Chapter 14

Title: Among Family

Author: Angee

Rating: M

A/N first and for most: I would like to thank everyone that stuck around this story. This was a great joy for me and I loved the reviews. As you all know i can not put your names down here because of some new stupid rule, but i'm directing this thanks to everyone. Also, i would like to appologize about the review that i complained about. I must admit that i did not read it properly and thus resulted in me thinking the person wanted this story deleted. the truth was that the person thought that the bathroom scene could have been left out and i agree, but that scene gives the story a more human aspect. Anyways, this is the end to this story and i know the end might be cheezy, but i thought it was the only way to end it. I actually cried in some parts, thus i must appologize in advance for anyone that might cry as well. This is Dedicated to Derek Trigon, he is a characteri had to actaully work around. We all know Trigon is a bad ass demon, but this Trigon here is nothing but the sweetest dad there is. I took my father as an example because my dad is a sweet heart.

Especial note: The children were born on November 2. I picked this date because it is the expecting date for my own pregnant sister. I'm going to have a niece born on that day unless she comes early. I thought i could honor her by having the twins being born on that day. I hope you all enjoy this. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Later.

It was a somber morning. Not even the sky was in a happy mood. The rain that fell only added to the sadness of the day. Raven clutched the flowers tightly to her chest as the tears spilled from her eyes. Robin wanted so much to comfort her, but she wanted to do this alone. The people had gathered around the priest as he gave his last blessings.

The casket that held her father was being blessed with the holy water and she just couldn't take it. She knelt on the wet, muddy ground and cried "please daddy, please. You promised to be here for me, please" the others around her couldn't contain their tears anymore. A strong woman with a character that could be hard to break, was crying her heart out. But who could blame her, her father was gone.

Raven heaved and tried to keep the tears inside, but it was a losing battle. Her eyes closed as she remembered her dear father.

"I want to ride the black one daddy" said the five year old raven. Her father who was holding her hand smiled and picked her up. She was soon sitting on a black horse in a carrousel and her father took the white one next to her.

"Arrrr" screamed raven and in an instant her father and nana were inside her bathroom

"What is it honey?" Raven turned around with tears in her eyes. The ten year old was mortified.

"I'm bleeding daddy"

he panicked "did you cut yourself? Where is it?" nana shook her head and smiled.

"I'm bleeding daddy, but I didn't cut myself. I..."

Nana laughed "the child got her menstrual cycle Derek" he paled visibly and turned around.

"You can handle it right?"

"Of course sir. Now go on and get her some sanitary napkins"

"WHAT?" raven cried more and hugged her knees to her chest. His eyes softened "alright. Which kind?"

"You'll figure it out when you get there. If you need help ask someone at the pharmacy"

Twenty minutes later Derek rushes to the bathroom with two bags full of sanitary napkins "I didn't know which one to get and no one was of help, so I got all of these. Now you pick"

Raven blushed scarlet red "daddy get out"


"I know what to do so you have to get out. Besides it's embarrassing, next time I'll go with nana okay"

He sighed "thank god for that. Alright, oh and congratulations in becoming a young woman my raven"

"Dad!" she closed the door and he sighed.

"Great, now I have to worry about her being a woman. Hell no, she will not be a woman at will not allow boys to be near her oh no sir...Arella guide her please" but he was smiling.

"dad, how do I look?" said a sixteen year old raven. She was invited to Kori's sweet sixteen and although raven was a little anti-social at that time, she was well liked. Her father smiled upon seeing the beauty his daughter had "daddy come on, tell me"

He laughed and walked up to her. He turned her around and she became confused. Derek pulled something from inside his pocket and wrapped it around her neck. Raven looked down to her chest to see a very pretty necklace "this was your mother's. I'm sure she would have wanted you to have it"

"Oh dad" she turned around and hugged him tightly. She ran to a mirror and looked at her self "this is so pretty"

Her father came up to her "you are so beautiful my little one" nana walked into the room and smiled as she watched father and daughter sharing a very tender moment. Raven and her father were not in the best of terms during this time of her life, but Raven loved her father dearly. There was a knock at the door and nana opened it allowing Gar to enter.

