I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to actually do this, but please don't tell anyone.

shifty eyes

First of all I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who bothered to stay with this, even though I deleted two chapters, screwed you around, and haven't updated since Christmas last year. I'd especially like to thank Leilia, my fan from France through the world, for her touching review for the last chapter, and for reading even while she was in China.

don't hurt me

So to the point now… well you know I told you all earlier that I hated this story? Well now I sort of… really don't. But now that I don't I really want to continue (if I still can- you never know, I might have lost my spark!) but I've completely forgotten all of the plans I had for it!


So with help from my wonderful beta Elly, I'm going to try and come up with an acceptable plot for continuation, but I still need more help!

I would REALLY, and I mean REALLY REALLY, appreciate it if any of you could help me. I know that I left a lot of plot threads untied and they need to be sorted, so can you please review to this telling me what you thought was going to happen.

The more of you who review to tell me what they thought was going to happen, the better I'll be able to piece together what I've done so far.

Once more, I'm SO sorry, and it really broke my heart to read all of your reviews of regret for me putting my story on HIATUS!

I hope you forgive me!

-Blue XxX