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Friendship with Benefits

Chapter 4

"Hey Hakkai. You want to go check out the town with me?"

"I can't. Sanzo and I are going to get supplies after breakfast."

"What? Since when?"

"He asked me last night."

"Oh really?" Crimson eyes glanced at the monk sitting quietly at the table reading the paper, seemingly unaware, or apathetic about their conversation. What game are you playing Sanzo? "Well, then I guess I'm free to enjoy the beauty of this town by myself." A satisfied smile came to his face as he sat back and took a sip of his coffee.

"Can I come Gojyo?"

"No. My enjoyment is not for the eyes of one so young."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means some things will never change apparently." Hakkai smiled and his voice was jovial, but his eyes told Gojyo a completely different story. The demon stood up, "As soon as you're ready Sanzo. I'll be in my room."

Hakkai headed upstairs and Sanzo raised his eyes from the paper, fixing them on the redhead across the table who was staring at the empty stairwell where Hakkai had disappeared.

"That was pretty insensitive of you."

Crimson eyes flashed, throwing daggers, but Sanzo kept his same stoic façade. "What the hell are you talking about?"

A small smile appeared on Sanzo's face. "You talk in your sleep." Sanzo got up and headed upstairs, leaving the stunned redhead at the table.


Sanzo waited for Hakkai outside leaning against the store front, smoking a cigarette. "You know, if you're going to be this much help, you can just leave."

Sanzo narrowed his eyes at the smirking demon. "I'm paying for everything."

"No, the floating heads are. So here." Hakkai set three bags of supplies at Sanzo's feet and he kept three for himself. "I made sure to have the supplies you generally use put into those three bags. Let's go Sanzo."

Hakkai turned and started walking back to the inn. Sanzo cursed under his breath as he rubbed out the cigarette and picked up the bags, following Hakkai. Once he'd caught up with the demon, Sanzo decided to try and have a conversation, suddenly feeling the need to talk to him. This is why he asked Hakkai to get supplies with him, right? To talk to someone intelligent, who didn't think with their stomach or their dick?

"So…how was sharing a room with Goku?"

"Not so bad. It took him awhile to fall asleep though. Apparently I'm no substitute for you."

"What?" Sanzo stopped, wide amethyst eyes fixed on the demon.

Hakkai turned back to face the frozen monk, his pleasant smile in place. "Goku had a nightmare last night. He woke up crying and calling out your name. It took me awhile, but he finally calmed down. He ended up sleeping with me. He still mumbled your name throughout the night, but at least he slept. He may be the most powerful among us, but he is still the most innocent."

"Thank you for taking care of him."

It was the only thing Sanzo could think to say. Goku had woken up with nightmares before, but Sanzo just pretended to be asleep so the munchkin wouldn't bother him. He'd lay there and listen, waiting for the steady breathing that signaled Goku had fallen back to sleep. But he never offered to comfort Goku after a nightmare. It never occurred to him. If Goku wanted comforting, he should ask for it, right?


Sanzo blinked himself out of his reverie to see congenial green eyes fixed on him. "What?" His tone was harsher than he would have liked, but he didn't care.

"Sanzo….You do know how much Goku worships you, right? Your very presence can make him happy." Hakkai took a few steps toward Sanzo, lowering his voice, his face suddenly sad. "Even when you berate him and hit him, he's still grateful to be around you."


"I'm not judging Sanzo. Every relationship has its bad moments."

"Like you and Gojyo."


"You and Gojyo seem to have a strong relationship. But he hurt you this morning didn't he?"

Hakkai couldn't keep the blush from surfacing, but he still kept his voice light with a chuckle. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Drop the act. Goku isn't the only one who talks in his sleep."

Sanzo ignored the shocked demon standing next to him and looked around spying a large tree a few yards away. He walked towards it, put the bags down and lit a cigarette. Hakkai joined Sanzo, leaning against the tree trunk, arms crossed over his chest, his eyes fixed on his feet.

"Goku mumbling my name in his sleep is almost understandable. But when Gojyo says your name in his sleep, it has a completely different meaning." Sanzo exhaled and looked up into the green canopy overhead. "I don't care what you two do together. Hell, find your comfort where you can in this damn world."

"Sanzo, I---"

"Shut up. I'm not done." He turned to face Hakkai who was now staring at him, his green eyes showing something Sanzo had never seen before. Fear. "What I do mind is the secrecy."

"Why….why should I tell you? Why would you want to know?"

"Because we're on a mission and if the group dynamic has changed, it could affect our chances of succeeding. I've told you before I won't hesitate to kill any one of you if I think you're dragging me down."

Hakkai felt his anxiety leave, replaced by a sudden anger. He tried to calm himself down, knowing that yelling at Sanzo wasn't the way to go. "Nothing has been said because there isn't much to tell. We are not lovers. Gojyo is my best friend and I enjoy being with him. Is that so hard to understand? Does that ease your suspicious mind Sanzo?"