"Bring her straight home boy. And it better be early"

"Daddy!" she shook her head but smiled nonetheless and kissed her father's cheek "see you later daddy"

"This hurts. This hurts so much. I want my baby out, I want my baby out right now" said a very pregnant raven. She was clutching the hospital sheets in her fists. It wasn't easy delivering a child and she was going to be witness to that "where is my father. Please daddy come see me. I'm sorry for everything I did. Oh god I'm going to die"

"Miss roth, please you must stay calm. You are not ready yet, the contractions are still very much far apart"

Raven glared at the doctor "shut up. Get my baby out and bring my daddy. I want my daddy" she began to cry and the doctor took in a deep breath.

"Raven, Raven" both raven and the doctor turned to the door listening as someone called from outside the door "Raven it's daddy. Where is my daughter. Where is my baby?" they also heard some nurses shouting to get out of the way. Raven would have laughed, but she was in so much pain "Raven"

"Daddy I'm in here" outside Derek Trigon stopped running and pushing people. He heard his child's voice and ran back a few spaces.


"In here daddy...arrrr, get this baby out" the door opened and in stepped a very worried Derek. But upon seeing his little girl his eyes watered and a ghost of a smile appeared on his lips "daddy"

he took her hand in his large one "I'm here sweetie. I'm sorry for all the fights we had. I won't ever abandon you"

Raven gripped his hand "I'm the one who is sorry daddy" she screamed and the doctor checked her.

"We are almost ready".

A bout two hours later and three hundred pushes...

A bundled laid in Raven's arms "isn't she beautiful daddy?" Derek cleaned his tears as he watched his granddaughter suck on her tiny thumb.

"She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen"

"I know. Thank you dad, for being here. I know that you never wanted for me to have a child this young, but I don't regret it"

He shook his head "no my little one. I'm very proud of you"

Raven watched as her child yawned and she giggled "dad would you like to hold her?" he didn't even get to tell her anything because she put the baby in his arms.

"Just like when I first held you. Welcome to the world and to the Family Zoe Roth, although I would like it if your mother here would let you have my last name, you are after all a Trigon and the heir to our fortunes. May happiness always bless you my little one" he was rewarded with a gurgle and a little spit. Both raven and her father laughed. Life was looking up to them.

"I wont ever leave you my raven you hear that" said her father as she stood before a mirror in her wedding dress. If only she knew that he was saying good bye to her then. It was so clear yet she missed it all.

"Dad, you've been there for me and I don't even know how to thank you"

"You have brought so much joy to my life raven, there is no other way for you to thank me than by being happy and giving your children the happiness and love they deserve" she turned around and put a hand to her stomach.

"These children and zoe already love you so much as do I daddy,. Thank you for being such a great father" they heard the music start signaling that the wedding had started.

He took her hand in his and he remembered when she was five and she wanted to get on the black horse. His child was so grown up and already having a family of her own. His job was already done and now he knew he could die in happiness "lets get you married my little sun and stars" she giggled.

"I haven't heard that since I was six. You will always be my daddy remember that" he kissed her cheek and the doors to the room opened.

And so her wedding began and ended and both father and daughter shared their dance "thank you for everything dad"

"My pleasure"

"May I cut in" both turned to see Robin smiling sheepishly. Derek pat him one on the back.

"Take good care of them all young man"

"Yes sir, I will give my life protecting them if I have to"

"Good. Go on dance with your wife" Derek planted a kiss on Raven's forehead and then let the couple dance as friends and family clapped.

"Daddy please you can't leave me" Derek spared his child a smile as his hand was on her cheek. Her tears were making it hard for him to leave "please daddy"

"I'" he coughed "I wanted to tell you, but..raven please be happy"

she shook her head "how can I be happy when you are leaving me. Daddy please you said you always be there for me"

He nodded "and I will" he took his hand away from her cheek and placed it on her chest "in there, in your heart" then raised it to her head "and in there. I'll never leave you alone my little sun and stars"

This made her cry even more. She put a hand to her swell "what about them daddy? Don't you want to be there for when they are born? I want you to hold them the same way you did with Zoe and tell them the same thing you told her. Please daddy, please don't leave" she began to take in deep breaths. It was so hard saying goodbye to someone so important in your life.

