For once, this isn't going at the bottom of my fic. I think I'll explain several things before I go on to the actual fic itself. Firstly, this is the result of a multitude of fic challenges during an MSN convo. This is xiaoj's challenge to me: Yukimura/Marui, with a theme of cake. However, SanaYuki writer that I am, it eventually turned into a SanaYuki fic anyway. () but at least there's the smidgen of YukiBunta-ness… I tried… ()()()() and now, on to the fic.

Yukimura scowled at his book, not caring that he had been staring at the same page for over ten minutes. After all, it wasn't like he was actually reading it. He idly flipped the pages of the book, staring at the words. Nothing went in, nothing registered, the words were just black shapes on the paper. Frustrated, he placed his bookmark between the pages and closed the book shut with a sharp snap. He resisted the urge to slam the book down on his bedside table, managing to place it down gently instead.

"What's Atobe got that I don't? Besides lots of money and that stupid mole, I mean," he muttered to himself. "He's arrogant, he's self-centred, and he's an absolute bore." Yukimura wondered when things had gotten so bad that he had to talk to himself for company.

"Okay, so maybe it's not like he's actually going out with that diva, but still, why the hell does a visit to Hyotei take precedence over visiting me?" Yukimura scowled at the framed print of a dark, mystical garden that hung over the study desk. There was nothing handy at his bed, aside from his book which he didn't want to damage. But if there had been, well, he might very well have thrown it at the wall—not at the print, for that had been a gift from Sanada, and annoyed as he was, he didn't want to damage it.

"And why does the whole team have to follow him there anyway? It's not even for practice purposes. Renji would have told me."

He picked up a sky-blue fish plush toy from his nest of pillows and blankets, and poked at one of its plastic eyes. Like the print, the fish had also been a gift from Sanada. They had decided to humour Kirihara one day, and followed the boy to an arcade, where their kouhai had insisted that the UFO toys were uncatchable, that not even Sanada could catch one. Sanada, not one to ignore such a blatant challenge, then promptly decided to prove Kirihara wrong. The fish had been his fifth attempt.

Yukimura managed a small smile from the memory. Sanada had actually succeeded on his first try, catching a sunny orange crab. Said crab was lost somewhere amongst the pillows. He'd made a passing comment that the blue fish was cute, and after returning from watching Kirihara pummel an opponent in a fighting game, Sanada had presented him with the grinning blue fish.

"Sanada, you're such an idiot, do you know that? I can't believe you forgot that today's the anniversary of the first time we met. You always bring me somewhere interesting on this day, and we'd spend the whole day there. Stupid Sanada." Yukimura tossed the blue fish aside, onto a pillow. "Stupid Atobe."

After about half an hour, he was more or less done with his moping and was ready to go celebrate their anniversary on his own, when he heard a knock on his door.

"Seiichi, you have a visitor!" His mother called from outside the door.

Oh, had Sanada remembered after all? Yukimura tried to neaten his sheets as much as possible, and grabbed his book, flipping it open to where the bookmark was. "Come in," he said, his voice nonchalant.

"Yukimura! How are you?" Yukimura looked up sharply from the book that he wasn't reading. That was not Sanada.


Marui grinned. "I overheard Sanada tell Yanagi that you haven't felt too good the past few days, so I decided to check up on you." He raised his hand to show Yukimura the small pastry box that he was holding. "I brought something to cheer you up!"

He bounded over, and upset as Yukimura was, he couldn't help but smile. Marui was such a sweet person. He already knew what was inside the box, but it was the thought that counted. He replaced his book on the table.

Marui sat down at the edge of the bed, beside Yukimura, and opened the box. "Look, I brought you a slice of strawberry cake!" He took out the little plastic fork provided in the box and handed both items over to Yukimura. "I'm sure you'll feel better after eating some. It's really good."

Yukimura sliced off a corner of the cake and popped it into his mouth. The cake seemed to melt in his mouth, the taste of strawberries spreading throughout his mouth. He smiled. "It's very nice, Bunta. You have excellent taste in cakes, as usual."

"Hah! Buchou, you need never doubt my choice in sweets. Eat, eat!"

Yukimura laughed, and did as his tensai requested. It really was a very nice cake. It wasn't too sweet, and the strawberries used tasted very fresh. There wasn't too much cream, and the strawberries were abundant, unlike some cakes, which were more flour and egg than anything else. He glanced at Marui, after his third bite, and found the redhead staring longingly at the cake. He smiled and held the fork out to Marui.

"Ne, Bunta, have some. It was so nice of you to let me try it."

Marui opened his mouth to protest, no matter how half-heartedly, but Yukimura had already sliced off a bit of cake and was now touching the morsel to Marui's lips.

"Be a good boy and listen to your buchou," Yukimura insisted with a smile. "Go on. You can have the rest. I shouldn't eat so much cake when I'm not feeling so well."

Marui ate the offered bite, and grinned. "Really? I can have the rest?"

"Sure." Yukimura held the box of partially-eaten cake out to Marui. "Consider it an order from your buchou."

Marui all but grabbed the box from his buchou, who watched with a pleased smile as he proceeded to fairly inhale the cake. There was a faint buzz that signalled that Yukimura had just received a message on his cell phone. Marui glanced up from the cake as Yukimura scanned the message. And then he returned his attention to his cake. He had just finished the last bite of cake, when Yukimura leaned towards him.

"Ano, Bunta-kun?"


Yukimura gestured to the corner of his mouth. "You have a bit of cream right there."

"Sou ka?" His tongue darted out to lick the remnants of cake away. "Did I get it all?"

Yukimura smiled, felinely, and shook his head. "Let me help you, Bunta."

