Author's Note: I felt like writing something more. Even shorter. Hope you like it.

Flirting and Falling

And then the evening came by. Though we had hoped the day would last forever we couldn't tear our gaze apart from the spectacular view of the falling night. The rays of the setting sun were flirting with the water of the lake that lay before us.

Of course we could look away but it was as good as any excuse to steal glances from each other. You would never have admitted it aloud that day, but we were so much in love with each other. And yet we couldn't. Such overwhelming feelings that it hurt. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time, and never let you go again. Yes, I was your Jedi protector.

But now, years later, Vader wouldn't dare to say it had all been worth it. Every time the state of half sleep returned the wounds were opened again, and the raw flesh hurt under her phantom touches that weren't anymore.