Robin placed a hand on her shoulder "Raven" she looked up at him with her teary eyes and he almost cried himself. But this time he needed to be strong for her. He then looked at his father in law.

"Take good care of them my son. You will be the man in this family now" he coughed again.

"Mr. Trigon please take it easy"

"You know I always wanted a son, but when I held raven I didn't care about it, I figure if I was given a little girl it meant that I would be rewarded in many different ways. I was right, she was the light of the house after her mother passed, and she even put me in my place. But because of her I gained a son, and a very sweet grandchild. I'm sure that these two in there will be as sweet as my zoe because they have you and raven as their parents"

Raven took his hand again "daddy I don't want to see you go"

"We must die some day raven. This is my time. Arella is waiting for me" upon hearing her mother's name Raven broke down and Robin held her in his embrace "wait for me Arella I'm almost there, allow me to say one more thing to our children"

Raven looked at her father strangely "mother is waiting for you?"

"Yes...Robin I want you to please do this one request"

"Yes father" Derek smiled.

"My son, please hold your children in your arms and welcome them into the world and into our family. Bless their future as I blessed that of my child and grandchild. Be their guidance and their support"

"I will father, I will"

"Thank...thank you. Raven I love you my little sun and..." his eyes closed and his hand dropped to his side "stars" he whispered. His gentle old eyes closed for the last time.

Raven shook him "daddy?" the heart machine beeped and Raven knew what it meant. She turned to Robin and hugged him tightly to her or as best she could. Her tears would not stop.

"Where is grandpa mommy?" Zoe was being dressed in a beautiful white dress. Raven was dressed in a black one while Robin wore his black suit.

Raven held the tears for her child "grandpa is with your grandma"the child squealed in happiness.

"really? Can I see them both?" robin who was by the door entered and sat down on the bed.

"You can see them in your heart. Honey your grandpa is in heaven and he can't come see you just yet"

her eyes watered "but why? Did I make grandpa angry?" Raven hugged her child.

"No my little one, not at all. Your grandpa just had to go to heaven because he was sick, but I promise one day you are going to see him again and he will be better and will play with you"

"Heaven is where all the angels go Zoe" she pulled away from her mother and looked at her father "that's where your grandpa is, with the angels" she ran up to him.

"Is grandpa an angel too?"

He picked her up and sat her on his laps "very much so. He will be looking after you for always and forever"

She squealed again "I can't wait. Can I talk to him?"

"Yes. Whenever you want and even if you don't hear him talking back to you, you should know that he is here" he pointed at her heart and then her head "and there. So when you want to talk just talk"

Raven stood up from her kneeling position with great difficulty but managed. She walked up to her husband and child "we have to get going now" Zoe slid down her dad's legs and ran outside the room. Robin stood and brought her into his embrace.

"How are you holding up my love?"

"Thank you for being here robin. I don't think I can last too long. My chest is full of pain and I just need to let it out, but I don't know how"

He tightened his embrace "you will know soon. But please take it easy not just for the babies, but I want you, and I mean you my love to be okay. This stress is not too good for your health"

"I know" she began to cry "I miss him so much"

"As do I raven, but as I told can always talk to your father. When you have the need go on and talk to him" she nodded "lets go. The others are waiting".

Raven looked up at the sky as it rained. The drops falling down her face didn't sooth her pain, it only increased it "why daddy?" she pounded the ground.

Kori and Roy walked up to Robin "we are going to take Zoe to the car with us"

"Thank you. I'll be with Raven here" the couple left and Nana approached him next.

"Will you both be okay?"

He spared her a smile "yes nana. I'll make sure that Raven is okay. Don't worry. Just go on we wouldn't want to see you get sick" she hugged him tightly "go on nana"

"Thank you son. You are a great person"

Great...he didn't feel like so. His wife was crying her heart out and he didn't know how to sooth her pain. How great was he, he wondered. Victor and his girlfriend both bid him and Raven farewell and he nodded in their direction.

Robin knelt down beside his wife "honey, do you want to stay a little bit longer?"

Raven looked at him and put a hand to his cheek with mud "yes, I can't seem to leave my dad. I know it's stupid, but it feels as if he is going to be alone" Robin chuckled lightly.

