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Chapter One...

Raven Roth, age 22 CEO of the biggest publishing companies in all of Gotham. Trigon Corps was passed down to her by her aging father Mark Trigon. She is the youngest CEO in all of the city and has been that for two years. She is number one in our list of Hottest...

"You can stop now Kori, I'm in no mood to hear the rest" Kori nodded and walked towards a large window with a view of the city. It was early in the morning and the occupants of the office were getting ready to start the day...

"Raven I don't see why you don't want to read what it says" Raven turned around in her CEO chair and glared at the red head known as Kori Anders. That said glare always made Kori nervous.

Raven sighed "I hate it when they publish facts about me as if they know me...arg where is that secretary of mine" Kori giggled and Raven began to call on her phone for someone to bring in her morning papers "Damn it all where is she?"

Kori turned back to raven and let out a sigh "you need to relax more Rave. You have been working non-stop for two weeks and Zoe is taking a lot more of your time"

Raven stood from her chair and walked towards her door "I'm fine Kori" she stepped outside and no one was there "where is she?" a man came running down the hallway and stopped in front of her. She looked at him expectantly and he cringed a little. His boss could be scary "where's the fire? Cause I sure don't see any smoke?"

He paled. Her humor was never meant to be funny and it always came out sounding sarcastic and threatening "Mis...Miss Roth...I came"

"Spit it out damn it" he was shaking and she took in a deep breath to calm down "what is the matter?" she asked more calmly this time.

He gulped "Miss Roth I came to inform you that your secretary has quit. She no longer wishes to work for you"

She rolled her eyes. Why wasn't it a surprise to her. "Fine..leave me be" he nodded and left. Feeling like a new man having survived a meeting with his boss.

Kori came out laughing "I see another one quit. What number was she this time? Ten, twelve?"

Raven shook her head "Thirteen"

Kori put a hand on Raven's shoulder "you know Raven being so demanding and hard core might be the reason why they are quitting"

"No they are quitting cause they can't take the heat. Kori all I ask is that they work fast and keep everything up to date. I'm a woman CEO in a man's world I have to be brutal and so must my staff...arg now what am I going to do?"

They both entered the office and sat down. Kori began to ponder how to help her best friends. She knew how raven could be. Having been friends since they were both in Junior high and all. But raven wasn't cold and demanding, no she was made to be that way by her ex-boyfriend. That good for nothing creep that ran out of her...that ran out on them.

Kori slumped in the chair and then smiled "I got it. Why don't you just hire someone from outside the agency. I mean they are bound to be angry with the fact that you don't keep anyone of their recommended staff"

"And what would you have me do then?"

Kori stood and took a pen and paper "I'll just write the credentials needed for the job and post them on the news papers and internet someone is bound to respond. Then you can chose a person that fits you well. How's that?"

Raven began to look over some reports and nodded without looking. This would be a great way for Kori to get raven to get help and relax.

In an upscale apartment two men worked out. One was hitting the punching bag while the other lifted some dumb bells. This was morning routine for both friends for over a year now...

"So Robin read the newspaper adds lately?" Robin the one who was being asked looked over to his friend of seven years Victor Grand and smiled

"No man. I know I should be looking for a job considering I no longer wish to take over my father's business, but I just haven't had the time"

Victor stopped lifting weights and sat down wiping his face with his towel "Robin don't you think that you should have thought about it before saying no to your father?"

Robin narrowed his eyes "Look I know what this is about and I want to apologize, it's not fair that you have to pay the entire rent to this apartment while I live here as well. But I will not go back to that house and I will not take over the company. My father is a crazed man and I want no part in anything he does"

Victor understood well having been there when the father-son battle began ending in Richard Wayne, a.k.a Robin being thrown out of his home and into the cold night of a very brisk winter. It was no lie that the young Wayne heir despised being in the public eye and even taking over Wayne enterprises, thus he chose to remain in the shadows while his father took in all the glory. Victor sighed and stood once more...

"It's okay man I understand, I just asked because I think you need to be out doing something, I know you are not the kind of man who stays around the house doing nothing. Come on we graduated college two years ago and in that time you have gone through about eight jobs"

Robin smiled and resumed kicking the punching bag "tomorrow morning I will start my job hunting again, I have a feeling we'll find something" both men nodded and continued their work out.

Kori was satisfied with her task at making an add for raven's new open position.

"Kori why are you even here this early? I thought you and Roy the speed man would be going out?" speed man Kori's cute boyfriend of three years who Raven had a sneaky suspicion would pop the question any time soon.

She smiled at her friend and sat down "he had to leave for Europe again. You know how his job keeps him away from me" she frowned and raven chuckled "what?"

"You look and act as if you were a married couple. Kori he'll be back before you know it. Hey it's lunch come on we have to get something I'm starving" with that they walked out of the office.

