Hello again. I felt it unfair to update my Naruto story and not any of my other ones. So, here's the YGO one while I work on the Teen Titans one.

Chapter 5.

"He is the most egotistical, confusing, stupid person I have ever met!" Serenity yelled, walking in her house and throwing her coat on the couch.

"Who is Serenity?" Mai asked, coming from the kitchen.

"Kaiba, he just… Mai! What are you still doing here?" Serenity asked, walking to the kitchen table and sitting down. Right now, she just wanted to listen to some music, relax, and be alone.

"Joseph called me, that idiot. His car broke down and he wanted me to watch you. I let myself in, sorry. You shouldn't leave the door unlocked, sweetie. Anyways, I asked if he needed a ride and he said Tristan was coming to get him." Mai explained, taking her hair from the ponytail it was in. "I made dinner, so sit." Serenity sat at the table while Mai brought out two bowls of ramen. "So what about Kaiba?"

"I didn't go watch Mrs. Satoshi's son, I went to watch Mokuba." Serenity explained, starting to eat her ramen.

"I figured. What happened?" Mai asked, following Serenity and eating.

"He's just… Kaiba. He walked in, brushed my hair out of my face and told me to get lost."

"That's it? Honey, the way you're putting it, makes it seem like he kissed you again." Mai joked, running her fingers through her hair.

"Thanks for the support Mai." Serenity muttered sarcastically, under her breath.

"I was only kidding." Mai laughed softly.

"Stupid car… stupid engine…" A voice mumbled from the doorway. Serenity heard a door click and smiled. She picked her head up and turned it quickly towards the voice.

"Joey!" Serenity got up and ran over to her brother, hugging him tightly when she reached him.

"Hey Seren, sorry bout that. I thought I'd be home to make dinner…"

"Good thing you didn't, Joseph. I don't want to kill the poor girl." Mai joked, hitting his arm lightly. Joey blushed and stuttered.

"E-Err, Mai. Don't say dat bout me."

"Is there something going on between you two?" Serenity pointed at Mai then at Joey, moving back and forth between them.

"Seren!" Joey yelled and blushed as Mai laughed. "Go to bed or something!"

"Oh, well, let me leave you two alone." Serenity giggled and walked out of the room, mumbling a good night and waving slightly.

"THAT WASN'T FUNNY 'REN!" Serenity heard Joey yelled and she laughed loudly, closing her bedroom door.

Serenity flopped down on her bed, hitting her head. "Ouch, fuck!" She normally wouldn't swear, but it needed to be said. Holding her head, she looked over to her desk. Books and papers clouded anything from being seen but she could still see the brightly smiling faces of her and her brother when they were little. She got up slowly, rubbing her hurting head, taking the picture into her hands. Tears welled up in her eyes. "What will you do when you find out..?" She whispered to the blonde boy, letting tears spill out her eyes. "I'm so sorry Joey.."

Lately, you're all I need. You smiled at me and said.

... Crap. Now, where did she put her phone? Oh yeah. Under the bed. So Kaiba couldn't call. Stupid plan.

Wiping her eyes, she plopped on her bed and searched around for it. Finding it, she picked it up and pressed talk. Sniffing into the phone, she mumbled a hello.

"Have you been crying, Wheeler?"

"Why do you care?" She cleared her throat and sent a glare into the phone. Sometimes she wondered why she did some things.

"I don't.. are you glaring at me through the phone?"

Now, what the hell was he, Superman? God? A sexy God. Wait, what?

"Anyways, I just wanted to ask you.. would you babysit tomorrow? I've got this meeting."

"You always have a meeting."

"I don't need your input." Kaiba spoke curtly. "Now, Mokuba likes you, I don't know why." Serenity growled lightly and Kaiba started laughing. "Right. Your growl is pretty cute, you know."

"Shut up! Wait.. hold on.." She yelled and muffled shouts came through the door.

"Hey, Seren, you okay! Cause if there's a monster in there, I'll kill him! And if it's Kaiba, I'll kill him twice!"

"Shut up, Joseph, she's growing and she's allowed to see whoever she wa-" Mai got cut of by Joey.

"Not Kaiba! I'll kill him! If he touched her, then she's be infected with Kaiba germs! And we'd all die!"


Serenity narrowed her eyes at the door, stomping over to it, flinging the door open. Joey tumbled into her room, picking up his face, rubbing his head and laughing nervously. "Joey Wheeler, stop eavesdropping!"

"Sorry sis, I'm just looking out for you and.. why does the phone say Seto Kaiba? If you're talking to Kaiba!" Joey started, getting up and trying to take the phone from her.

"Wheeler..? I'm a busy man, I can't deal with this sibling fighting."

"Get.. out Joey!"

"Lemme see the phone!"


"Why are you being stubborn and mean?" Joey stopped and pouted, his hands on the phone.

"She always is." Kaiba sighed into the phone.

"Er.. PMS! Yeah! Yeah, you best get out before I unleash more on you." Serenity nodded and Joey stiffened.

"Alright, alright, I'm going. Love ya sis." Joey waved and shut her door softly.

"What did I tell you about barging in on her?" Mai's voice sounded. "You ended our kiss."

"Sorry Mai.." Joey spoke sheepishly. That's all Serenity could hear before the voices died out.

"Sorry Kaiba.. wait.. why am I saying sorry to you?"

"Oh, you yelling is so attractive." Kaiba muttered sarcastically. Serenity glared at the phone one more time.

"I'll do it. When?"

"Around 6. It may be all night."

"All night? I can't do that!" Serenity gasped in shock. She could sneak in at night because Joey was sleeping. (He always slept, so it didn't matter anyways.) But all night? She'd be caught. And be dead. Then what? "Oh, I went to Kaiba's and babysat, and Kaiba most likely tried to feel me up and sex me up, but I was asleep. Don't worry, Joey." Oh, like that would work.

"Too bad. You are. Oh, and Serenity..?" Serenity sighed. Her first name again. They weren't friends. She wasn't allowed to call him 'Seto'. Not that anyone would. Except Mokuba. And some girlfriend. But.. he probably never had a girlfriend. He was probably afraid of girls. A mental image of a chibi Kaiba trying to touch a girl on the upper arm, then running away screaming "Cooties!" made her giggle out loud.

"Wheeler? Serenity? What are you laughing at?"

"You." Serenity put bluntly and heard him snort.

"Whatever. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh, and stop glaring at the phone." Click. Seto Kaiba had hung up.

"How does he do that?" Serenity asked herself. She pondered briefly before collasping on her bed if she should change "Seto Kaiba" to "Asshole" in her phone. How did he get into her phone anyways? Did he steal her cell phone? That ass! She called back, and he picked up, obviously annoyed. "What do you want?"

"You're an ass for putting yourself in my phone! When did you take my phone?"

"You.. did that yourself."

Oh, that's right.. she did it herself.

"Uh.. you still suck!" Serenity hung up the phone and nodded to herself. "Yeah, take that Seto Kaiba."

Her phone rang an eerie noise, kinda like drums. She looked at her phone again. A.. text message? Seto Kaiba's name sat proudly on the top line.

"You're.. really an idiot, Wheeler. You proved my point."

Seto Kaiba - 1,622

Serenity Wheeler - 1

... Wait! That wasn't right! How did he get that many points?

Oh.. yeah.. Damn him. Just cause he's Seto Kaiba?

... Life sucks. That was Serenity's new theory.


Bah. It sucks. But whoo hoo. About... 7 or 8 months. That's.. horrible. - shifty eyes - Uhh.. yeah.. sorry..