"Hardly. If you're not lovers, why did you get so mad at Gojyo this morning? Jealousy isn't attractive on anyone Hakkai."

Hakkai felt the heat rise to his cheeks again. He had been mad at what Gojyo said. He had been jealous too. The idea of Gojyo flirting and bedding some random woman just to satisfy his lust…. Hakkai clenched his fists at the thought. He hated it when Gojyo came back, late at night, smelling of perfume. No, they weren't lovers, and Hakkai knew he had no right to dictate his friend's life, but it hurt every time.

Hakkai sighed and sat down, defeated. "You're right. I was angry and jealous this morning."

"So you are lovers."

"No." Hakkai picked at the grass and began weaving the thin strands together. "We….we're taking things slow. Neither one of us was prepared for this."

Sanzo sat down and lit another cigarette. "What's to prepare for? You either want to or you don't."

Hakkai chuckled and shook his head. "You and your simplistic answers Sanzo." Hakkai looked up at the monk, a smile on his face. "That may be the case for you, but as for me…"

"Must you over think everything?" His voice was harsh and that's the way he wanted it this time. It pissed him off when people held back because they were scared of getting hurt. If Hakkai was lucky enough to find someone he truly cared about, he should enjoy it while it lasted. Especially since that person could die any day in battle.

Hakkai just stared at the monk, the amethyst eyes looking right through him. Then Sanzo's eyes went a little wide with a thought. "You're scared. You've never had sex with anyone, have you?"

Hakkai was really hoping he was having some really weird dream. This whole day had been surreal. Sanzo wanting to go get supplies with him? Sanzo hates getting supplies. And now, they're sitting under a tree talking about his non-existent sex life with Gojyo. Wake up, wake up, wake up! He kept playing with the grass rope he had made, trying to get the blushing under control.


"Does he know?"

Hakkai just slowly shook his head.

Sanzo exhaled and leaned back on his hands, looking back up into the tree's canopy. "You need to tell him. He'll understand. He'll help you get over your fear."

"You think so?"

"I have a feeling Gojyo is very adept at helping people lose their virginity."

Hakkai's head shot up, and he glared at Sanzo. How could he say such a horrible, crude, insensitive and…truthful….statement? Hakkai's anger faded quickly and for some reason that he could not explain, he began to laugh.

"Sanzo, I believe you're right."

Hakkai kept laughing, and soon enough, even Sanzo couldn't resist the urge to laugh. The two sat under the tree laughing, and stayed there for a few more hours content in each other's company, sometimes talking about random things and sometimes just sitting in silence, lost in their own thoughts.

It made Sanzo happy to just sit and talk to someone. It didn't matter about what at this point. He looked over at the demon, and smiled. Yes, Hakkai was his peer and with some time, he would be his confidant, his friend.

Hakkai was relieved to have talked to someone about what was going on between him and Gojyo. He didn't know what to do, and he was scared Gojyo was going to get tired of him. But Sanzo had given him the answer that was right in front of his face. Gojyo.

The pair made their way back to the inn to find Gojyo and Goku arguing over a card game. "What's going on guys?" Hakkai placed the bags in the corner and walked over to Goku.

"Gojyo cheats!"

"I do not! You just suck at cards!"

Hakkai noticed several empty cans of soda and beer littering the floor as well as a few plates. "How long have you guys been playing?"

"Since you left."

"What happened to enjoying the town?"

Gojyo shrugged and shuffled the cards. "Didn't want to leave the monkey here unsupervised."

"I see."

Hakkai went into the bathroom to wash up, the smallest of smiles on his face. Sanzo walked over to Goku and looked down at the young man, resting his hand on the mop of brown hair.

"Get your stuff and put it in my room."

"Huh? Why?"

"You can bother me with your nightmares tonight." Sanzo looked over at Gojyo. "I'm afraid you're stuck with Hakkai again." And with that he left, Goku in tow, arms full of his belongings.

Hakkai came out and found the room empty, except for Gojyo who was just sitting back, smoking a cigarette. "What happened to everyone?"

"Sanzo wants Goku to sleep in his room tonight. Looks like you're stuck with me again. Is that ok?"

Hakkai couldn't stop the smile. "It's more than ok."

Gojyo got up and headed for the door, "Well, I'm going to go get my stuff." As he passed Hakkai, he let his shoulder bump the other's, stopping his momentum only slightly, just enough to whisper, "I missed you last night." Then he continued on his way, trying to go as slowly as possible, not wanting his eagerness to show to Sanzo or Goku.


"Gojyo? What are we doing?"

"Jeez Hakkai, for someone so smart you sure asked a stupid question." Gojyo's comment earned him a sharp elbow to the ribs, but he just chuckled. "Alright, alright. Well….right now we're lying in bed together."

"Are us lying here?"