"Your mother is beside him, I'm sure both of them are very happy together"

"I'm sorry, I just don't know what I'm saying anymore"

He brought her into his arms not caring about the mud around them both "I don't know what else to tell you, but honey your dad is in a better place and he is with the love of his life. I say he is going to be very happy and when we are all ready to meet with him again, we will be as happy"

She smiled "how do you do that?"


"Lift my spirits up like that?"

He kissed her and then put a hand to her own cheek "because it's why I'm here for. It's the reason for why we found each other. You are the only woman that can make me mad with anger and mad with love at the same time, as I'm the only man that can put a smile on that angry face of yours and make you happy"

Robing lifted her off of the ground "now, lets get you out of this rain and into some warm clothes"

"I don't want to be at the wake Robin. I want to be alone if you don't mind"

"I understand". Raven kissed her father's casket and bid him goodbye.

"Till we meet again daddy".

Two days later Raven walked down the hall towards her room passing that of her child. She stopped as she peeked inside and saw Zoe playing tea party "how about you grandpa? Do you want water or tea?"

Raven didn't know what to make of the scene so she just stood there watching.

"Tea? But grandpa water is better than tea" she giggled bringing a cup to her face and smelling it "you are right, this is better than water. Mommy cries at night grandpa. She cries for you" her voice became small and raven ached for her child.

"Are you coming back grandpa? Oh, but we are going to see you again right?" she clapped multiple times.

Robin came up to raven as she stood by the door "What's wrong?" she turned around.

"She's talking to my father. They are playing tea time" he held her from the back.

"See, she's going to be just fine. But it's time for her bed time" Raven nodded and both entered the room "Zoe time for bed"

The little girl put her tea cup down and ran to her bed pulling herself onto it. Raven picked up her favorite teddy bear and placed it with zoe "good night baby"

"Night mommy" Robin leaned down and kissed her "night daddy"

Both left the room and turned the light off, but before they could leave Zoe giggled "good night grandpa" and her tiny lids closed and her breathing signaled her sleeping state.

It was difficult overcoming the loss of a loved one, but with Zoe and Robin by her side she knew she would be okay. She laid in bed one morning not feeling well. Robin had left for work and zoe was at school. She really wanted to be doing something, but nana and her robin had banned her from any work.

Raven sat up in bed and looked out of the room's window to see snow falling. She smiled brightly and got off the bed walking towards the window "the first snow fall" she muttered.

She felt a hard kick and put her hand there "damn that was hard" her phone rang and she walked quickly to pick it up "hello"

"Hey honey"

"Robin, are you coming home soon?"

"Yes, I wanted to tell you that because of the snow I might be delayed a little. How are you feeling?"

Raven played with the cord of the phone "I have a little back ache, but I think it might be because you and nana wont let me off the damn bed. I'm sick of being treated like some..." she looked down at herself not understanding what was going on.

"Raven?" she griped the phone tightly "Raven?"

"Robin something happened"

"What is it?" he was panicking and it could be heard in his voice. She could picture his face and his eyes filled with worry.

She took in a deep breath "my water broke" she heard Robin slam something "robin?"

"Sorry what did you just say?"

"My water broke and I mean my internal water robin" she heard him take a deep breath.

"I'm on my way. Call nana and an ambulance, hurry" she hung up and walked towards the door to her room.

"NANA" she screamed and waited for a few minutes till the old woman made up the stairs "nana"

"What is it child?" the old woman took Raven's hand.

"My water broke, I have to get to the hospital" with that said the old woman went over to the phone and called for an ambulance. After a while they arrived to find raven breathing in and nana holding her hand.

Robin was a frantic mess. He was driving under bad conditions but nothing was going to keep him from his wife and the birth of their children. That's when he realized that he would have to make a sudden extra stop. He turned right towards the direction opposite of the hospital.

Zoe played with her friends while the teacher spoke with an assistant. She nodded yes to the assistant and then the door was opened. Robin walked in "sorry to disrupt the class but I'm here to pick my daughter up"

"Yes Mr. Wayne I was told that you wish to take her to the hospital. Is there something wrong if you don't mind me asking?"

