Title: Sweet
Authoress: Darka-Chan
Summary: Two bladers ponder their feelings for another, but while one rejects them, the other accepts them… KaiRay

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Crimson meets Amber, raven hair mixed with blue, pal skin one with tan. This is the fantasy of Kai Hiwatari and Ray Kon. Hands wandering, lips touching.

"Touch me, tease me." One whispers hoarse.

"Kiss me, please me." The other ends huskily.

Hands continue to wander, and bodies start to rub, sweat drips over the bodies and onto the one of the other. Names are yelled in pleasure, white substance is flying onto one's stomach and into one's body.

Pants raid the air, sweat still mixing, a few drops of blood between tights…

These are their fantasies, but this is what they will never have. Because while one person rejects his feelings, the other embraces them. This will never be. It takes two to create the fantasy they want to live through. It takes two to create the undying love that will follow.

But as one is lying in the arms of another, and the other is turning away… Things will never be… For Kai Hiwatari and Ray Kon.


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