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Barefoot in the bed 'a your truck
On a blanket lookin' up
Half a moon peekin' down at us
From underneath the clouds
Teenage kids sneakin' out again
Heard the thunder rollin' in
We were fallin' the moment when
It all came pourin' down

The Georgia rain
On the Jasper County clay
Couldn't wash away
What I felt for you that day
Just you and me down an old dirt road
Nothin' in our way
Except for the Georgia rain

Cotton fields remember when
Flash 'a lightnin' drove us in
We were soaked down to the skin
By the time we climbed inside
And I don't remember what was poundin' more
Heart in my chest or the hood of that Ford
As the sky fell in, the storm clouds poured
Worlds away outside

The Georgia rain
On the Jasper County clay
Couldn't wash away
All the love we made
Just you and me down that old dirt road
No one saw a thing
Except for the Georgia rain

Screen door flappin' in the wind
Same ol' house I grew up in
Can't believe I'm back again
After all these years away
You fixed your Daddy's house up nice
I saw it yesterday when I drove by
Looks like you've made youself a real good life
What else can I say

The Georgia rain
On the Jasper County clay
Couldn't wash away
The way I loved you to this day
The ol' dirt road's paved over now
Nothin' here's the same
Except for the Georgia rain

--Georgia Rain, Trisha Yearwood

Georgia Rain

Chapter 1: Sneaks and Whispers

The house was very quiet. It had the quiet stillness of slumber. Everyone in the large, white house in Clayton County Georgia was asleep. Everyone but one.

Scarlett O'Hara was wide awake. Peering out her bedroom window to the ground below, she could see a tall figure outlined by the pale silhouette of the night moon. Taking several deep breaths to still her racing heart, she pulled open her bedroom door, uttering a silent prayer of relief that it had not creaked. Stepping out of the room, she smoothed down her dress and pinched her cheeks.

She walked down the long staircase as quietly as she could and swung open the front door of Tara. She closed it back and ran to meet the figure at the end of the pathway.

Smiling, she threw her arms around the young man and the two half ran away from the house. Stopping when they were sure they couldn't possibly be heard by anyone at Tara, Scarlett and the other began giggling uncontrollably.

"Shh," her companion shushed her, smiling himself. When she didn't stop at his hand covering her mouth, he kissed her, smiling his easy smile. Wrapping his arms around her tiny waist, he moved closer to her so that there were no gaps of space between their two bodies. The two clumsily staggered backwards and he leaned his strong body against the inside wall of the deserted barn the two had reached. A soft moan excaped her lips and he lifted his mouth away from hers slightly.

"Oh, Scarlett…"

She kissed him again, and again he broke away.

"Scarlett, Scarlett, let me finish. I love you, darling!"

"Oh, I love you, too," she whispered happily before once again snuggling close to him.

After another hour of kissing and sweet whispers to one another, the two were torn out of their reverie by a nearby hoot of an owl.

"Scarlett, you best be getting back before everyone awakes. I'll see you tomorrow night, my love."

He walked with her back towards the sprawling hills of Tara. When she reached it, she hurriedly let go of his strong grip and walked hastily towards the door.

Entering her room once more, she flopped down on her quilted bed with a smile on her lips, sleep coming easily soon after that.

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