Robin glanced towards zoe who had yet to see him "My wife is having the babies already and we would love for Zoe to be there for the birth of her siblings. I want to be there soon if you don't mind"

"Of course not. Please go ahead and get her" robin walked around the students who were playing. Some looked up at the tall man and wondered what he wanted. He knelt at Zoe's table.

"Zoe" she turned around and her eyes lit up.

"Daddy!" she threw her arms around his neck "what are you doing here daddy?"

He kissed her cheek "I came to get you because I'm sure you want the babies don't you?"

"The babies are here?"

"Not yet, but they are waiting for you. Lets go mommy is also waiting" she clapped many times as Robin walked over to the teacher and took zoe's bag and coat from her hands "thank you"

"No problem. Congratulations. Zoe you're going to be a big sister"

"Yup. I'm going to be the bestest sister ever. Bye miss loopy"

She laughed "it's Croonie, you'll get it soon enough. Bye honey"

At the hospital...

"Where is he? I'm going to kill I'm going to fire his ass first and then kill him. Get that bastard that got me like this in here right now or else you are all going to pay" she took in deep breaths and her cheeks were tinted red, from the pain or the anger no one was sure. Nana just stood back away from the young woman who could easily break someone's hand.

"He is on his way Raven don't worry about it"

"Don't worry, don't worry...I have to worry he should be feeling pain right now. I should be squeezing that hand of his for touching me and getting me in this state"

"You went along with it Raven. It takes two as they say"

Raven put the pillow to her mouth and screamed, the pain was really getting to her "Fucking shit. I hate this...arr I'm going to kill that mother fu..." the door opened and everyone turned to see Kori and Roy panting.

"Sorry we rushed cross town and the snow is getting worse" nana was trying to warn them about raven

"Sorry...Sorry, what do you mean it's getting worse? Where is Robin?"

Kori pushed her husband out of the room "you better not be in here when she gets in to that rage of hers" he nodded. Nana followed him. Kori was the only one left to deal with raven "now, why don't you take it easy and take in deep breaths"

Raven's glare shut the woman up instantly "now, why don't you sit over there and look pretty while I deal with these two kids trying to rip my inside apart. Wont you be a dear and do that for me Kori?" kori nodded and quietly took a seat in the room "If I so much as hear that I should take it easy from anyone else I'm going to explode"

There was a commotion outside the room and both women looked at the door "Raven...where is she?" Raven laughed remembering a time when her father was just as frantic. That also made her eyes watered and she took in a deep breaths.

The door opened and both Robin and Zoe rushed inside "mommy we made it" Robin rushed to raven and kissed her.

"How are you?"

"Just great...I mean I feel like I'm being torn and there this burning feeling down there, so yeah I'm fine. How about yourself?" Robin kissed her again even though he knew she was being sarcastic "I want them out now"

"I'm sure that it will be soon, now take in deep breaths and take it easy" that did it. Raven shoved him away from her with a force that could rival that of a sumo wrestler "what was that for?"

Kori was laughing but soon stopped as raven looked at her "sorry. Robin she's not in the best of moods at the moment, so I suggest you don't tell her to take it easy"

Raven crossed her arms over her chest "just get the doctor and tell him or her to hurry the hell up"

"Mommy looks scary" raven looked down at her daughter and smiled.

"Hi there sweetheart. Sorry for ignoring you. Would you like something to drink. I have juice over by that table. I bet there's some cookies too" the other two just looked at amazed. One minute she's a total pain in the ass, the next she's the sweetest mother there is.

The child ran to the table and kori poured her some juice in a cup "thank you auntie"

The door opened once more "alright Mrs. Wayne we are going to see how far along you are and then we are going to be ready to have these babies out"

She let out a sigh of relief "finally. Come on don't stand there check me already" the others laughed as the doctor nervously walked up to Raven. He knew that this woman was not an easy person.

It took about another hour before Raven was in real labor. She was holding on to the bed for dear life as she was told to push. Yeah she was going to kill whoever said pregnancy was a joyful time. "One more push" shed pushed with all her might "come on the head is out"

Robin ran to see and his eyes widened. He then looked at raven "the baby is almost out honey"

"Arr shut the hell up" she gave one more push and the wailing child was out. But she didn't have time to celebrate yet.

