Author's Note: Short One-Shot. Hope you like it. Vader contemplating Padmé and died emotions.

Disclaimer: The Holy Ghost Lucas is of course the owner of all described characters and places. This is just a little fun I had with them.

Morning light died again...

It was the wind. It was the wind that wiped your gentle kiss away.

Morning light. It was the morning light that stole your shadowed sleepy image from me. It was the morning light that stole my dreams of you from me.

Desire. It was desire that destroyed everything. It was desire that interrupted the tender game of your hands to replace it with the steady rhythm of you and me together in eternity, even if only for a moment. It was my desire for more that was the death of you.

Regret. It always came too late and never did any good.

Hope. Gave me many more years than I deserved, but finally did what everything else had done before. Softly, silently died, with no witness and no tears. It went unnoticed. Only now, years after, I smell the change in the air, I smell the memory of burned flesh again and I smell the phoenix that hope is. I wish it would stay dead, because I know it will take yet another part of me again.

And everything came back to me. My wish for the wind again, because at least I would have had your dear kiss. The painful hope to see the sun rising one more time, and to foolishly think you will wake up any moment now and call me back to you.

So many weaknesses I can't afford. I'll bury them again.

And look at them once in a while, always regretting it.