A/N: First fic where I get to really explore Gibbs's character. TIBBS fans will like this – even if it wasn't intended as a Tony and Gibbs fic, it really does end up sounding like one. Also a hint of TATE. Not into either pairing myself but I seem to hint at a lot of pairings that I'm not fond of. sigh I hope you like…REVIEW!

"You ready Dinozzo?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Well let's go." Dinozzo and Gibbs walked over to the seemingly abandoned warehouse. As they came closer they saw the door had already been forced open. They both drew their weapons and went inside. Although the lighting inside was poor, it was obvious someone had tried to pack up in a hurry. Dinozzo walked towards a table in the middle of the warehouse whilst Gibbs called for back up. That's when Gibbs had seen him, crouched in the shadows with a sniper rifle, aimed right at Dinozzo. Gibbs ran at Dinozzo and without a thought for his own safety, whilst the sniper took aim. The sniper shot just as Gibbs started to tackle Dinozzo. Dinozzo realising what was going on, aimed his rifle whilst he was being thrown to the ground and shot at the gunman. No one could deny that Tony Dinozzo had excellent aim but this was amazing. Two shots to the torso and one to the head the sniper received from Dinozzo's rifle. All three hit the ground, one dead, one injured and one without a scratch. Tony quickly got up and ran over to the gunman. He pulled off the guy's balaclava and saw their No.1 suspect lying dead in front of him.
"Boss! Boss we got him! It's…Boss?" Gibbs had not moved since he had tackled Dinozzo. Tony, now a little more than worried ran over to and rolled an unconscious Gibbs over. He had an injury to his forehead where his head had hit the table next to where Dinozzo was standing and was bleeding profusely. Then Dinozzo noticed the bullet-wound. He saw the bullet that was meant for him lodged firmly in Gibbs's abdomen. Blood was everywhere and Tony was now terrified. He reached for his backup radio and called 9-1-1…