"It's a girl Raven a little princess" exclaimed the happy robin. He watched as the child was taken by nurses and cleaned up before Raven gave another blood filled scream. His attention returned to his wife "come on one more time"

Raven pushed and pushed all the while picturing robin in a death grip delivered by her. If he didn't shut up she was going to kill him "Robin shut up" the doctor and nurses laughed, but robin didn't. Another two minutes later and another child came out but this one wasn't wailing at all. Her heart seemed to stop momentarily.

"That's strange" said the doctor.

Robin became worried some "why isn't he crying?" he? I have a son?

Raven looked up trying to see what was wrong with her baby "what's wrong with him?" she could hear her daughter screaming, but why wasn't her son crying. The doctor cleared the child's air ways but it did not cry at all. His eyes were closed but he was breathing.

Raven asked for her son and robin took him in his arms "why don't you cry little one?" he walked over to Raven and handed their son to her "here's mommy"

Raven let the tears spill "cry sweetheart" the doctor smiled.

"He is just a quiet one. Don't worry some babies don't' cry" but the parents didn't look up at all. Their son rested against his mother's chest as his eyes stayed closed. Raven looked towards the wailing sound of her daughter and smiled. soon their son cried and both let out sighs of reliefs.

"I want to hold her" the nurse brought the baby girl to her parents. Raven held her son in one arm and the other arm her daughter was placed "Look robin they are so beautiful"

That's when he remember the request his father in law asked him. He smiled "may I hold them?"

She blinked "of course honey, they are your babies too" She carefully handed each of them to him "be careful"

"I know" he leaned down taking them and kissed their tiny foreheads "hello there my little ones, welcome to the world and welcome to our family. You two are going to be blessed forever and for always. There is a little girl outside who is your big sister and she is just dying to meet you both"

Raven's tears resurfaced and she nodded for him to go out and show the babies to their friends and family. She let her head drop to the pillow as the doctor worked on getting her ready for the healing process. Life was good for her and she smiled because she knew someway her father was with her.

Robin walked back into the room just in time to see the nurses writing the last name of the children down "what names will they have?"

Raven lifted her head and looked at Robin "I would like to name our son Robin"

"Alright. Can I name our daughter?"

"Yes. I want to name our son Derek"

"That's the perfect name, Derek Wayne. Very strong. Well my son welcome to the family. Now as for my little princess, I think it would be great to name you Cloe. Not so quite like your sister's name but close enough and it was because of her that I got to be with your mother"

Raven smiled "yes, Zoe was our little cupid in a way. Derek Wayne and Cloe Wayne. Welcome to the world" both knowing that happiness would forever remain in their lives.

"and that my loves is how your mother and I met" said a very happy Robin. The three children before him clapped as his story finished and he looked up as a person stood by the door.

"Telling the kids that story again Robin?" He smiled as his wife of six years walked into the room.

"Of course"

"Come on mom you know that we love hearing that story" said the ten year old Zoe. She had grown into a lovely young girl with long hair. The twins whom were six both nodded in agreeance.

Raven rolled her pretty eyes "it's time for dinner. I made pasta" the kids ran out of the room down to the dinning room. She laughed and leaned against a wall "so, what are we going to do tomorrow?"

"We are going to visit your father as I promised the kids and you and I will then head to the clinic to check on this little one" he said as he approached his wife and put a hand to her stomach.

"Your mother wants us to join them for dinner tomorrow"

"Sure. Hey did Kori and Roy call from their trip?"

She shook her head "you know they are having too much fun with their children. They need it anyways. But victor did call and he says that he is ready to pop the question to his bumble bee as he calls her"

"That's great. Come on I really need to eat something and those three down there will not leave anything to their old man" they both walked of the room making their way to their family where laughter filled the house and squeals filled the room.

Outside the window the petals fell and a happy old man once known as Derek Trigon and an old woman known as Nana watched as their family was safe and sound. Be happy my children.

Raven and Robin both smiled as a gentle wind passed by them in the dinning room. Both shared a look and knew that they were with family once again.

The End...or maybe the beginning...

A/N...That was all i could write and i hope it was to your liking. I thank you all for your kind words. apologies again. Till i write again friends.