Lunch was relatively quiet for the two vixens. Many young men recognized Raven and had the audacity to ask for her autograph. Of course if you were raven or even knew her personally you would have known that she would flip the finger half the time. Raven was done and over with the male population, oh no she wasn't a male hater or a lesbian, she just had other matters to take care off, men were not in her list at the moment.

Kori too was off the market and she just giggled as the men tried to get a rise out of her friend. None of them would be good for her she observed. They were soon standing having decided that lunch was not going to be peaceful with the males flocking to their table.

As they left a pair of blue eyes realized a bag was left behind so being the gentleman that he was stood up and grabbed the bag running after the two women whom had been sitting a few tables away from his.

"Excuse me" the women heard. Raven groaned and rolled her eyes

"Not another one" muttered the cold beauty. Both of them turned and dark almost purple eyes met with deep ocean blue.

He was awe struck at first sight, his breath caught in his throat. Richard Wayne known as Robin was rooted on the spot as his eyes locked with that of a beauty he had never seen.

She was getting annoyed with the idiot in front of her who was obviously ogling her. She snapped her fingers before his face and he blinked once, then twice "What can I help you with? Or are you not done ogling me?"

Oh the nerve of the woman. Obviously she was not a nice one. He sighed having his dream of a perfect girl shattered by her mouth no less "listen buddy I don't have all day either tell me what you want or get lost"

He didn't let it get to him oh no, he would not let her anger him "listen I just came to hand you this. You left it behind"

She looked at his hand where her purse rested and took it "Thanks" and turned to leave, kori flashed him a smile..

"Thank you very much" as raven left Kori stayed behind "don't worry she's just annoyed, she didn't mean to be like that" and she too left.

Robin sighed "what a bitch" he chuckled and returned to his table.

"What took you man?"

"The most beautiful woman in the world who happens to be a total and complete bitch" Victor laughed and they resumed to eat their lunch.

Kori ran to catch up with Raven who was going into her company "wait Raven, you didn't have to be so mean to him, he was nice enough to give you back your purse"

Raven stopped "I said thanks"

"But you didn't apologize"

"God Kori it's not like it would have made a difference, besides I wont be seeing that guy any time soon"

As they entered her office neither was aware of the person behind the doors. Once they were thrown opened Raven glared at the tall lanky man before her. He had a smile and Kori held her breath.

"GET OUT" Kori ran out and closed the door behind her. It wasn't said to her but she did not want to be in the middle of that.

The man's smile faulted "Raven I've come back" she fisted her hands "honey please"

"Don't honey me...I said get out I don't want to see you. Good for you if you're back but stay the hell away from me"

He took a step towards her "Raven we have so much to talk about"

"God Garfield you fucking left, you left me when I needed you the most and now you come back after four years, what the hell would you expect, me in a night gown waiting and ready"

He chuckled but stopped when she glared at him "I'm sorry raven I just..."

"You just what? Oh I know I wasn't the fun girl anymore. I wasn't the naive girl that you wanted to fuck. But Terra was fun, that's her name right. Oh yeah it is I was told that you even proposed to her. What happened to her?"

He scratched the back of his neck "Terra was a mistake Raven I should have stayed and be with you I should have been..." he didn't know what to say to her.

Raven walked to her desk and picked up a picture frame, a smiling girl with deep blue eyes and the sweetest smile looked back at her. Her breath caught in her throat and tears threatened "I don't need you anymore I don't want you back. If that is what you want then I don't see how you will accomplish it"

He sat down and shook his head "I deserve it Raven I hurt you, but I want to be in your life again and in the life of our daughter"

HER rage was boiling now "Daughter? Do you honestly think that you have a daughter? Do you even know her name? For god's sake you don't even know when she was born" all the while people gathered outside her office listening to the yelling and Kori tried to shoo them away.

"Raven I would know all of this if you let me in your life" she walked up to him as he stood and she without thinking slapped him, not once or twice but three times.

"You would have known that if you had stayed, go back to your woman I don't need you and neither does my daughter...you hear me my daughter" she walked to her door opened it ignoring the staff backing away and pointed at it "leave or I will call security so they can escort you"

He walked up to her "this isn't over raven, I will be seeing you soon, besides you can't keep Zoe away from me I can fight this and I can win"

Sadly she turned her back to him "you might reconsider that Mr Logan or you might find that I'm no longer that naive girl you bedded. I have money beyond comprehension and friends in high places. Try to take Zoe away from me and you will pay dearly"

"Alright Raven whatever you say" he left and Kori ran back inside desperate to help calm her friend down. She closed the door and as soon as that was done Raven broke down and fell to her knees.

"Why is he back? Oh god why does he continue to hurt me?" Kori held her not knowing what to really do.

She held her tight "he is an idiot Raven, I'm sure he wont be any trouble" raven shook her head and stood up.

