Capture, Company, Courage.

Chapter 1

Daniel's thoughts


"Come on Danny boy its time to go home…Danny, you translate the rest when you get back, don't ignore me…Teal'c get Danny back to the gate now...Daniel? Teal'c?" Jack turned to his 2IC, "Come on lets go see what's happened this time."

They moved towards the ruins that Daniel had spent the last three days trying to translate. Jack was now completely and utterly bored, as he normally was when they come on these missions.

Five minutes later they arrived at the runes Daniel had been translating but at first glance it was empty.

"Danny?" Jack called out.

"Maybe their radios died and they are back at the gate?" Carter suggested to her commanding officer.

"At the same time?" he replied sceptically, as he moved through the crumbling walls.

"Good point."

They spent another five minutes searching the runes with their guns at the ready before they found their Jaffa companion ling half on a wall with an arrow in his chest dangerously close to his heart.

"Teal'c!" Jack knelt down next to his friend, checking for a pulse, hoping the arrow was only close and not through his heart.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he found it.

"He's alive, stay here. I'll find Daniel…" he was cut off by the nearby sound of the gate activating.

"Stay with Teal'c." Jack yelled back to the Major as he sprinted towards the Stargate.

He broke the tree line in time to see a group of Una-like creatures go through the gate, one with Daniel's unconscious form over its shoulder.

He quickly ran to the DHD but he only saw one of the symbols as he rounded the devise before the address disappeared, taking with it the only real chance they had of finding Daniel.

He made is way back to where he had left his other team members. Teal'c was now awake and sitting still and straight while Carter wrapped a bandage around the arrow's shaft and the Jaffa's shoulder so that it wouldn't move and puncture his heart on the way back to Earth, leaving the job of removing it to Doctor Frasier.

"Did you find him?"

Jack shook his head sadly, "I did but they took him through the gate and I missed the symbols."

Sam's eyes closed in distress as she tried to get her mind around the implications of what the colonel was saying.

"Let's get Teal'c home." Jack said, going back the way he came, stopping momentarily to collect their packs from the base camp, which they had packed before calling Daniel back so that the over enthusiastic archaeologist would have to come and not have an excuse to stay longer.

Teal'c lent heavily on his staff weapon as Carter dialled the gate. Jack just glared at the DHD as if it was the objects fault that Daniel was gone.

"We will find him Jack," Sam said not caring about rank.

"I know, we always do."


Ok this looks familiar.

Daniel looked around him, taking in the creatures that sat around a large fire to his right. The creatures were very similar to the Unas except they didn't have the facial horns that were distinct in the other species.

Hopefully that means no Goa'uld either.

One of the creatures noticed that he was awake and nudged another sitting next to him. Evil grins spread across both faces as they approached Daniel.

Not good.

He pulled on the wooden stake in the ground that pinned his bound hands to the ground.

"So the little maggots awake, we were wondering if you would ever wake up. It's no fun playing with prey that can't scream." The first said, drawing the attention of the rest of the group, who came over to watch the fun, and join in if they could.

"Why did you bring me here?" Daniel asked, but he was ignored.

"Yeah, we haven't had proper sport in months."

"Then let's have some fun boys." The largest and obviously the leader said.

The group closed in around him and the 'games' began.

Authors notes

So that's the start to my new LOTR/SG-1. This is going to be similar to my Missing, Marriage, Memories and as such I have kept with a similar title. Also because I had one person say Daniel, One said Jack and Two said Daniel or Jack, I chose to do the one that was easiest for me. It's too hard to fit Jack into Middle Earth.

I don't know how often I will update this cause I am two weeks away from the start of my exams but I hope to have the next chapter up in the next couple of weeks.



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