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Title: My Crazy Life

Pairings: Seto/Serenity, Joey/Mai, Tea/Yugi

Summary: Serenity was always been told to stay away from the arrogant CEO Seto Kaiba. But when Joey needs the money, how is Serenity supposed to tell Joey that she now works for him?

Category: Humor/Romance

Chapter 1: It's only the beginning...


"I'm up. I'm up!" a male voice said, one that could only belong to the irascible blonde, Joey Wheeler. Joey glanced at the clock '7:00? Time for sleep.' Joey put his head back down to the pillow in order to fall back asleep, but never could since the smell of pancakes filled the air. "FOOD!" Joey scrambled to get up and ran out his bedroom and stop abruptly in the living room, smiling to his younger sister who was making food. The blonde yawned and sat in the chair, trying not to look feverishly hungry.

"Good morning Joseph. Would you like some pancakes?" Serenity said, putting a few on his plate. Serenity couldn't help but giggle as Joey quickly ate his share of the pancakes. "Here, have mine. I'll have a granola bar or something." Joey gave her a 'Are you sure?' look and she nodded. He quickly ate the rest and rubbed his stomach. "Ahh! I'm ready for school!" He said as he got up and stretched. Serenity shook her head. "Joey?"

"Yeah Seren?"

She chuckled. "Put some pants on."

Later, before school

"Hey guys. What's up?" Yugi said as Joey and Serenity came walking up to them.

"Nothin' much Yug. Kinda glad."

"Why is that Joey?" Serenity asked innocently.

"Haven't seen moneybags dis mornin." At that moment, a black limo pulled up behind the group. Out stepped the arrogant CEO himself, Seto Kaiba. He smirked coldly when he saw Yugi and his group. He walked up to them slowly and poised and smirk at Joey, who was glaring.

"Well, well. If it isn't the mutt."

"Watch it, moneybags. I'm in da mood fo fightin dis mornin." Joey said with his Brooklyn accent.

"I'd like to see you try." Kaiba said, provoking him.

"Joey, don't do anything rash." Tea said, grabbing his arm. He quickly pulled it away and glared. "Stay outta dis guys." He turned his attention back to Kaiba, who was smirking.

"Joesph Wheeler, don't you dare." Joey looked at Serenity, who had her hand on her hip.

"Well, mutt, hiding behind a girl?" Kaiba said, laughing coldly. That received a death glare from Serenity.

"We don't need any comments from the peanut gallery." She sneered at him, while he had slits for eyes.

"Let's just go before the bell rings." Yugi said, trying to prevent a fight. Tea nodded and Yugi and her started walking away. Joey glared at Kaiba once more then slowly walked with Tea and Yugi. Serenity started to follow her brother but someone grabbed her wrist. She slowly turned around saw Kaiba, who was smirking at her. She shivered when he came towards her, his hot breath on her ear. "You'll regret that comment, Wheeler." He pulled away and turned quickly, walking towards the door to the school.

"Come on Ren!" Joey called, waving his hand over. Serenity looked towards the retreating form of Seto Kaiba then back to Joey. "Coming." She called weakly and walked hurriedly towards Joey and the gang.

First period

Serenity ran into her first period class, only to get abrupt glances. She smiled sheepishly and apologized. "Gomen sensei. I got lost."

"Thank you for the rude interruption. Go sit down!" Miss Morton (1) pointed to the only open seat, next to a smirking Seto Kaiba. 'Kami-sama, save me now.' She quickly rushed next to the arrogant CEO and took out her notebook to take notes. She felt an incessant stare and turned to see Kaiba staring at her. She growled quietly and mouthed 'What?'

He shrugged turned his attention to the teacher. She grunted and copied down more notes.

Kaiba thought silently to himself. 'Messing with her will be fun.' He glanced at Serenity and quickly stole her notebook. She gave a slight squeak then turned to Kaiba. 'Give it back.' She mouthed.



"Well class, I am done for today. You may talk amongst yourselves." The teacher said, sitting at her desk.

"Give it back Kaiba!" Serenity said, grabbing for it.

"What are you going to do about it Wheeler." Kaiba said, putting emphasis on Wheeler.

"I can see why my brother hates you." She mumbled, but he heard.

"Well, if Wheeler is a mutt, would that make you a bitch?" Kaiba said, waving the notebook in front of her face. Serenity growled and grabbed it as the bell rang. She grabbed her things and quickly walked out of class. She sighed and started to walk towards her locker, but was pushed into the wall. Serenity looked up and met cold, blue eyes. "I told you you'd regret that comment Wheeler."

"Didn't you already do enough?" Serenity spat.

"It's just a simple proposition Wheeler. Become my secretary."

"What? Are you kidding? Become your secretary all for saying something about the peanut gallery?"

"Well, this is to your benefit too, Wheeler. Something about rent is late?" Kaiba smirked and Serenity frowned.

"Nothing of that sort Kaiba. Who led you on?" Serenity smirked and wiggled out of his grasp and walked to her locker, never looking back.

Later that day

Serenity opened the door and sat down on the couch. She heard her brother yelling clearly. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE RENT IS LATE! YOU CAN'T THROW US OUT!" She heard the phone slam violently and her brother walk in, disgruntled.

"Big brother?"

"Seren, we need to come up with money fast or we can't afford this place."

'How did Kaiba know?' Serenity thought, but put her hand on Joey's shoulder. "We can do it big brother. We just both need to get jobs."

Joey sighed. "Alright Seren. I'll go look for one now." Joey mumbled some curses under his breath and grabbed his key and slammed the door. Serenity rubbed her temples and got out the phonebook. 'Stupid Kaiba. Stupid Kaiba! I hate you!'

"Hello? Kaiba Corporations?" Serenity grumbled to herself.

"Hello? May I speak to Mr. Kaiba? It's about the secretary position."

"One moment, please."

Serenity waited a moment, until she heard that sickening voice.

"Wheeler? I knew you'd call."

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