Gojyo squeezed the demon a little tighter and bent his head down to speak against Hakkai's ear, a smile on his lips as he felt him shiver within his arms.

"I'm very content Hakkai."

Hakkai was trying to take Sanzo's advice and talk to Gojyo about being scared, but Gojyo didn't seem to be in a talking mood. Frustrated, he began to wiggle within the strong arms, turning around to face the redhead, hoping a direct approach would prevail. When he caught the crimson eyes in his sights, he held his breath. The brilliant eyes were sparkling and Hakkai felt like they could see right into his soul. He stared in silent wonder at the man next to him and suddenly, he wasn't scared anymore. He felt his desire break free of the restraints he had placed it in. He cupped Gojyo's face and kissed him deeply.

Gojyo didn't hesitate in returning the passion of the kiss. In fact, he pushed Hakkai as well, the demon now on his back and Gojyo resting on top of him. He felt Hakkai's hands slip from his face and down his chest, sending little sparks of electricity down his spine. Gojyo began kissing and licking down the demon's neck as his hand traveled down Hakkai's side to his hips. He heard the soft moans from his demon and it only made him want him more.

Gojyo knew Hakkai was scared. He wasn't quite sure of the reasons, but he could tell. And that was fine with him, because he wasn't too sure what was going on anyway. Gojyo had never, ever had any feelings toward another man except friendship. He'd always been attracted to women and their soft curvaceous bodies. Hell, he still was. But Hakkai…he had some power over Gojyo that he couldn't explain.

So Gojyo had taken things slow, taking his cues from Hakkai. But lately, he was finding it harder and harder to just sleep next to him. He didn't just want Hakkai's body next to him. He wanted to feel his body, taste his body, and see it writhing with pleasure under him. And now, he wasn't going to wait for Hakkai. He was going to take it as far as the demon would let him, hopefully all the way to a sweaty satisfying end.

Gojyo was licking down Hakkai's chest when he heard his name, "Gojyo….Gojyo…"

Gojyo brought his face back up and kissed Hakkai again, whispering against his lips, "Just let me make you feel good."

"Gojyo, I have to tell you…."

"What?" Gojyo whispered to the demon as he ran his tongue along his bottom lip, then nibbled at it. "Tell me."

"I…I've never…" Hakkai gasped as Gojyo's hand slipped between his legs, giving his body the attention it craved.

"Talk to me Hakkai." Gojyo bent his head down, an expert tongue lapping at a hard nipple.

Hakkai's head was spinning and he was having trouble forming words. He had a handful of Gojyo's hair while the other clutched at the bed sheets.

"Hakkai, look at me." Gojyo saw glazed green eyes focusing on him and it made him smile to know he was the cause of Hakkai's speechlessness. "You don't need to speak, just nod your head. Do you want me, yes or no?"

Hakkai looked into the crimson eyes and he knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted this man. Hakkai leaned up and kissed Gojyo with all the desire he felt, whispering against the redhead's lips, "Yes, Gojyo. I want you." And that would be the last articulate thing he would say for quite awhile. Hakkai lost himself in the overwhelming pleasure of Gojyo's attention and the feel of his body; hard, yet soft to the touch, hot and sweaty and when he finally took Hakkai, all the demon saw was a whirlwind of colors dancing before his eyes.

It wasn't until they lay there, content, sweaty and sticky, eyelids heavy, that either spoke.

"Hakkai….Are you ok?"

"More than ok."

Gojyo stroked the demon's soft brown hair and kissed his forehead. "Good. I tried to be gentle, but you drive me so crazy, I was having a hard time controlling myself."

Hakkai tilted his face up to the redhead and gazed into the knowing crimson eyes. Gojyo knew. He knew and had waited for him. He had been gentle and loving, not going for the instant gratification. He had brought Hakkai to the edge so many times, only to bring him back again. He had been an unselfish lover.

"Come with me."

Hakkai got up, pulling Gojyo with him towards the bathroom. They showered, Hakkai washing Gojyo, which led to instant gratification on the bathroom floor. And Hakkai had wanted that too. The pair finally washed and dried and collapsed in the second, clean bed.

Hakkai lay on his side with Gojyo pressed up against his back, his face nestled at his ear, soft breath tickling the demon. Hakkai clung to consciousness for as long as possible. He didn't want this wonderful evening, this feeling of complete and utter happiness to end.

"Go to sleep Hakkai. This is just the beginning."

Hakkai lightly chuckled and closed his eyes, following Gojyo's advice. Ever since he'd met Gojyo, the crimson haired half demon had been his friend and they always looked out for each other. In time they'd become best friends. But in the past month or so, Gojyo had helped him to turn away from the past and look forward. He looked forward to more nights like this. Just the two of them, nestled together in bed, drowsy from pleasure. He wouldn't say they were lovers. Not yet. They were…friends with benefits.

The End.