"I have to go Kori, I need to go home, please you go home as well this has been a very hectic day. Thank you for being here and for helping me" they hugged once more

"Don't worry, and I'm sure that things will change for the best once you get your new assistant. I made sure to make the add very appealing and no one will overlook it"

Raven nodded and picked up her things, both of them getting ready to leave.

It was quite in her house and she was nervous. Never had it ever been this quite. Had something happened? Her mind and her stress level were out of control already. She dropped her things at the front table near the entrance and ran up the stairs. Praying that nothing was wrong.

She thrust a door opened and her eyes watered, her heart pounded and she smiled. On the floor sat her four year old daughter playing dollies and dressed as a princess "Zoe" the child gasped and looked behind her. Her large eyes locked with that of raven and she ran to her mother.

"Mommy! You finally came mommy" Raven bent at the waist and picked up the light of her eyes.

"Hello princess, so where is your nana? The house is too quiet" she walked out of the room with her child in arms

"Nana s making me snack. She's not feeling well either mommy" Raven looked at her daughter curiously "she said her arm hurt"

Raven walked down the steps and soon reached the kitchen where her nana was working "Nana I'm home" the elderly woman smiled

"So early child? What's the matter?"

Raven shrugged and placed Zoe on the kitchen counter top "I wanted to spend the day with my little girl. I hear that you are not feeling well? What's the matter?"

The elderly woman sat down as she placed some cookies on the counter top for Zoe "this bone aches just don't want to go away nothing more"

"Nana you need to rest, I will send you on a vacation as soon as I book the trip later today"

"No child. Who will take care of your baby?" Raven smiled and patted Zoe on the head.

"She'll come to the office with me. It wont be the first time so don't worry about it. I want you taken care off first. You have been working for my family since my mother married my father, you are like my grandmother nana, so please take good care of your health"

The old woman stood and hugged raven "you are too kind my child, however this doesn't mean that you are not going to tell me what happened to you this morning or for the rest of the day. I have a sneaky suspicion that something happened"

Raven sighed and watched as her nana left, she then looked down at her daughter still eating the cookie "your nana is more than perceptive"

"Huh mommy?"

"Nothing baby I'm just going nuts here. Come on lets watch some t.v. and then you and I will play whatever you want"

"YAYYYYY" and then the giggled fit began.

The next morning/...

Victor eat his egg and bacon as he and robin read the morning paper, more importantly the add section...victor side-glanced robin and then wore a smirk. Robin noticed this and looked at him expectantly "what?"

"Got the perfect job for you"


Victor stood and showed him the add...


Personal assistant to CEO of Trigon Coprs. Must be fluent in many languages, able to work extreme hours, able to deal with high stressors and a very demanding boss. Should have at least a degree and must be willing to take the heat. If this applies to you fax, e-mail, or mail your resume to...

Robin stopped reading and looked at Victor "what makes you think I would be good for that?"

"You worked under your father...how demanding can this hot shot be?"

"Good point. I'm going to fax my resume right now. Hope they call me in" he walked across the room

"Don't forget to put your name Robin instead of Richard"

"I know. I don't want anyone finding out who I am and then telling my father what I'm up to. Although I'm sure he knows some things"

Raven sat at her desk reading reports. Kori once again was in her office. She had nothing to do and her modeling job was slow at the moment. Raven rolled her eyes as Kori tried to work on the computer when in reality she was playing checkers.

The fax machine began feeding information and Kori stood up. She was taking the role of secretary for the time being "oh goodie we have an inquiry about the position"

Raven looked up "what do you think? Is the person good?"

"Her name is Robin Richardson and says here that she graduated with a degree in business management and worked for Wayne enterprises, Slade Compounds, Mad-Hatter's delights, and Aqualad's fishery"

"She sounds okay so far"

Kori smiled "would you like me to fax the time and date for the interview?"

Raven nodded "make it for today at three. I need my assistant and as much as I like you Kori, I can't take another day of your famous coffee" Kori glared at Raven and then both of them laughed hard.

Robin stopped cleaning when he heard the machine "hey Vic I got an interview set up for today at three"

Vic came out of his room "that's great man. I'll come with you"

"Thanks. But you can't come to the interview"

"I know. I just want to see that building I hear it's huge"

Robin looked at the clock by the kitchen "it's one thirty, might as well get dressed now and make an impression"

"I'm sure you'll make an impression alright" with that he walked into the bathroom.

Raven placed files upon files to her right and kori finished her last checkers match "well it's almost time"

Kori nodded "I'll stay outside until that person is shown to the office"

"Thanks kori. Could you please call Nana and tell her that her flight will leave tonight and that I will be there to take her"

"Sure thing. About time she got a vacation. Makes me wonder when you will be taking yours"

Raven threw Kori a ball of paper as she closed the door "no rest for the wicked my friend. Now to see how much I can make this girl sweat" she laughed to herself.

But who would be having the last laugh...

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