Summer Flower

A/N: Hi! Hey, this story will have a lot of my own characters. Well, maybe not THAT much but you get the idea right? Well, enjoy!

Summary: When they were friends in high school, Inuyasha was always shy when he was near his crush Kikyo. But Inuyasha saw Kikyo with his best friend and thought that he had not liked him in that way. Three years later, Kikyo comes back in his life, and he has the chance to be with her. Will he or will he stay with his former 'new' girlfriend Kagome?



Inuyasha hid behind a wall. He watched as his crush, Kikyo, walked gracefully on the sidewalk and then passing him. His face turned completely red when Kikyo turned back to look at him.

"Ohayou Inuyasha!"


Kikyo motioned her hand for him to come. "Come on, let's go to school! You don't wanna be late do you?"

Inuyasha shook his head. "N-No…"

Kikyo smiled at him.

Inuyasha blushed. Her smile is so nice… "Hey, Kikyo…uh…"


"Do you like the summer?"

"Do I like the summer…? Of course I do! My favorite thing about them are the summer flowers!"

"Summer flowers…?"

"Yeah…they're so beautiful…" she sighed in happiness.

"You know…it's almost summer and uh-I was wondering if…if maybe you and I could…well, go to the…flower fields then if you like them so much…and…"

"Y-you mean like a date then…?" Kikyo blushed. She could feel Inuyasha's tension rise.

"Y-yeah! But as friends of c-course…you know. Well, it's okay if you say no but…"

Kikyo looked up. "Inuyasha…I'd love to-"

"HEY GUYS!" yelled Haku, Inuyasha's best friend. He ran to them. "What's this flower date I hear about! Can I come! You know what! We can have like a picnic…for all three of us! Ha ha!"

"Sure! Perfect!" Kikyo clapped her hands.

"Ugh…okay then…" Inuyasha agreed.

that summer on the picnic day-

Inuyasha sat on a blanket, sipping a soda. "It's nice out, huh?" he spoke to Haku.

"Sure is!" Haku agreed.

Kikyo smiled. "Wow…I didn't know you guys really enjoyed nature!"

"Of course we do, right Inuyasha?"

"Yeah…r-right…d-do you Kikyo?" he asked.

"Yup. I love it here…does anyone wanna come with me to the flower fields?"

"I'll come!"

"I'll catch up with you guys later…u-um…I gotta finish this soda first. Bye guys…" Inuyasha said, sipping his soda again.

"Okay…" Kikyo said, a bit disappointed that Inuyasha wasn't coming with them right now. "Well, let's go then Haku-kun."

Haku blushed. "Okay Kikyo…hold on!" he grabbed her hand.

Inuyasha was a little jealous.

"Hey Kikyo…you're right! These flowers are so beautiful…"

Kikyo laughed. "Hah…it sounds funny coming out from you…"

Haku blushed. "Hey…Kikyo…um…do you like someone?"

Kikyo blushed. "Y-yes…I do…"

"Who is it?"

"What! I'm not telling you! Because…I can't trust boys, especially you!"

"I know you might think it's weird of me…but Kikyo…I actually, the one I like is…"

Inuyasha walked uphill. "Wow…I didn't know that the flowers would be so nice…" he looked up ahead and saw a field of flowers.

Suddenly, he heard Haku and Kikyo in their conversation. "The one I like is…you Kikyo. Kikyo…I really like you…a lot…"

Kikyo blushed. "Haku…you see…well…I mean…"

Inuyasha's eyes widened. Why was it all a shock? I had already known Haku liked her by the flirting he did and the blushing…but why did it hurt so much now? And…did Kikyo like him too? Of course…I mean, how could she like me, a simple, shy guy. No one would like me…NO ONE!

Haku walked up to Kikyo. "Kikyo…" he put his hand on her cheek. Then he pressed his lips against hers.

Inuyasha couldn't stand it anymore.Inuyasha ran off in a rush, trying to run away from the pain. He ran to where the picnic place. He wrote them a quick letter saying: Hey Haku…hey Kikyo. I got a call on my cell that I have to go home. Ja –Inuyasha Then he ran off…

"Hak-mmmfph…" Kikyo was kissed. Ah…my first kiss! Why aren't I stopping him…? I can't say it's not…pleasant…but…I like Haku…I do…but-he's not the one that I truly like…that person is…where is he anyways…? Where are you…? Kikyo pushed Haku. "No…gomen ne, but, I don't…"



Haku took a breath. "I see….then…I'm sorry to have bothered you…"

Kikyo grabbed his arm. "Wait! But…I still want to be friends…"

Haku sighed. "Kikyo…I'm sorry…but I don't think I can just be your friend…with these feelings inside me…I'm sorry Kikyo…if you won't be my girlfriend…" he closed his eyes and shook Kikyo away. "Then you won't be my friend…"

Kikyo could feel her heart beating fast. Tears strolled down her cheeks. "H-Haku-kun…gomenasai…but no matter what…I just don't feel that way with you…but the one I really like is…not even here…" she wiped her tears and picked some flowers. I hope you will like these…

Inuyasha slammed the front door open. "This was the worst day ever!"

"Nani…? Daijoubu Inuyasha?" Sesshomaru asked him.

"SHUTUP!" he yelled. He ran to his room and laid in his bed. That night, he had a nightmare about the kiss.

The next morning, Inuyasha felt a little better.

"Hey! Inuyasha! Here…" Sesshomaru threw him some flowers.

"What the-!"

"That girl…Kikyo came and gave it to you." Sesshomaru opened up a soda. "She must really like you…"

"What! That's bullshit. She likes Haku!"

"Really? Well, look inside one of the flowers."

Inuyasha looked. There was a note. It read: Inuyasha…don't tell Haku this, but I'm moving. I trust you won't cause I don't want him to worry. But, I wanted to come here for the last time. And Inuyasha…I, Suddenly, the black in that was used was blurred from water, which was Kikyo's tears. All Inuyasha could make out of the words were: I don't like you…I don't want to hear from you again…don't ever call me if you like me… Inuyasha felt horrible. "I can't believe it…" he threw away the card but kept the flowers. He never looked at the flower again though. Sesshomaru took care of it for some reason but Inuyasha never took care of it. He felt bad now. But he never told Haku Kikyo was moving.

And in that year, they all stopped becoming friends. Kikyo moved, of course, Haku hanged out with other people, and Inuyasha too. Inuyasha never thought of seeing Kikyo again…a part of him wanted to though. But she hated him…and he wanted to hate her too but he just couldn't find the heart too. Never did he know that one day, the two would be reunited again…

A/N: Hi! Um, well, I'm not sure if I'll put Haku in the story again…he was mean huh? Well, he's supposed to look cool. Like, spiky black hair with baggy pants and brown eyes and a white shirt. Well, hope you get the picture. See ya in the next chappie:P