiosity driving him insane.

"It's like a compass. It'll lead to this treasure that was long lost from a shipwreck. This was the only recovered item…or so I'm told," Anna explained quietly.

"A compass? But nothing's happening," Patrick said, staring at the medallion, watching as nothing happened.

"Just wait…" Anna said, watching as the trident started twitching, getting ready to move after a long time of staying in one place.

Outside, Anderson had been ordering the crew around. Everyone went quickly to their tasks as they were told. No one dared to challenge him. If they thought he was insane before, now the glow of madness shown brighter than before in his dark eyes.

"Be prepared for battle! I'm not saying there will be one, just prepare! You never know with these pirates! They'll do anything!" Anderson barked, standing near the stern of the ship.

He grabbed his telescope from his pocket and extended it to look out at sea. The Black Pearl was closing in. It wasn't very close yet, but he could see it getting closer and closer.

Fortunately, we can fool them. Just in case we can't have them catch up right now, I can unfurl the last couple of sails, and be off. The Silent Blade is the only ship in the Caribbean that can threaten the speed of the Black Pearl.

He closed the telescope and pocketed it again.

"Smith, call me when the Pearl really starts to close in. I'll be in my cabin," Anderson instructed.

"Aye, Captain," Smith said returning to his post at the helm.

Anderson made his way to his cabin.

Anna looked at the medallion in her hands. The trident was now moving easier, yet it still hadn't pointed in a certain direction.

"Mary, mother of God…" Patrick said under his breath as he watched the inanimate object practically come to life before his eyes.

The trident stopped moving pointing to the left of Anna. "Bingo," she whispered.

Anderson opened the door to his cabin finding Anna and Patrick leaning over something in Anna's hands. He raised an eyebrow.

"What is this?" he asked suspiciously, moving towards Anna.

Anna looked up startled at the sight of Anderson. She fumbled with the medallion, trying to hide it, but it was no use, Anderson had seen it.

"You have…you wench, give me that!" he roared causing Anna to drop the medallion accidentally at Anderson's feet.

He looked down and watched as the trident moved from its position it was in, showing Anna where to go, back to its original position. He picked up the medallion and looked up at Anna with rage in his eyes. Wait…this means she's a…well…this explains a lot.

"Miss Wilson? Or should I say…Miss Searles…" Anderson said smiling maliciously at Anna.

"You leave her alone!" Patrick yelled, stepping in front of Anna.

Anderson looked at him and laughed. "Step aside boy, you have no business here."

"You will not harm another person on this ship!" Patrick said sternly.

"Patrick, please…" Anna said, not wanting anyone else getting hurt because of her.

"'Patrick, please!'" Anderson said in a voice to mock Anna's. "Mr. Murphy, please take your post out on deck. I don't want to see you speaking to Miss Searles again."

Patrick didn't move.

"Patrick, just go!" Anna pleaded.

Patrick turned around. "I don't want you hurt."

"Patrick, you have no obligations to me. Just go," Anna said not meeting Patrick's eyes.

"You heard her, go!" Anderson shouted.

Patrick looked at Anna as long as he could, trying to at least meet her eyes, but nothing happened. He turned and walked out of the cabin. She's right, I technically have no obligation to her…but I feel that I do. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Anderson laughed at Patrick as he left. He looked back at Anna. "Now, let's have another look at that medallion, shall we?"


Will still was at his spot at the bow of the Black Pearl, waiting to catch up. His heart ached with every minute he knew that Anna was with that bastard, Matthew Anderson. The day was calm and cooler than usual. The sun shone brightly, reflecting blindingly up from the calm sea.

"It's gonna storm," a voice said, startling Will. He turned to see Jack.

"How do you know?" Will asked raising an eyebrow.

"It's too calm," Jack said.

Will looked back out to the Silent Blade, which was getting closer and closer. He suddenly saw something happening…a couple of sails unfurled…the ship didn't seem to be getting closer at the same amount of speed.

"Jack, what's that?" Will asked, standing up, looking concerned.

Jack looked out to the Silent Blade. "Well, it seems that the ship wasn't going full speed. They were most likely trying to lure us. Now for some reason, they don't need to lure us, so they're runnin'," Jack said lazily.

"What?" Will asked furiously.

"Calm down boy. We'll catch them. Of course it will be hard…" Jack said wandering off into some other world in his mind…pondering what he just said.

"Hard? Jack this is the fastest ship in the Caribbean! We will catch them!" Will said, his adrenaline running wildly.

"Aye, we're the fastest ship…but the Silent Blade is not far behind," Jack said, being in his very seldom seen serious mood.

Katy then ran up to Jack and Will, sensing something was wrong. "What's going on here?"

"Something's going on on the Silent Blade. They're running," Will said concernedly.

Katy froze. The only reason she could think of that would make the Silent Blade start running was if Anderson found that Anna was not a Wilson, but a Searles.

"They found out…" Katy said staring at the Silent Blade.

"F-found out what?" Will asked looking directly at Katy.

"That she's a Searles…if they find the treasure before we find them…Anna will be dead," Katy said in a steady tone, trying not to panic. It wasn't in her character to panic.

Will's heart lurched at the idea. No, I can't lose her too. He thought to himself.

"Jack we have to do something!" Will said starting to panic.

"Calm down boy, we'll find them," Jack said. "You'll help Gibbs navigate, seeing as how you are in possession of my compass."

Will hurried to help Gibbs. He tried to breathe, knowing he'd only make it worse if he freaked out. The Black Pearl started to pick up a bit more speed as the race after the Silent Blade really began.

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