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The four Jedi – two from the past, two from the future – faced one another. "That is news, indeed," Obi-Wan had said with his characteristic balance between seriousness and joking, emerging from the shadows and remarking on the apparent non-existence of his padawan and himself in this…dimension? Time? What?

Jaina gasped and sought confirmation quickly, "You're Obi-Wan? Obi-Wan Kenobi? Ben?" She shook her head. "No way."

"I assure you I am," he told the young teen confidently. More teenagers, he muttered to himself. Anakin was finally getting over that stage, if barely. It was then he realized that the two teens in front of him were Jedi themselves. Curious. He restarted the conversation, affecting a light tone. "So, Anakin and I died years ago?" The two teens nodded almost imperceptibly. Still nervous, Obi-Wan noted. He pressed on, "And what year is it, in fact?" This would answer his and his padawan's unspoken question.

"Well, we just started the calendar over again. It's the year 16," Jacen went on to clarify, still cautious. "You know, 16 years after the fall of the Empire and the founding of the New Republic?"

These terms were unfamiliar to Obi-Wan, but he caught the hint about a New Republic. Something had happened to the original. And that must be linked to the mystery of the fallen Jedi temple. He wondered if these children even realized they were standing near what he personally considered to be sacred ground. He stole a glance at his padawan, who had miraculously kept silent during the exchange. Hopefully practicing a calming technique. Deciding to try to elicit further conversation with the two transparently uneasy teenage Jedi, Obi-Wan began to speak soothingly. "This ground on which we stand was once, in the past I suppose, the home of the Jedi temple. The home of the Jedi of the Republic. It was a very special place, and the auras of many brilliant and brave Jedi persist intangibly throughout the space. Can you feel them?"

Calmed immensely by "Obi-Wan's" comforting words that were obviously the words of a teacher, Jaina decided to engage the unexpected Jedi Knight. "Yes," she said, somewhat awed now that she took notice of the overwhelming sense of Jedi presences in the Force. She had been too distracted to notice it before, too much on the adventure. Had she been more focused, she might have realized it sooner.

Anakin had been smiling to himself as his master began teaching the strangers as a ploy to gain their trust. Well, not a ploy, per se. That would imply falseness, which was not the case. Obi-Wan could manage any circumstance, figure out what action was called for – even if that action was words. Seeing the two teens slowly relaxing and no longer clutching one another, he was again impressed with his master's innate sense of gauging a situation. But he was also amused that Obi-Wan had somehow managed to work in his favorite action of all – teaching, or as Anakin sometimes thought of it, tedious lecturing.

Jacen spoke up suddenly, eyeing the two somewhat familiar, somewhat unfamiliar Jedi, "You both should come with us. To the state building. You ought to meet Mom…I mean the Prime Minister. Uncle Luke, too, he's due in from Yavin tonight for some Jedi policy meeting. It'll all get figured out," he added, reassuringly.

"Thank you," Obi-Wan said with a twinkle in his blue eyes, gesturing for the two teens to lead the way. They did and he followed, Anakin falling in step behind him.