"Ugh," Shalimar grunted as she slowly dragged herself back into the bedroom, one hand on her stomach and the other on her forehead. She sat herself down on the edge of the bed, surprised she didn't just collapse there with her head spinning and pounding like she had a jackhammer going off inside her.

Emma could feel the discomfort from the feral radiating off her all the way in the bathroom as she opened the door to see Shalimar hunched over on the bed.

"Shal, honey, what's wrong?" the psionic asked, sitting beside the feral and brushing back the strands of blonde that fell over her shoulder.

"I just don't feel so good."

Emma frowned as Shalimar's own pain entered her and turned her stomach. She placed a gentle hand on the feral's forehead as to detect any signs of a fever.

"I don't think you have a fever," she informed, pressing the back of her hand to Shalimar's cheeks one by one, her soft, warm skin almost enough to take all the feral's pain away. Almost.

Shalimar smiled at the gentle caress of the psionic's skin, breathing in the scent of the woman beside her. She placed her arms behind herself and lie herself down on the soft sheets of their bed with a dragged out sigh of discomfort.

Emma slid herself beside the feral and placed an open palm on the woman's chest, slowly sliding it down her stomach as she began to rub circles on the feral's exposed skin. She took the bottom of Shalimar's army tank top in between her forefingers and gently pulled it upwards. Shalimar raised her arms to assist in the tops removal and soon it pooled itself on the floor of their bedside.

Shalimar closed her eyes and twisted her head further into the pillow as Emma's warm fingers danced their way across her skin. The healing touch calmed her and soon she found her pain subsiding and she opened her eyes to smile at the psionic.

"You always make me feel better," she informed, smiling with satisfaction displaying her gratefulness.

"We can stay home today if you want."

"No," the feral protested not wanting to keep Emma from her hopes of a romantic day together. "I said we'd go on a picnic today and we will." She reached a hand over to Emma's shoulder and gently tugged on it, informing the psionic she craved her body closer to her own. Emma leaned down to cuddle into Shalimar's chest and continued to rub her stomach, tracing her fingers around her naval and over to her sides every now and again. Tucking her head into Shalimar's armpit, the feral felt her smile against her skin.

"And besides," Shalimar continued, "as long as you're there with me I'm sure I'll be fine." She turned her head to place a soft kiss on Emma's own.

"I'll go get some food ready to go," Emma began, reluctantly pulling herself from the feral's grasp. "You just rest here. I'll tell Adam to take a look at you too." Emma stood from the bed and began to look through the dresser drawers pulling out parts of an outfit until she'd thrown a complete one onto the bed at Shalimar's feet.

"That's ok," Shalimar insisted. "It's probably just something I ate."

Emma looked up into the mirror at the feral on the bed, raising her eyebrows at the statement.

"I cooked dinner last night," she innocently reminded.

Shalimar smiled, bracing her arms behind her head and smirking at the psionic in the mirror.

"So what's your point?"

"That unless you wanna get really sick you'll watch what you say," the redhead teased. Shalimar always loved the sound of Emma's voice when she teased her. Not that she didn't love it all the time, but especially the sexiness that came through when she'd tease her. That combined with the look her eyes would hold was more than enough to make Shalimar forget anything else existed besides the psionic. It never failed to turn her on.

"You sure you wanna go out today?" Shalimar's voice asked from behind.

Emma looked up, catching the grin on the feral's face causing it to ignite her own playfulness. She turned and walked over to the bed returning the feral's telling grin with one of her own. Shalimar herself was shocked she didn't jump from the mattress and tackle the psionic with the sexy look she was giving her.

Emma reached down to remove her own white tank top, carefully letting the top linger on her fingertips in front of her chest before dropping in to the floor. Wiggling her hips as slowly as she could she gently tugged her pants off her thighs revealing to the feral she hadn't bothered to put her underwear back on but apparently had touched up shaving while in the bathroom. The sight only further intrigued the fire in the feral's belly.

Emma's grin never fading, she slowly braced her knee on the bed, allowing for the other to follow the same movement. Before Shalimar realized it the psionic had climbed atop her. Predatorily starring back at the seductive blue gems moving ever closer to her she wanted to dive into her, absorb herself in the beauty before her. Psionic lips closed in, capturing the feral's in a moist embrace. Shalimar pressed harder but their embrace was over far too soon then she'd hoped.

"I'm sure," Emma said playfully before kissing the feral's nose and backing off the bed to continue getting dressed.

Shalimar bit her lip and grinned at the psionic's teasing. She sat herself up and reached down to pull her tank top back over her head. She reached for her pants she'd forsaken earlier and slipped them onto her legs as she stood.

"Ok," she said turning back to Emma dressing herself before the mirror. "You get dressed. That'll give me plenty of time for morning medicine, talking with Adam, and uh, cold shower," she said as she headed towards the door, flashing a final sultry grin before shutting it on her way out.

Shalimar couldn't shake the feeling something just wasn't quite right as she headed towards the living room. Her instincts were usually right on and if she doubted something she knew she had to at least acknowledge it.

"Hey, Adam," she greeted as she approached Adam lounging and reading a journal.

"Shalimar, good morning."

"Whatcha doin'?" she asked, plopping herself down on the loveseat beside him and kicking her legs over the side in relaxation.

"Just reading one of my old journals I found while I was cleaning the other day."

"Oh." She reached up to run her hands through her curly hair before deciding if she wanted to talk about her doubts just yet especially since she hadn't even discussed them with Emma yet. "Adam, have you noticed anything strange lately?"

"Hmmm, yes."

"Really? What?"

"I'm able to use the bathroom in the hall," he answered with a grin. "Now that you and Emma share a room it's not always occupied."

"Seriously, Adam," she chuckled.

"Seriously," he replied. "And there's a lot more room in the cabinet without your makeup in there."

"No I meant about Emma. Does she seem, I don't know, different all of a sudden?"

"Different how?"

"I don't know how to explain it. I've just been getting really strange vibes from her lately like she's not being totally honest with me or something."

"Sounds like something you two need to talk about then."

"Well, I tried but she acted like it was nothing. A couple times in the last few days she's said things and then didn't know why she'd said them and then suddenly changed her attitude for no reason."

"Maybe there's a perfectly good explanation. I think you should try to talk to her again."

"My instincts are usually dead on, Adam. I think something might be going on with her that we should know about or at least look into."

"Ok, if it'll make you feel better I'll keep my eye out. If things keep up we'll tell her we're concerned and she should have some tests. But first we need to know what we're dealing with."

Shalimar placed her hand to her stomach as a loud rumble erupted. She held down a burp in the bottom of her chest and turned to Adam.

"You alright?" he asked.

"Yeah. Just a little stomach cramp."

"Alright. Hey aren't you and Emma going on that picnic today?"

"Yeah," Shalimar remembered. "I gotta get some food for that." She stood up and her stomach rumbled again. "Guess my stomach can't wait for that picnic either," she said with a smile. "Talk to ya later, Adam," she said before heading off in the direction of the kitchen.

"Have a nice time you two."