Tony Dinozzo walked on the soft grass and looked out to the sunset. The failing light illuminated the sorrow in his face and made him look much more aged than he truly was. He knelt on the grass and placed the flowers he had in his hand down onto the ground. He looked at the plot in front of him and tears formed in his eyes. A year had gone by and the pain was still there. Granted it wasn't as bad as it was originally but it was still there. Kate Todd, who was standing behind him, placed her hand on his shoulder and squeezed it gently. She was deeply saddened too, but not nearly as much as Tony. He stood up and Kate hugged him and then they walked back to the car park outside the cemetery. Just before they got in the car, Tony took one last look at the cemetery and whispered.

"…and your like the father I always wanted, Gibbs."

"…I made my mistakes,
I've got no where to run,
The night goes on,
As I'm fading away,
I'm sick of this life,
I just wanna scream,
How could this happen to me."