Summary- An 8 yr old named Cira gets stuck in an accident; KITT and Michael manage to save Cira and get her to the hospital. When Michael has a meeting with Devon, he finds out its related to this accident, and finds out something's wrong behind the scenes of the accident.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the KR characters, except for Cira and some others at her school. They are all 100 percent originally created by me!

Part 1-blind spot

"Nana, how soon are we going to be home?" 8 year old Cira asked her aunt. Cira called her aunt Nana.

Nana had just gotten back from piano lessons.

"Half an hour, no more than that. The traffic's going smoothly."

Nana switched to the second lane on a four lane highway.

"Good, I hope it stays that way."

Cira sat up in the front with her aunt, and watched the traffic. She watched the rear view mirror.

"Hey Nana, look at that car behind us." Cira said.

It was jet black, the purest and shiniest black coat of paint that she'd ever seen on a car ever before, with a silver bottom. It had a yellow scanner on the nose, something she'd never seen before either. As they drove, it stayed two car distances behind her, on the blind side of where Nana was driving. Hence, she couldn't see it. The scanner made the car look somewhat…creepy, yet she thought it looked very pretty at the same time.

"What car, hon?"

"The black Pontiac TransAm with the silver bottom. It's so pretty."

"You sure know your cars." Nana laughed. "I still don't see it."

Cira had learned all this from her Dad, who loved cars, and knew all about the names, the years, and their characteristics. Cira learned about them at a surprisingly early age, especially since she was a girl.

However, her dad and mom weren't around any more. Her mom's sister had to take care of her. Since Cira was 5 she always called her aunt Nana.

Cira giggled. She was such a happy and beautiful little girl; Nana thought. She wondered how Cira did it. She was only 8, and was still innocent for the most part.

"Nana, it's behind you!"

Nana turned around and looked. She was very surprised, not having known it was in a position that was hard to see.

Cira hummed to the rock music that was playing on the radio.

"KITT, you're awful quiet." Michael said as they casually drove around the streets like best buds might go walking in a park on a quiet afternoon.

It took a few seconds before KITT replied.

"I've been thinking." KITT started, but then didn't continue.

"About WHAT?"

"My twin."

"You're twin? KARR?"

Michael temporarily tapped his fingers on Kitt's pure black dashboard as KITT drove automatically.

"Yes, who else do you think?" KITT replied unenthusiastically.

Michael opted not to start any sort of argument.

"What about KARR?"

"I've just been remembering our encounters."

KITT was quiet again.

KITT could remember. And think, so Michael assumed. The car was almost human, yet not even close, Devon, Bonnie and Michael all knew that. It was something KITT found hard to compute, since the AI practically had a mind of its own. It was hard making an AI like KITT understand.

"What are you thinking about?" KITT asked suddenly.

Michael hadn't expected that.

"You at the moment."

KITT did not say anything. There was another long awkward silence between the two as KITT drove.

For the mean time, it was all just a bunch of small talk.

There was the metallic screech of something heavy bumping into the rear of Nana's car. The SUV lurched forward and almost hit the car in front of her as Nana struggled to regain control.

Cira looked back, feeling a bit nervous.

"It's the black car that I mentioned, Nana." Cira whimpered. She and Nana were starting to not like what was going on here at all.

"This is really making me mad." Nana muttered and, irritated with the driver, she switched lanes. "Now I probably have a nasty ding on the rear of this car."

Cira was looking for the car.

"It's like it almost disappeared again Nana," Cira complained. "Great, why is it doing this to us?"

"I don't know hon," Nana looked frustrated. "I wish I knew."

"I do too," Cira whimpered.

Hoping to drown out the worry, Cira turned up the volume a bit as they drove, hoping the car would go away.

Cira saw the black car lurch so suddenly as she watched it, she barely had time to scream out to her aunt: 'Nana watch out!' All Cira could say was: "Nana!" before the car bumped into the SUV forcefully from behind making a huge imprint of the cars streamlined nose in the rear. Now the gas valve that left all the gas was messed up.

Again the SUV nudged into the car in front which skidded away.

Cira started to cry.

Cira's aunt swore and then as she maintained calm control again the black car suddenly appeared on Cira's side of their silver SUV.

Nana moved out of the way, but the black car followed. It was on their side again and rammed the SUV. The crunching metal hurt her arm and Cira bumped her head on the right side of the dash board as the car moved close to the edge of the highway, rubbed against the railing and lurched forward from the speed it was at at the same time.

"Nana, push it away."

"It's hard hon, but the driver's persistent. Cira-get in the back of the car."

"But it's not as safe back there." Cira cried pleadingly at her aunt.

Their SUV was scraping up against the main division from the highway lanes that went the opposite direction. At the speed the car was going at, like 65 miles an hour, it really hurt the SUV.

"Perhaps you're right hon. This driver's really persistent." Nana groaned. "If any thing happens to us dear I'm really sorry."

"It's okay," Cira started to cry again and looked at the car pressing against the car.

The wall was coming to an end, Cira saw.

She started to cry louder, but tried to whip away her tears. Maybe they would have a chance of escaping, if her aunt could get away.

Cira's aunt sped up to 70 mph. As they pressed against the wall, Cira could feel it speed up. The black Pontiac moved back, but caught up and rammed against them, almost feeling like it shook the car off its wheels! They were being squished!

Nana tried to fight by pushing at the black car to the right as she turned the steering wheel to the right. But the car would not move, and their SUV was struggling.

"I'm afraid there's not much I can do." Nana said with a choked up voice.

She heard police sirens. At least someone was coming after them.

This was the one day in her life Cira wanted to hear the sound of the police coming after them…..

The SUV was free from the rail-line of the high way, affected by the outside influencing force from the black Pontiac, the SUV was shoved with great force into the rear half of a white pick up truck. The SUV rammed into and the nose cart wheeled away.

Cira watched the world spin as she and Nana screamed, having no clue what to do.

As the car spun counter-clock wise down the highway of an opposite flow of traffic that it and the Pontiac had been going at, the incoming cars had trouble stopping. It was like a chain link reaction; some amount of destruction followed each car that tried to slam on its brakes.

The car that was closest to their SUV rammed into Cira's side as they spun around. Cira cried out in pain and suddenly, before she could blink again, darkness consumed her, its sudden peace drowning out the chaos and stress…