Marui, not noticing the change in tone of his buchou's voice, as well as the expression in those dark eyes, shrugged. "Okay."

His eyes went wide when Yukimura yanked him forward by his tie and licked the smear of cream off.


"Wait, I don't think I got it all." Yukimura drew the tip of his tongue over the remaining bit of cream, before kissing Marui square on the mouth. And since the tensai's lips had been parted in surprise, it was a deep, open-mouthed kiss.

Marui managed to pull away for a short moment. "Buchou! Sanada-"

"Is an idiot," Yukimura interrupted, before he dragged Marui back for another kiss.

Utterly confused, as well as distracted—for Yukimura was a very good kisser—Marui didn't hear Yukimura's mother announce another visitor, nor did he hear the door to Yukimura's room open. What he did hear, though, was the furious bellow that followed.


Marui froze, and let his hands fall from Yukimura's hair—he never noticed when he'd gotten his fingers tangled in the twilight strands—to his sides.

Oh shit.

Sanada stormed over and dragged Marui away by the back of his collar.

At least he hasn't slapped me yet.

And then he was lifted up to his tiptoes when Sanada fisted one hand in his shirt and hauled him up, enraged.

I think I might prefer the slap, though.

"How dare you-"


"Genichirou, put him down now!"

Marui looked over to the voice of his saviour, as did a scowling, but startled, Sanada. Yukimura did not look particularly happy. There was an upset glint in his indigo eyes, and a frown on his normally serene face. The steel in his voice reminded Marui why Yukimura was still their buchou, regardless of the fact that he was still recuperating from the after-effects of his illness.

"Do not make me repeat myself, Sanada." Still scowling, Sanada reluctantly lowered Marui back to the ground. "Marui, get away from him and come over here." Had the situation not been so dire, Marui would probably have laughed at the way Sanada suddenly just gaped at Yukimura. "Marui…"

Hearing the warning tone in Yukimura's voice, Marui quickly hurried over to the bed. Yukimura rose to his knees and smoothened Marui's crumpled shirt and straightened his askew tie. And then he brushed back a rumpled lock of crimson hair.

"Bunta, are you okay?" Yukimura asked, dark eyes narrowed in concern.


"Good." He tugged Marui down a bit by yanking gently on the tie. "I think you'd better go now," Yukimura said with a rueful smile. "I'm sorry for getting you into trouble." He kissed Marui's cheek. "Thank you for the cake. It was delicious."

Marui stood there for a moment, frozen. And then, like a paused tape that had been restarted, he immediately retrieved his bag and all but ran out of Yukimura's room.

Sanada couldn't help but snarl at Marui as the red-haired, red-faced tensai fled for his life. And after Marui slammed the door shut in his haste, Sanada stalked over to the bed, where Yukimura knelt.

"What was that?" He demanded.

With a defiant glare, Yukimura replied, "That was me kissing Marui."

At a loss for words, Sanada simply stared at Yukimura.

"You could have accidentally hurt him, you know," Yukimura chided.

Sanada snorted in reply. "Seiichi, it wouldn't have been an accident, and if you hadn't stopped me, of course I would have. I enter your room to find you and Marui kissing, how else am I supposed to react?" Sanada scowled at the mental image of Yukimura and Marui that refused to disappear. "What is this about, Yukimura?"

"You forgot!" He hissed, punctuating each syllable with a jab to Sanada's chest with his index finger.

"Forgot? What did I forget?"

Sanada saw Yukimura lean back slightly, and the next the moment, he found a pillow in his face. He peered back at Yukimura, only to find another pillow hurled at him. He blocked its impact with the first pillow, but Yukimura was already reaching for a third. And when even that was gone, he grabbed the nearest available object, which just so happened to be his blue fish. Sanada was surprised when Yukimura didn't turn that into a projectile as well.

Yukimura looked down at the toy absently stroked the furry fabric that made up the fish's covering. "And you don't even know that you forgot anything," he said quietly, lips down-turned and quivering.

The anger and outrage at finding his boyfriend in another's arms faded, and Sanada sat down beside Yukimura. "Ne, Seiichi, I haven't forgotten anything," he said, capturing an indigo lock of curling hair between his fingers.

"Yes, you have."

Sanada laid an arm around Yukimura's back and tenderly pulled Yukimura close. "No, I haven't. You haven't been feeling well, that's why I couldn't bring you anywhere today."

Yukimura was quiet for a moment, and then he relaxed against Sanada. "You still didn't have to disappear to Hyotei for almost the whole day…"

"Who said I was at Hyotei?"

Yukimura looked up in surprise. "Weren't you? Renji told me that you were going over to Hyotei and that the team would be following you."

Sanada rolled his eyes heavenward in exasperation. "I wish Renji would stop poking his nose where it doesn't belong."

"Oh." Yukimura looked away. "So you didn't go there because Atobe needed your help?"

"We didn't go to Hyotei. Period. Renji needed to update his data on us, and for some reason—which I now know—he was extremely slow." Sanada leaned down and removed something from his bag. "I made this for you yesterday."

Yukimura took the video cassette, a puzzled look on his face.

"I couldn't bring you to the place, so I brought it to you," Sanada said with a small smile. "Come to think of it, Renji was the one who helped me convert it from a digital recording to this tape. The sneak."

"Oh dear, that means I got Bunta into trouble for no reason."

Sanada tilted Yukimura's chin up with one finger. "Jealous, Seiichi?"

Yukimura blushed the same shade of red as Marui's hair. "Oh, shut up," he muttered, looking away.

Sanada grinned. "I thought so."

"If we watch the tape together, will you stop harping on about that?"

"Okay." He took the tape and inserted it into the player and switched the television on to the correct channel. As it began to play, Sanada whispered in Yukimura's ear, "Jealous."